Just When You’ve Figured Out the Remote

Sony’s version of Google TV is making the rounds this week, and alpha geek John Gruber at Daring Fireball has unearthed an old Onion video that explains the new product. Don’t worry if you have no fucking clue what this is about. That’s the point.

Stinque Workplace Advisory: We recommend you crank the audio to 11.



TJ/Barry wants me to give him $3.00 for some unspeakable act in Vegas.

Mrs RML got the meet and greet for $3 email. I spent my $3 plus change for two Powerball tickets and a pack of gum.

@Benedick: Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.

@nojo & @Benedick: I watch a lot of Bri-tish teevee, and I like the phrase “struck off,” meaning fired. Where does it come from and what does it mean precisely? Bing has no relevant answers.

@¡Andrew!: Struck off the list. ie crossed off – with a pencil, for example – whatever list of people applies.

@Benedick: While we’re in the neighborhood…

A quick search suggests that “sod off” is derived from sodomite. Is this the case? Could it possibly be that awesome?

@nojo: I doubt that. Maybe. But… I checked my dictionary of historical slang which is inconclusive but… there seems to be a constellation of sod words which could conceivably come from sodomy or, I would guess, sodomist. So there is sodding about, also arseing about/poncing about (ponce=pimp) and etc. It’s the English so anything is possible. There is also sod it. I’m working around to thinking it’s a way to say fuck with out using that word. So it’s slightly less rude to say sod off than to say fuck off. So I guess the answer could well be yes.

So what is this piece of shit, the iphone, or the ipad? Oh, Sony, thats different from Apple, thats a distinction that you would only notice if you care about who makes the various pieces of shit.

@Benedick: Isn’t “bugger off” also a common expression? I wonder if “sod off” was invented as a milder version? We Irish refer to our country as “The old sod,” and are definitely referring to the sod, the soil, maybe a slang deliberate use of a term thats ambiguous, so you could say “bugger off” without blame?

@¡Andrew!: I been afraid of Stinque lately. I know everyone here, and like everyone, so, its more fraught with fear and doubt to post here, when you are someone who is not so very socially confident. I am so very opinionated, and I may seem uncaring, but no, I hate when I offend people I like, and I have been doing that here too much. I find myself both surprised, and mortified, that I have offended people I like, when I throw out some outrage, trying to be like FCS, but somehow getting it wrong. I maybe wrongly thought that this was a playground where challenging your friends, with ironically outrageous propositions, would be understood for such, like I said, I am a social retard, so, I have no idea if what I am saying is like horrifying, but, what the fuck, you only live so long, nothing to lose with honesty, even if it means, I am honestly an asshole, if so, you should know, I don’t mean to be, don’t want to be. Thats why I been shy. I feel lately like everything I say offends someone.

@Promnight: Yeah, but you’re our _______ (fill in blank). Drank?

@Benedick, et al.: Then there’s “odds and sods,” or a miscellaneous collection of stuff, first used by the (bloody) ‘Ooo.


@Promnight: You haven’t offended me, and I’d like to think that we can disagree and not take it personally. So much of the internets is so given to hyperbole. I also have opinions that are er… not ready for prime time, and I’m not exactly eloquent in self-expression (and that includes those times I’ve spilled my iGuts with iTMI). I’ve learned so much from reading what everyone writes here.

@Promnight: We love you. In all kinds of inappropriate ways.

@Promnight: What Benedick said at 7:32 am today. We love you. I love you. All God’s chillun are flawed and testy and wonderful anyway, and those chillun that comment here are especially wonderful (possibly especially testy too). I find your comments very enlightening, and I have been feeling guilty for a long time now that I haven’t made sure to let you know how much I learn from them and appreciate them. XXOOXX.

@Promnight: To quote that musical genius Billy Joel, we love you just the way you are.

YES! My plea for attention and affection worked! Thank you all so much; you like me, you really really like me!

@Prommie: OK, buddy, don’t get carried away./awkward manhug.

Question: who owns comments on a site such as this? Poster or site? Or Prom?

@Benedick: We could do the “christian sidehug,” that’s more chaste.

@Benedick: I think the more enlightening question is who can delete comments.

