INT. HIGH SCHOOL – DAY. Sharron Angle Speaks to the Hispanic Student Union.

“So that’s what we want is a secure and sovereign nation and, you know, I don’t know that all of you are Latino. Some of you look a little more Asian to me. I don’t know that. What we know, what we know about ourselves is that we are a melting pot in this country. My grandchildren are evidence of that. I’m evidence of that. I’ve been called the first Asian legislator in our Nevada State Assembly.” [Las Vegas Sun]


I guess Sharon enjoys peepee in her coke.

“OK, Show of hands: How many of you are anchor babies?”

Wouldn’t losing to Harry Reid be even worse than losing to a corpse?

@Mistress Cynica: (Snort!) At least she didn’t ask how many are drug mules.

If even half of these horrid, Teatard nutcases are elected, the terrahists who wanna nuke Congress are suddenly gonna look like the sane ones.

@¡Andrew!: They’re certainly pulling focus from run-of-the-mill idiots. Ken “Gays are Like Alcoholics” Buck didn’t make the cut in weekend news.

Rolling Stone states The Case for Obama


By any rational measure, Obama is the most accomplished and progressive president in decades, yet the only Americans fired up by the changes he has delivered are Republicans and Tea Partiers hellbent on reversing them. Heading into the November elections, Obama’s approval ratings are mired in the mid-40s, and polls reflect a stark enthusiasm gap: Half of all Republicans are “very” excited about voting this fall, compared to just a quarter of Democrats. “Republicans have succeeded in making even the president’s victories look distasteful, messy — and seem like bad policy steps or defeats,” says Norman Ornstein, a scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. “Many on the left have expressed nothing but anger, frustration and disappointment.”

But if the passions of Obama’s base have been deflated by the compromises he made to secure historic gains like the Recovery Act, health care reform and Wall Street regulation, that gloom cannot obscure the essential point: This president has delivered more sweeping, progressive change in 20 months than the previous two Democratic administrations did in 12 years. “When you look at what will last in history,” historian Doris Kearns Goodwin tells Rolling Stone, “Obama has more notches on the presidential belt.”

In fact, when the history of this administration is written, Obama’s opening act is likely to be judged as more impressive than any president’s — Democrat or Republican — since the mid-1960s. “If you’re looking at the first-two-year legislative record,” says Ornstein, “you really don’t have any rivals since Lyndon Johnson — and that includes Ronald Reagan.”

@ManchuCandidate: That horrible childhood ditty slur is international? Ugh.

@redmanlaw: Isn’t LBJ a notch on DKG’s presidential historian belt? ;-)


Do they even read their own magazine?

@¡Andrew!: You mean like Matt Taibbi’s harsh criticism lat year on “Obama’s Big Sellout to Wall Street” and his coverage this year of the BP/Gulf matter and on the administration rolling over for the financial industry? I think he also wrote on the politics of the climate change bill this year also.

@JNOV: Inasmuch as it wouldn’t rhyme in other languages, probably not. But you never know: racism is pernicious.

@redmanlaw: Matt Tabbi is a Cassandra at best, and at his worst he’s more Il Capitano, puffing at his chest and bellowing just to be noticed. Mostly he irritates me, though I find him hot, particularly when he wears a baseball cap.

@redmanlaw: I think I might be the only one to remember how hated Johnson was by Democratic voters. Reviled, spat on, accused of fucking the bullet hole in Kennedy’s head. The Village was awash in loathing for him. Ridiculed on the stage by 3rd rate but fashionable playwrights with Stacy Keach having his first big success. It’s like that now without the passion. Or I’m just older. Now we look back on him as a fighter, someone who got things done. He was despised.

I can’t watch Colbert or Stewart, etc. I can’t stand the death by a thousand cuts. I can’t stand the perfect synch with Fox – though I know that’s not the intention. I’ve always loathed Maher though he can be very funny. No, Obama is not perfect but if he did no other thing in his first two years than to make it illegal to cancel someone’s insurance when they got sick then he will have been worth it. Just take a look at what the Republicans have waiting in the wings. Look at all these ignorant, incompetent, rich folk buying their seats. We will be the ones who pay.

