Racist Propaganda Spread Across Internet by Wanton Satirical Website

Honestly, we don’t know what it is about billboards. They’re not seen by many people live, compared to the traffic they get when they’re plastered all over the Interwebs. And yet, they’re a part of Americana. Ugly Americana, mind you, but still.

Anti-Obama billboard raises eyebrows [Daily Sentinel, Florida]


/TJ Been at the VA hosp for about 8 hours now. I’m not complaining. I’m lucky to have this access to medical care. Today is my first time at any VA as a patient, although I briefly trained at one. All I can say is that the diversity of patients I’ve seen today is sobering. And it’s also a weird kind of family. Well, it’s weird that there’s a type of familial vibe here. I can’t express it. So many broken people. And for what?

I’m not sure why I avoided the VA for 16 years. Maybe the memory of treating patients scared me into avoidance. Maybe I wanted to divorce myself from my service.

@JNOV: Sweet FSM, I hope everything is OK.

Well, yes and no I finally called my local veteran’s rep, and he convinced me to get into the VA system. My bloodpressure is in strokeville, so I’m waiting to be seen to get meds. We call it “Hurry up and wait.” ;-)

Hope everything goes well.

Unrelated: the balls on the teabaggers here in OH are remarkable. Now Steve Stivers has an ad on whining about how his opponent “allowed Wall Street bonuses”. The electorate is apparently supposed to have forgotten all the “OMG SOSHALISM” whining that the same conservatards engaged in when Congress *tried* to rein in the crooks – sadly, the two full rural counties of moronic rednecks and teabagger suburbanites that have been gerrymandered onto the district (the 15th) probably have…

@JNOV: Hugs… and don’t read the news for awhile.

TJ: Final miner is being pulled out of the ground in Chile.

@JNOV: I had a headache that wouldn’t go away for two weeks.

Eventually I cracked and went to the Doctors and had my BP taken. 210/180. Doctor nearly shat themself expecting my head to explode in front of their eyes.

Hope you did better :*

@JNOV: Here, have some Happy Medicine: “Due to the abundant supply of cats in the area, I’m surprised bears bother with the trash at all.” 27b/6 inda Massachusetts house!

Gawd…..Florida. I can’t count the number of TeaTard/Klukker/JBS/Birther/Militia Loon billboards and signs I’ve seen there in my travels.

And Confederate flags…sweet Jeezus the Confederate flags! HUGE one on I-95 just south of the GA border.

And JNOV: hope all is better soon.

@JNOV: Planting your carbon offset willow any day. Will post pics. Take care.

@JNOV: Yipes, be careful with that, darling, we need you around here. Sending good thoughts here.

@JNOV: Take care of yourself. Hope you brought a good book. And I agree with OA–avoid the news. I recommend Hipster Kitty and Hipster Puppies.

@nojo: Okay. That’s some of the funniest shit I’ve read in a long, long time.

I checked with Carol at the mini golf hut…

That was her first mistake.

@CheapBoy: Yikes! You have me beat. Really, I’m not complaining. I was lucky to be seen at all. Back in March I had to choose which meds I could afford when I was paying the drug store generic price, and the HBP ones lost the battle. By the time I was seen, my BP was still high, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it had been when I first showed up today.

The cool thing about sitting in the ER for around six hours was that I got to play corpsman again with a lot of the patients who were also waiting. Some of us shared sea stories (tall tales about our time in that are based on a kernel of truth. Okay. A mustard seed of truth…), and I met someone who had pissed off his corpsman, so his corpsman “lost” dude’s shot record. I never did it, but if people treat medics or corpsmen like crap, an angry corpsman will remove the shot record from someone’s medical record, and that person will have to get a new dose of every single shot. I spoke with this one Vietnam Army Medic who knew a guy who was pissed off at an MP, so the entire base’s MPs’ shot records disappeared. Heh.

I spoke with another Army Medic, I guess he is in his mid to late 20s, about how even if we didn’t go into combat, so much of what we saw and did sunk in on some level and stayed with us. I dunno. We didn’t go into details, but we seemed to understand each other. He’s an inpatient, so I might visit him tomorrow when I go pick up my meds. His family is far away.

@pinkoscum: MWAH! Thank you!