@Prommie: That doesn’t involve wearing a couple of wetsuits does it?
You’ve done a masterful job of expressing the kind of doubts I feel every time I click on the “Submit Comment” button. Am I going to sound ignorant in front of all these highly educated professional people? Worse yet, will they be bored? I’ve avoided Stinque on Facebook out of sheer intimidation. Well, in all honesty when I searched for Stinque and discovered Stinque Ammabom directly under Nojo Stinque I was more than a little bit put off.

@nojo: I don’t like taking back things, unless they are hurtful, embarrassment, I am always willing to own.

@Dave H: The facebook group is secret, meaning it doesn’t show up in a search, but I’m sure that someone can direct an invite your way.

You people don’t make fools of yourself in public nearly enough.

@nojo: If I wanted to copy comments from one site – not here – and set up a blog just to feature them – a hostile act which I intend to humiliate the poster – can I do that? Or does the poster own his comments? My second question is: do you care?

BTB, Cyn now seems to be taking ‘hot toddy’ intravenously to help with her ‘flu’. We all wish her a lingering recovery. At least till the scotch runs out.

@Benedick: How is this one, it is a true story, with no embellishment at all; after a formal dinner at a trade association meeting I was attending with spouse, she is on board of directors, I was with spouse at a table of dignitaries and bigwigs in the industry, we were consuming cocktails, and I went to the bar to get a round, while there, struck up a conversation, believing I had made a delightful new acqaintance, I brought her back to the table. She was a prostitute, as we learned when security removed her. It will be forever know as the night Prom brought a prostitute to the party.

So you see, my maudlin affection-trolling, this is nothing I am ashamed of at all. I beleive around here, these are called “my sion, you will dire” moments. Correct me, someone, you know what I mean.

@Prommie: That’s adorable.

By the way, it’s been a while since Thpike and Sherryl were last seen. So here, ladies and the other thing, meet the new Thpike. It is all kinds of strange. Not least because of the Armchairs of Mystery.


Not at all, darling. I love it when you post here, and I think a little outrage is good for the blood. We all know and love you here.

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: As my Danish invasion idea seems to be off the table since the police stopped by to explain about lesse majesté, I’ve been wondering if we couldn’t simply get Disney to absorb as much of the States as it thinks viable and leave the rest to KFC and Penny Saver. At least we’d have some grown ups in charge. Whom should I call?

I’m proud I got booed that time. All right twice. Plus the other time.

@Benedick: If I wanted to copy comments from one site – not here – and set up a blog just to feature them – a hostile act which I intend to humiliate the poster – can I do that?

Heck, I do it all the time. File under Fair Use. Then post the C&D.

My second question is: do you care?

Do I care that the Netflix streaming catalog is limited, which prevents my full enjoyment of Apple TV? Yes. Yes, I do.

Awwwww, I love everybody, and I am sober as a bishop.

@Benedick: Haha, you think grown-ups run Disney. It is actually run by sociopathic children. They just look middle-aged .

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: Hehe. My Mormon friend in Utah (yes, I have one) is all sad panda on Facebook today because the Beauty and the Beast video is only available in a $30 “combo” pack with useless (to her) Blu Ray disks. So adorable how she’s upset and angry about it.


Are you sure she wasn’t a Real Housewife? The fish-lips and air-bag boobs can confuse people sometimes.

She was a prostitute, as we learned when security removed her.


I recall an xbawks-hueg argument about that on Slashdot (the whole Jon Katz/Columbine business) a number of years ago; that’s how they ended up with the disclaimer “The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for them in any way. ” at the top of the comments section.

On the other hand, that was also added so that the Scilons would stop threatening the site when people posted things they didn’t like…

@¡Andrew!: She must have been a very high-end prostitute, I really wouldn’t know how to judge, except that she was able to be very socially appropriate with the high-toned crowd, better than I could. But I actually figured out she was a prostitute just before security removed her, when I introduced her to my wife, and she essentially said to my wife, in the nicest, most socially adept way you could ever imagine a prostitute saying this to a drunk dude’s wife, she said “Keep your husband away from me, he is interfering with my business.” But so so adeptly, so gracefully, I was impressed.

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