Maybe we just don’t know how to be the party in charge any more.

@Benedick: Maybe the parties that are nominally in charge are so bought-and-paid for that they don’t care who knows it. Maybe nobody is really in charge… the corporations buy the issues they care about and the rest of it just goes to hell if nobody can make money off it.

I’m really starting to believe that. And I’m the optimistic one, remember?

Setting aside Bammerz’ duplicitous and despicable treatment of the GLBT community punching bag–which we all know is a sideshow to keep the peeps hot ‘n bothered and distracted from all hell else going on–Our ringleader, Daddy O, has done some really e-v-i-l shit. Like, oh I dunno, drawing up a hit list of American citizens and ordering them murdered without charges or trials and then telling the courts that they don’t even have the authority to hear the cases.* For that alone, he should spend the rest of his life in a jail cell. Then there’s covering up and refusing to investigate war crimes, which apparently is also a war crime, and promoting indefinite and even preventive (thoughtcrime) detention. Oh and launching a third war, in Pakistan, a country we’re allegedly allies with. And pushing Congress to pass bogus legislation largely written by lobbyists and industry insiders that will neither insure every American, lower healthcare costs, nor prevent another financial calamity. And it’s not exactly nooz that the Administration is barely on speaking terms with the Congressional Black Caucus, who’re furious that there’s no serious plan for a jobs bill when African American unemployment rates are triple those of cream-cheese-colored AmeriKKKans in some areas. BHO has managed to sort of return us to a status quo-limbo, which itself was totally untenable, but overall, I’m not impressed.

*Jesus fuck, what else would a president have to do to get impeached these days?

@¡Andrew!: Gad. I’m trying to sort through another one right now, where the Obama administration farts in the general direction of the Fourth Amendment.

Can we start a lefty teabagger movement? This is getting tiresome.

Oh, right. Firebaggers. Like hell I’m joining with them.

@nojo: S’all a mystery to me. According to the Lamestream Media, and apparently most AmeriKKKans, we’ve got the most far left gummit since Fidel Castro threw a little island fiesta and called it La Revolución. Nevermind that makes absolutely zero sense in light of the legitimate and undisputed facts. It’s like the words themselves don’t even have any meaning anymore, like with Palin and the Tea Klux Klan and their endless bingo-game speeches which are just bolded words turned into meaningless jargon followed by applause. Anyone who has any problem with this eyeball-rolling, painfully obvious slide into dictatorship is a communo-neomarxist, or even worse, an UnSerious Person as judged by our E-leets, as GG likes to say. Nevermind that these same E-leets, our nation’s Best & Brightest, have a 100% failure rate when it comes to taking the correct course of action or predicting the future.

@Mistress Cynica:

I read somewhere that the Retreads actually have Articles of Impeachment all ready to go, the only problem being that they’re for totally imaginary crimes like being from Planet Zoot and paying the Tides Foundation $6 trillion to give every child a Little Red Book.

@redmanlaw: than the previous two Democratic administrations did in 12 years.

The sobering thought: the second Demrat administration referred to is Carter.

@nojo: Hopey gave a good interview to Jann Wenner, a few issues back. Read it on my iPad. Maybe I was just flush with the ability to expand and contract text and ads for vodka and cars, but it was a good interview. Convincing argument that although he hasn’t played as high a poker hand as he would have liked, the pair of tens he’s showing after two years is pretty remarkable given the fact that the table he joined was already rigged and the Rethugs have managed to keep about 48 of the deck from him.*

*metaphor exhausted long ago.

**Oh and looking forward to Neil Young’s first entirely solo album evah.

@Nabisco: Sounds awesome from the click and sample page I was on yesterday, but then again I was also grooving to a psych metal prog band from Seattle called Lesbian made up of a bunch of guys.

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