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We completely missed this a week ago, but the source image of the Vitter/Angle “Illegal Aliens” ad has been identified.

The photographer is Chris Floyd. He took the photo in Altar, Mexico. In 2006.

The men I met that morning in the Altar town square told me that they were farmers from the far south of Mexico and that that season’s crop had failed, leaving them with nothing to sell and no option, they felt, but to make the journey north to America to seek work. At the point that photograph was taken not one of them had ever set foot in America, and I have no idea if they ever did.

Floyd told the Washington Post he doesn’t know their names. Under the circumstances, they preferred to remain anonymous.

The photo was published that October in British GQ, as part of a story about the Arizona Minutemen. After that it went to online stock-photography retailer Getty Images, where it was properly captioned and available only for “editorial” use — meaning, in journalism jargon, for other news stories only. (For folks like us who deal with stock images, this is a very familiar distinction.)

Floyd knows of only two times the photo was licensed online through Getty: “Once by AOL for a tiny news item and in 2008 by a design firm in Washington DC that do a lot of work for the Republican Party.”

However, Getty doesn’t license images for TV advertisements through its website, and when Floyd wrote a week ago Friday, it was unclear whether a Getty staff member had approved it. Floyd himself is clear that he would not have allowed it.

And there our story ends. Oh, except for one thing. Those two ads? They’ve been yanked from YouTube.

Undocumented Illegal Aliens & The Republican Party Campaign Ads [Chris Floyd, via ThinkProgress]

What part of illegal don’t they understand?

The Obama administration is running out of their own feet to shoot: The Department of Justice says it intends to prosecute marijuana laws in California aggressively even if state voters approve an initiative on the Nov. 2 ballot to legalize the drug.

Fine. We get it. You don’t want our support. Message received.
It’s starting to feel like the whole 2008 election was a brilliant conspiracy by the Koch Brothers, Illuminati, et al. to make sure no liberal or progressive ever, ever voted again.

@JNOV: Dear god. Is this Sport thing going to be over soon?

@Mistress Cynica: Nope. We have up to 14 21 20 (sorry, one down as of last night) postseason MLB games. Possibly seven for the each league championship (the last one for the NL could be on the 24th, AL on the 23rd) and then the world series. The world series will be over no later than Nov. 4th. And football has started. And then there’s hockey. And basketball. And I’m just talking pro teams.

We’ve got all sorts of college bowl games coming in the near future (they’re all pretty much named after snack foods, banks, or car manufacturers) — they’ll start around Thanksgiving Dec. 13th and continue through New Year’s Jan 10th. Then we ramp up for March Madness in college basketball.

Let Timmy smoke!

/boarding flight, praying the on-board teevee has the game.

May we have an open thread for sport, or should I just co-opt this one? Too many comments on the porn post fer mi fone, yah.

TJ/ A moment of silence please. The great jive-talkin’ June Cleaver has left us.

We need better street lights. I just walked into a utility pole while observing that moment of silence.

@SanFranLefty: Looks as if the buzz is wearing off: homer, passed ball. Wasn’t there some dude who pitched a tentgame on mescaline?

@peggynooner: It was LSD, Bill “Spaceman” Lee, my hero. I seem to recall it was a no-hitter, but I could be wrong.

Nope, it was Dock Ellis who threw a no-hitter on acid, spaceman Lee just played stoned every day.

Hey, les Gigatanos just beat the Phillies, and the Yanks lost as well. All is right with the world!

ADD: @karen marie wants to know — Fucking integrity, how does it work?: Hey, memories of the Snorg Tee Girl come flooding back. Thanks!

Wow, the Spaceman is on the roster of a minor league team, the Broxton Rocks, and this year, in 2010, at 60 years of age, he pitched 5 1/2 innings and earned a win, making him the oldest player ever to pitch for a win in professional baseball. Wow, I want to be him.

@peggynooner: Snorgtee girl, more than anything in the world, makes me wish I was 30 years younger.

@Promnight: @Promnight: Wait, do you want to be 60 and pitching single A ball, or, um, 15? and chasing after the SnorgTee girl?

