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“Alaska Dispatch founder and editor Tony Hopfinger sits with his wrists in handcuffs after being arrested by Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller’s private security detail Oct. 17, 2010.”

That’s the caption from the Anchorage Daily News. We can’t improve on it.

Miller security guards handcuff journalist [ADN]

I can see Russia from Joe Miller’s house.

Is Joe running for the U.S. or Roman Senate?

From the comments to the Alaska jury instructions on false arrest/false imprisonment:

“False arrest and false imprisonment are not separate torts. A false arrest always amounts to a false imprisonment. City of Nome v. Ailak, 570 P.2d 162 (Alaska 1977). The elements of a false arrest claim are: (1) a restraint upon plaintiff’s freedom (2) without proper legal authority. Hazen v. Municipality of Anchorage, 718 P.2d 456, 461 (Alaska 1986).”

Since when do security goons get to fucking handcuff you? Jesus.

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: Am I right in thinking that a director can veto previews on a DVD or BluRay disc? That it is negotiable and denotes status if there are no previews? Thinking of this because I saw some of a C Eastwood movie and it had no previews. DO YOU KNOW?????

No. Netflix. But I’ve noticed it before and wondered if it was a star director’s demand.

@Benedick: Everything is negotiable, starting with final cut. But I would imagine it was a marketing decision.

the only question now is will it be the write in or the democrat

@Capt Howdy: Except they might split the vote, and Joe still wins.

I have been reading that the republican machine there absolutely does not want Miller. they want Murk but they are afraid because of the write in and other things that she cant make it and the dem is their second choice.

also, my nephew in the military there says he thinks the dem can win. for whatever that is worth.

@Signal to Noise: He’s just lucky they didn’t tase him. You know they wanted to.

@Capt Howdy: I love watching previews, especially on older movies. It’s a walk down memory lane — “Remember that terrible Ben Stiller movie? Remember when Diane Lane was still hot? Remember stirrup pants?”

@mellbell: when life was enjoyable before i condemned myself to 9-5 hell, i ran a movie theater with a full bar and somewhat full food service. you could smoke in the theater too. it was a blast. we would have to clean up after the movies and i got addicted to the credits that way. it seems the best music in a movie is always the credit tunes. some movies would have out takes spliced in the credits. like a hidden track on a cd. we were supposed to play the previews that came spliced to the front of the film, but if they sucked we would cut them out and play the funny or at least crowd pleasing previews. we always cut the good previews out of the film and saved (stole) them before we sent the film elsewhere. that way we could preview what we wanted no matter how old the preview and we had our own library of previews to use for all the second, third, and more runs we would often show for one measly dollar admittance. oh yeah, i was the best bartender in town then.

I guess I dont usually mind theater previews. I dont think I have ever watched on on a DVD

@Benedick: It depends on the contractual agreement, but almost always a director gets review/approval on Previews/Bonus/Extras. However, they don’t get to say IF previews or bonus go on, they just get approval of anything they were involved in or appear in. Only the very biggest directors and producers (for example, James Cameron) would have that kind of control, and even then the studio would probably negotiate to have the previews left on (previews particularly, since they are canned content- read: cheaper than authored Bonus- that Marketing views as essential).

Was it an older Clint Eastwood? Sometimes re-release is dumbed down for budgeting reasons, and it’s cheaper to author a disc without a bunch of geegaws if you are just releasing it as part of a group of back catalog releases.

@Benedick: Oh wait, That was a comment on me always asking Stinque, Esq. for legal explainations, etc., wasn’t it? Nobody is really interested in the approval structure for DVD bonus, are they?

Every day I get down on my knees and thank God that I work in the only industry where a complete lack of self-awareness is an asset. Imagine what a bad psychotherapist I would be…

@Benedick: Oh, wait, Netflix. I didn’t see that. Netflix product is a stripped-down version of the sell-through DVD or Blu-Ray referred to as “spindle” product. It has no bonus, Nevada bonus is meant to sell a DVD and it is cheaper to replicate in the smaller (storage-wise) DVD 5 format than in the more voluminous DVD-9 format. It also avoids having the discussion with Netflix about paying for advertising space- which they might have a case for, if we put trailers on as a matter of….

Wait. Nobody cares, right. You got me twice, Benedick. Wow.

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: I thought you might know about this. It was Gran Torino. So it’s recent. And I thought I noticed the same thing on the one about the missing kid with A Jolie. Since he’s about the biggest director going, or one of them, I wondered if this was a star thing like whispering. I reckon that the bigger the star the quieter he talks – women don’t do this so much. Eastwood began that and it’s got to the point where I literally can’t hear what the fuck people are saying to each other. They put wireless mics on fucking movie actors who have gigantor boom mics right over their heads but they talk so quietly they can’t pick them up. They stand on battlefields with shells exploding about them whispering to each other. I know about the content they make but I have yet to see a satisfactory explanation of the preview issue. And yes, this is the sort of thing that keeps me awake at night.

@Benedick: They play so many trailers at the movies now that I usually forget what I’m in the theatre to see.

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: Most Netflix movie I see have the fucking previews (I’m in a kind of fuck-this, fuck-that mood tonight). Some foreign movies don’t but that’s because they have no other fucking movies to advertise. The one you’re looking at is it for the decade. They are so fucked. BTW, if you haven’t seen L’Homme de sa Vie (The Man of My Life, in wrong English) you might enjoy it. There are no hot Asian guys but attractive Franch people and a love story about grown up men and not 20 somethings who have just learned how to work a zipper fly. You might enjoy it. Very beautiful to look at in a non aggressive way.

@¡Andrew!: I’m blind and deaf by the time the movie starts. And overcome with fumes from the fucking popcorn.

@jwmcsame: I discovered Tom Waits because The Piano Has Been Drinking was the music to the credits to some movie with Mare Winningham about some sister shit with a succesful sister and an unsuccesful sister, love the movie forever for learning me some Tom Waits.

My favorite movie theater in life was this place in gainesville, florida, ran second run movies, but the place was set up with couches and comfy chairs arranged in groups around coffee tables, you could get pitchers of beer and food, and smoke, nirvana.

@Benedick: Benedick, that car, Gran Torino, I owned that car, the very identical car in the movie, same year, same model, mine was a Cobra Jet, though, fucking amazing old school muscle car.

@Promnight: There was a video on YouTube of Waits reading Buk’s “The Laughing Heart.” I tried to find a link for you, but it’s not working right now. Try this, and see if it works for you.

your life is your life
don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.
be on the watch.
there are ways out.
there is a light somewhere.
it may not be much light but
it beats the darkness.
be on the watch.
the gods will offer you chances.
know them.
take them.
you can’t beat death but
you can beat death in life, sometimes.
and the more often you learn to do it,
the more light there will be.
your life is your life.
know it while you have it.
you are marvelous
the gods wait to delight
in you.

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