@Benedick: I can’t thank you enough! I think about you every time it rains, and I wonder if you’re pleased. Something to the effect of “The bunnies are lying prostate in the heat…” comes to mind when it rains.

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: You are a darling, darling, darling, and you should read Nojo’s link and see if you want David to send you his pants…

@Mistress Cynica: So awesome! I’m totally going to knit hats for my cats. I love “Chico, hard at work on his screenplay.” Thank you.

Really, guys — I’m okay, and now that I’m in the system, I might be eligible for other benefits. It appears that I might have some service-related issues that would qualify me for certain programs and treatment.

It was just so weird to be back in a military world for 12 hours today. Most things ran smoothly, and I felt awful using ER resources for my HBP issue, but I don’t have a primary care appt for several weeks. I’m grateful they saw me. I’m thinking about volunteering there. We’ll see.

Back to the billboard. The picture on the far right–is he supposed to be a Trekkie or a member of Heaven’s Gate?

@JNOV: I’m so glad you’re getting the HBP meds you need. And I have to shake my den mother finger at you for not taking advantage sooner of this *socialist* health care that you have access to and are entitled to. Damn it, woman, you earned it! Yeah, going to the VA can be bummer as shit and you have to wait hella long but you have to wait hella long at any hospital when you have insurance. And frankly, the silver lining in the entire Walter Reed scandal, but in the past couple years a shitton of personnel and money have been poured into the VA. But I understand why you wouldn’t want to go to the VA – all the memories and associations can stir up – my uncle who was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam refused to go to the VA hospital until a few years ago when he was between health insurance policy and Medicare. He had sort of the same reaction it seems that you had – a weird sort of bittersweet camaraderie.

And get those meds, girl! Since I have to religiously monitor my BP and sodium intake, a few suggestions: cut out all processed foods, no fast food, and your sodium intake will go down significantly. Start looking at the sodium level on the nutrition label and don’t consume any thing that has more than 15% of your daily recommended sodium level (you will be horrified when you start paying attention to how much salt is poured into practically everything but raw vegetables and raw meat). And maybe just try to smoke one cigarette a day less than you usually do? We need you in good health to be part of the kick-ass-and-take-names army that Flying Chainsaw will be organizing to take on the corporate-funded zombie occupiers… ;-)

@SanFranLefty: Regarding last night’s conversation, the Tweet of the Day:

“Love how Canadian TV reports the Chilean miner rescue as feat of engineering and American TV calls it a ‘miracle’.”

@nojo: Yes, well as I said yesterday, we wouldn’t have even gotten to the stage of launching a miracle rescue of miners here in the US since the feds don’t make mining companies have the refuge caves like the one the Chilean miners were able to get to. I guess the miracle for Americans is that they weren’t dead within 2 hours of the explosion.

@SanFranLefty: Getting up at 0 dark 30 tomorrow to fly to D.C. Any messages for the tall Black guy?

@Dodgerblue: Just tell him the notTibet flank of his Soft Power is doing okay, thank you very much. Gotta get me out of Hackmandoo for a few days and try and find clear, if less oxygenated air.

@SanFranLefty: Anyone else having a nice Chilean red? Si, si, si….

@Nabisco: Just think how the high altitude is helping your red blood cell count for biking. Oh, and I’m having an Argentinian white from Trader Joe’s. It’s over 80 degrees in Ess Eff…gotta love the Indian (Native American?) summers we get here in the fall.

Meanwhile, Condoleezza Rice almost seems like a human being on Jon Stewart. She was looking great in a silk black sleeveless sheath. I must be tired to be saying all this crazy talk.

@SanFranLefty: I’ve got either an incubating bug or the Hackmandoo lung gunk, or otherwise I may attempt a relatively short but “hilly” ride to the RealTibet frontera. Ima gonna chill at 2000 meters (that’s “Denver” in US ‘murrican measurement) for about 24 hours and see whether I come around.

W/r/t los mineros, I just read how one of them was greeted by his mistress, not his wife of 28 years – who said “if he gets on with his life, that’s what counts”. Discuss.

@Nabisco, Leftism: Decisions, decisions . . . drink or work out? Turkey, beer, South American or Spanish wine, or martini? TV (shooting sports) or DVD (Mad Men) on the treadmill? Work until 1:30 am like last night or go to bed?

