How Not to Be Seen: The Remake

We’re slowly coming to the upsetting realization that Other Things Happened during our Lost Week — things we would have been happy to note, had we not been caught up in noting things that surely qualify us for a Local Peabody.

One such thing that escaped our notice is this delightful video from England’s 10:10 campaign, which advocates for reducing carbon emissions. The video debuted a week ago Thursday — and for some reason was quickly canceled a week ago Thursday, probably because it was so successful making its point.

Among its fans is a Mr. Glenn Beck, of Rockefeller Center, New York, who enjoys it so much that he’s featuring it in heavy rotation on his cable-access program. If we understand Mr. Beck correctly, the video appears to demonstrate the Progressive Conspiracy to Blow Up Schoolchildren at Random. As a member of that Conspiracy, we can reassure Mr. Beck that we only wish for young Britons to reach Heaven as soon as possible.

There will be blood [Guardian UK]

@karen marie, clowned out and grateful for other news: Sure, but did you notice the number and design of the wall plugs to the left of the teacher in the opening frame? It’s just like the place where I live right now; there are plugs almost everywhere I look, but each one has a little button next to it with just the faintest bit of red on one side, so if it isn’t turned on, the socket won’t work.

My M.O. is that if there is a cutoff switch associated with your electrical outlet, think “fire hazard”!

Great Britain (and its former colonies): We don’t need to upgrade our electrical code, we’re British!

Isn’t Beckerhead’s concern for imaginary schoolchildren delightful? If only he had the same level of concern for the *real* schoolchildren that get *really* blown up in the wars he’s got a hard-on for…

@peggynooner: My favorite line in Bridget Jones is when Daniel (Hugh Grant) is pleading with Bridget to take him back and says that without her all he’s got is “a posh voice and a bad character.” I’m sort of over the accent, though, after briefly dating a guy fitting that very description.

The announcer at the end was doing an American accent, wasn’t she?



First off, can’t they hire anyone who can act? Oh right, it’s England. I’d like to take a baseball bat to that schoolteacher bitch. But more to the point… WTF? What is the take-away? What the fuck am I to learn from this Saatchi and Saatchi pile of crap? That environmentalists are psychopathic murderers? If you don’t go along with their latest fad they will kill you? What was the last number-thing we were all going to live by? 350? I can’t even remember. And that was supposed to save the world. Now this?

Am I missing something? Why the fuck do they all have such common accents? ‘That’s foontasteck, Jemima.” Jemima? Why the fuck not Nerissa? Or Spatula? I’m not surprised it was yanked. I’m only surprised it was ever shown. Not that it was made. Some bright sparks soomwhar fought ittud be joost foontasteck as a concept like. So they like, you know, pitched it. And it all joost blew up. Not before fucking time, Jemima. Pass the syrup.

@Snorri Haraldsson:

Pills, dear. It makes the anger go away.

I’d like to interject at this point that the effects were totally gross. Which is awesome.

This makes me think of those stupid fucking ‘No on H8’ ads showing people (Cindy McCain, for fuck’s sake!) with duct tape over their mouths. In other words you’re not allowed to speak ill of homos. Or they will come and recruit your son. Here we have a story that makes no sense from beginning to end. We wait for the splatter then we’re no doubt told it’s meant ironicklee, yeah? They even have a cool sleb. Meanwhile, what are we selling? Fucktards.

@redmanlaw: She can be your Scully as long as he’s my Mulder.

@Snorri Haraldsson: It’s been a couple of weeks since anyone called me a psychopathic murderer. I’ve been worried I was slipping.

Many thanks.

@mellbell: Hey MB, I’m flying to DC this morning. Are you around for dinner tonight? Lefty will be in town also. Let me know in the sandbox.

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