Warner Bros. Gains on George Lucas in Childhood Desecration Sweepstakes

“Warner Bros. Pictures is now developing a live-action/CGI movie on the lovelorn French skunk and [Mike] Myers is attached to voice the lead role.” [New York]


Well, there was a “remake” of Rocky & Bullwinkle, my favorite childhood show. Given that, it’s hard to care that lesser works are now being repurposed to sell popcorn.

You didn’t like DeNiro as Fearless Leader?

Naw. I saw five minutes of the film and wished for a WAAAAAY Back machine to get the time back.

In related news, the next Harry Potter movie will only be in 2D, but mainly because they couldn’t do the faux 3D in time. The final movie will be in both versions.

Both will suck, as has every Harry Potter movie except Alfonso’s.

Imma cry now.

I blame Spiderman. I don’t want to blame Spiderman, but I do.

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