Palate Cleanser

After yet another week of GOP nonsense, it’s time for kittens and a Roomba.


1. Was that s shot of Spike dancing by?

2. It’s always comforting to see that someone owns is allowed by The Grace of Ceiling Cat to attend to more cats than I’m allowed.

I don’t know if I told you, but my mother left her cat outside to die last winter. He now lives with me, and I told her I’d call the Humane Society on her if she ever gets another cat.

Innneeewaaay, he pulls the covers off of me in the middle of the night if he feels I have neglected my kitteh face scratching duties for the day. If I’m not covered, he pokes me in the hand and then the face with one of his good paws until I wake up and give him scratching. If the poking doesn’t work, out come the claws for extra poking emphasis. He wins every time.

@JNOV: You think that’s bad? Get back to me when he pees on your head to wake you up.

So glad you gave kitteh a good home. I don’t understand people who just toss animals out like garbage.

@JNOV, @Mistress Cynica:

All I got is that doggy refuses to sleep in any position that would allow Mr. Pedo and I to make the best use of space in the bed. Or even to cuddle. If we are vertical the Satanic Dog is horizontal and vice-verso, trying to get the most physical contact with each / either of us while preventing all contact between us.

(…but then when he curls up between my legs under the covers it makes it all worthwhile.)

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