Going hunting next weekend. Might go see the King Tut show in Denver this weekend, depending on whether everyone is well.

Mrs RML and her mom are going to see Bill Clinton tomorrow on a campaign stop for the Dem gubernatorial candidate, who is down by 5 with less than a month to go. They’re going to a shitty town up north of here called Espanola to let the native, non-immigrant Northern New Mexican Hispanics know that the Dems need their votes, but the bad guys are running a female Hispanic Catholic. The current President is not expected to make a stop if the Dem’s numbers don’t go up soon.

@Nabisco: The commentatorati on MSNBC were saying that the mistress has been on the scene for 10 years and his family all loves her, so I think the supposed drama of the wife meeting her at the vigil site and not knowing she existed might just be played-up tabloid speculation. And I haven’t heard whether this guy actually lived with his wife or not–after all, it’s fairly common in non-USAmerica countries (especially Catholic ones) for a couple to live separate lives without actually divorcing.

@nojo: Now I kind of wish I was a petty authority figure with no sense of humor in Virginia so I could interact with him directly.

@JNOV: i do not trust the american pharmaceutical empire and refuse to take pills. here’s what works for me when the heart gets to pounding. when i do this for as little as three days in a row, it works.
breakfast: oatmeal with milk not water and add frozen blueberries after the oatmeal cooks. water
lunch: banana and navel orange. water
snack on whole raw almonds all day.
supper: 1 large can solid white albacore tuna (not the cheap tuna, solid white albacore only) drain the juice and add soy sauce, just a little.
1 sliced tomato
as many red (not white or black) grapes as you want.
1 small can asparugus (even if you hate canned as opposed to fresh)
all the water you can pour down your throat.
walk 3 miles each day. find a hilly route, the hills are your friends.

this my sound strange but it works. hopefully you’ll feel a difference in 3 days. warning: hold your nose when you piss, that’s all the bad shit washing away. i passed a drug test after no smoking for only 8 days on this diet after years of daily smoking. it works. guaranteed

once your blood pressure goes down, you can switch back to double baconators.

@pinkoscum: check this hideous statue of kkk founder nathan bedford forrest in nashville, tn. i’ve driven by it many times. they light it up at night to make it look like something that used to chase scooby do. it has had to have scarred a bunch of the precious little childrens round ’bouts.


Slick Willie will be here soon for a fly-by speech for Patty Murray to be held at the airport. Keep it klassi, Bill. If only I had time to drive down there and give him a swift judo-kick to the nuts on his way out.

@jwmcsame: If only I could buy a duplicate for the garden.

@jwmcsame: I’m totally going to give that diet a shot. I’m not much of a fish fan, but albacore is more like chicken. I won’t drown it with mayo. And I’m not a huge salt fan, either. The cigarettes, genetics, and lack of exercise are killing my slowly.

Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish?

ADD: Oh, diet in combo with the one HBP med I’m on. I’ve lost about 40 lbs, so I’m not on mega doses of meds anymore. :-)

ADDD: Oh, and that smell is asparagus piss. Asparagus piss actually makes me happy — it reminds me that I had the cash to eat something special.

@¡Andrew!: Clinton is stumping for the NM Dem gubernatorial candidate in a couple of hours in a town that is at least a one hour drive from the dinky Santa Fe airport. That they are willing to invest the time in getting the Big Dog out there shows that they really need the traditionally Democratic Northern New Mexican non-immigrant Hispanics to turn out for the team this year.

Unfun fact: The female Dem candidate is behind with women vs the female GOP candidate, who is Hispanic. I’m convinced that is the primary reason a lot of the base in the north is supporting her.

Unfunfact 2: The Dem lt. gov. candidate (a slick dude I’ve never liked) is behind on his mortgage and maintenance fees for a condo he inherited in Florida, per the Weekly Standard.

@JNOV: Fun fact: everyone’s pee has the asparagus smell, but only some people can smell it. I always thought it was the other way around.

@redmanlaw: Campaign says 5,000 for Clinton, then 4,000. Mrs RML said it was small and sad compared to the Obama crowd there a couple of years ago. Clinton made a better speech for the candidate than she eve made for herself, Mrs RML said.

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