I think I’ve had enough to drink tonight…g’nite all!

Here is an ADD moment, here are the lyrics to an old alt-rock song, I think, these lyrics, are the most beautiful poem ever, that is a rock song:

You want to know why I hate you?
Well I’ll try and explain…
You remember that day in Paris
When we wandered through the rain
And promised to each other
That we’d always think the same
And dreamed that dream
To be two souls as one
And stopped just as the sun set
And waited for the night
Outside a glittering building
Of glittering glass and burning light…

And in the road before us
Stood a weary greyish man
Who held a child upon his back
A small boy by the hand
The three of them were dressed in rags
And thinner than the air
And all six eyes stared fixedly on you

The father’s eyes said “Beautiful!
How beautiful you are!”
The boy’s eyes said
“How beautiful!
She shimmers like a star!”
The childs eyes uttered nothing
But a mute and utter joy
And filled my heart with shame for us
At the way we are

I turned to look at you
To read my thoughts upon your face
And gazed so deep into your eyes
So beautiful and strange
Until you spoke
And showed me understanding is a dream
“I hate these people staring
Make them go away from me!”

The fathers eyes said “Beautiful!
How beautiful you are!”
The boys eyes said
“How beautiful! She glitters like a star!”
The child’s eyes uttered joy
And stilled my heart with sadness
For the way we are

And this is why I hate you
And how I understand
That no-one ever knows or loves another

Or loves another

@peggynooner: Both are pretty cool things to be doing, at those ages. Whats the cool thing, for 48?

@Promnight: I love that song.
And I had no idea Spaceman was playing in the minors.

The teevee feature on the flight west was on the phritz and so I missed watching the Horns upset the Cornhuskers, and watching the Giants game. However, I landed during the bottom of the 7th and got to listen to the 9th inning on AM radio while driving home on 101. The minivan in front of me in the traffic was watching the game on their little van TV and so I could watch it too.

Oh, and Cynica and Nojo may not care about Sport, but the Ducks may be #1 in the country and they didn’t even play today.

In today’s mail: the New Yorker and my concealed handgun license.

@JNOV @ crap bar with crap beer: Funniest goddamn thing I read all day.

@SanFranLefty: With the NM Lobos being the worst college football team in the nation, stinque has its bases covered.

Sport on the AM band is awesome. High school football (when I know the teams), college and NFL, good baseball games . . .

My buddy M and I were listening to the World Series one day on our way camping and fishing when the signal went out so we popped in a cassette and rolled out to the middle of nowheres (the Gila Wilderness, Geronimo’s stomping grounds) where for some reason we caught no goddamn fish. We got back three days later and found out NoCal got fucking wasted in the big earthquake.

I love late season baseball. Every pitch means something. High drama. Anything can happen.

Another story w/M: After some late season flyfishing, we rolled over to the campground to see B, my mechanic fishing buddy that I lost to Rush when he realized that a guy born on Crete to British parents, raised in Ceylon and who worked for Lotus was an oppressed white man. Anyway, after hanging for a bit, I left those guys sitting at a concrete picnic table listening to the Lobo game on the radio drankin beer with the snow falling on them. It was a two hour drive home for me, fueled by Snickers bars and coffee.

@SanFranLefty: I have known the song for 20 years, but I just recently read the words, God, its the most achingly beautiful poem, nothing in rock and roll is close to this, as a poem, its fucking beautiful.

@redmanlaw: That would be a cool energy drink, take a double espresso, put it in a blender with a snickers bar, a little cream, blend, wow, its the perfect afternoon wakeup treat.

@redmanlaw: That shit really hurt. I’m afraid to look in the mirror, because I think I scraped up my forehead. I came home to get my charger because of all the smack talk going down on my FB wall, and I walked headfirst into the center of the fucking pole, cuz I was still talking smack on FB and not watching where I was going. And it was dark. And the pole was wood. Coulda happened to anybody.

Around the eighth inning, things in the bar got pretty ugly. Old dudes in suits were calling each other pussies and weirdness like that. I left immediately after the game was over. I’ll be watching tomorrow’s game through someone’s window before I go back to that bar.

ADD: Oh, and you would probably appreciate snicker at the discussion about how hunters around here need to get up in trees at like 3 AM or something, because every 20 feet, there’s some dude in a tree or something.

@karen marie wants to know — Fucking integrity, how does it work?: Haha! I OWN THAT SHIRT! I wear it when I fly. It makes the TSA folks laugh, and they don’t test me for bombs and shit anymore.

@SanFranLefty: I like Timmaaay! Glad you made it home safely. It was a nailbiter! The really messed up thing was that the crowd wasn’t in it at all. Until they all started assuming the prayer hands position (I’m not gonna lie — I did, too) in the bottom of the ninth. But for the most part, the crowd was pretty lame.

I hit the bar early, and I met some dude who was on his way to the game. I tried to get him to run across the field to see how far he could get before he got tased. I even offered him $20. Pfft. I woulda done it.

@Promnight: My rack or the bed rack? I would have preferred to have walked boob first into that fucking pole. If you’re talking the bed rack, I’m in it. Just waiting for the Xanax to do its thing.

@JNOV fears the weird: It’s fucking cold at O-Dark-Thirty. You go in like the Michelin Man and you strip down to the camo T and cargo pants by noon, only to layer up by 3 pm. BTW, all my camo is out drying, having been washed in special non-UV enhancing soap. I have a hunt next week. We don’t do tree stands out west. You walk out and engage the prey where he’s at. Same way I fish – predatory.

/too polite to put a round in his brother’s elk last year, thereby ensuring its escape and survival. Won’t make that mistake again.

@karen marie wants to know — Fucking integrity, how does it work?: Now, if you can find me a “NARM” shirt, and not this one, that would kick ass! There’s one with a fist in the air, and it says, “NARM!” underneath, but I can’t find it anymore. :-(

@redmanlaw: They spread bait around, and get in tree stands, here, its more like assasination, than hunting.

@JNOV fears the weird: I never even thought about THAT rack, I figured you military, you know, what is a rack, but, damn, you just maked me realize, how much I love tittaes. They are just wonderful, boobies, they are.

@redmanlaw: These dudes are still drunk from the night before and still drinking and sitting on their asses in tree stands still drinking, and just waiting for deer to walk by. Wish we still had some panthers or Nittany Lions or whatever still out here. Wolves would be nice. Something to cull the drunk hunter population.

@Promnight: I don’t think I made you realize anything, bud. Reminded you, maybe. I guess it’s within the realm of possibility that you may have forgotten about them for a split second. ;-P

@JNOV fears the weird: National Lampoon did a story late 70s – early 80s on drunk hunting.

Got my drank on, so Im not even hauling the home defense rig out.

@Promnight: Whats the cool thing, for 48?

Starting a blog.

No, wait. That was 49.

@redmanlaw: So I’m working today on a recruiting brochure for A Certain J-School of My Intimate Acquaintance, and there’s a hole that needs fillin’ with a photo, and there’s a nice shot of an ancient teevee camera with Said J-School’s Logo in the background, so I try that, and gee it looks nice, but when I send it to the client for checking, I have a simple question:

“Too Old Fart?”



And that’s what happens when you’re designing for an audience born in 1992.

@Promnight: What’s the cool thing for 48?
Being President of the United States.

Being head of Endeavor/William Morris.

Damn. I have a question I think Catt could answer. But he, of course, is too good to read blogues at the weekend. He’s all like, I’ve got a life. I don’t read blogues at the weekend, losers. And by tomorrow I’ll have forgotten. Fuck.

@karen marie wants to know — Fucking integrity, how does it work?:

I believe the “NARM!” shirt is a reference to this.

Note: don’t click the above link unless you’ve got a lot of free time. TV Tropes has been known to eat entire afternoons. :)

@karen marie wants to know — Fucking integrity, how does it work?: @al2o3cr: “NARM!” is from HBO’s Six Feet Under.

No spoilers, because the series is worth watching.

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