Tree v. Duck Open Thread

Ninth-ranked Stanford (4-0) travels this week to the Nojo homeland to take on #4 Oregon (4-0). Kick-off at 5 pm PDT.

And the trash-talking has already begun, as Stanford’s Tree told Sports Illustrated that he was rounding up his homies to take on Oregon’s Duck. The Duck’s response: “Don’t come in my house and push me around.”

Given the ass-kicking the Duck gave the University of Houston Cougar a few years ago, the Tree better be ready.  Video after the jump.


Ducks quack out a quick field goal.

Very classy TD drive in response for the Tree.

I do have fond memories of three Grateful Dead concerts at Autzen Stadium.

Fumble. Ducks aren’t looking like all they are quacked up to be.

The waterfowl are migrating in the wrong direction.

Ducks are running the no-nest offense.

2 interceptions by Stanford converted to TDs.

At the end of first quarter, Tree 21 – Ducks 3.

Mr. SFL is not happy.

Now that was a play action fake. TD quackers.

Oops — Tree defense goes to sleep, Duck waddle in for an easy 6.

Did you hear about the Oregon alum recruiting party where they were throwing thousand dollar bills around? Yes it was:

Gees and quackers.

Successful onsides kick. Kicker recovers – never seen that before.

This game may be fun.

Onside quack!! Tree looked befuddled, if not befowled.

@Walking Still: Did you see the block that some Duck laid on the Tree closest to the ball? That guy is going to need some Advil tonight.

Another Duck waddles into the end zone. Wacky game so far. I think I heard Mr. SFL yelling from San Francisco.

This looks like a slugfest. 21-17 – Tree still leading, but looking shaky.

@Walking Still: That onsides kick was cool, I’ll admit that.

@Dodgerblue: The trash-talking in the living room is getting crazy.

@SanFranLefty: Tree scores again. What is this, the “No-D Bowl”?

One play action deserves another. TD Tree.

Going for it on 4th down on their own 33. Agressive nearly to the point of insanity, but it works for the Rubber Duckies.

We’re looking at a basketball score by the end of this. Another TD for the Quacker Oats. Tree still leads 28-24.

The teams could save wear and tear on the uniforms simply by putting cardboard cutouts on the field instead of defensive players.

Wouldn’t affect the score much.

The Tree punter has to put down his physics textbook and take a snap.

@Dodgerblue: Hope he’s better at physics. He needs to work on the laws of motion.

OU punter needs a physics refresher as well. I get the sense neither of these kickers expected to see a lot of use.

Do the Tree go for it on 4th and short?

OK, kid, you can’t throw into the heart of the zone like that.

Good int as best I could tell. Tree defense makes a play.

Oregon pass d is not a thing of beauty.

Will Stanford average more than one point a minute?

@Walking Still: They are lucky they didn’t get PI on that last long one.

Audio editor misses a “Fuck these Reds” chant.

31 points in 30 minutes for the Trees.

@Walking Still: Did the U of O coach Chip Kelly just tell the ESPN reporter that “I guess Jim and them [the referees] are friends”????????

Sour grapes in Eugene must be off-setting the sweet grapes in McMinville?

@Dodgerblue: The Tree QB is an architectural engineering major with a 3.8 GPA. No rocks for jocks at the Farm. (And I could tell you some U of O rocks for jocks stories courtesy of Mr SFL)

Tree 31 – Ducks 24

/my karma must work out tonight after the SF Giants and Horns got spanked.

Are any of you going to notice that I made the YouTube video of the Duck v. Cougar have a Cardinal red border?

I bet JamieSommers (where is she, BTW) would have caught that nuance.

/subtlety, I haz it

@SanFranLefty: Going out for Mexican food, hope they have a TV.

off to eat. May be back for the second half

@Walking Still: Grill fired up, and Mr. SFL just dropped his martini glass so he’s super frustrated (since we only own three martini glasses – one from each set). We should just buy them in bulk at BevMo.

And the Ducks waddle across, tied game 31-all. Oy vey. I hope my relationship with Mr. SFL survives tonight’s game…someone will be eating crow and scrubbing the toilet tomorrow….and it better not be me!! ;-)

TJ [is it jacking if it’s originally my thread?]: HouseKeeperGate development – major smackdown of NutMeg by Moonbeam at Univision-sponsored debate when she tried to blame him for the October surprise:

“Jerry, you should be ashamed,” Whitman said. “You and your surrogates put her deportation at risk. You put her out there. You should be ashamed for sacrificing Nicky Diaz on the altar of your political ambitions.”

Brown denied involvement and countered that Whitman has repeatedly called for employers to be held responsible for their hires. He said she was failing to take responsibility for her actions.

“Don’t run for governor if you can’t stand up on your own two feet and say, ‘Hey, I made a mistake, I’m sorry, let’s go on from here,’ ” he said. “You have blamed her, blamed me, blamed the left, blamed the unions, but you don’t take accountability.”

Later, he said, “You don’t just bring in semi-serfs and say do our dirty work and then we’re finished with you, like an orange — you just throw them away, that’s after you’ve squeezed them,” he said. “That’s not right.”

P.S. Gloria Allred may be a media whore, but she’s smart enough to make sure the immigration shit is in order.

FUCK! Fumble by Stanford recovered by the Ducks, but the Tree player looks like his head was cut off by the Oregon player. He hit the ground and did not move. He is still not moving on the ground. Holy Fuck.

Tree QB was the one who tackled the Duck player, though. Nice.

Duck 45: Tree 31

Looks like it’s my turn to clean the bathroom.

What does it mean that Stanford plays U$C next week? Does it matter since U$C is on probation?

@SanFranLefty: Holy moly, I just got back and saw the end zone interception and Duck TD. I hope the Tree recovers and beats USC 1000-2 next week.

To recap: Bruins won, USC lost, SF Giants lost. All is well. I’m flying to Mobile, AL tomorrow for a conference and will talk to y’all later.

Ducks 52, Tree 31

I hope U of O coach won’t whine now.

And as I pointed out to Mr SFL: your star spent the off-season beating up and choking his girlfriend. Tree’s star has a high GPA at the school of engineering at the Farm. Who do you want as your posterchild? That said, good comeback and I’ll be scrubbing the toilet tomorrow (unless Meg hires an undocumented worker for us as part of her campaign spending)

@Mistress Cynica: Yeah, tomorrow is another day when I’m going to be playing soccer mid-day in the South Bay with my over-35 team and we only have 8 RSVPs for the game (11 are the actual number that should be on the field).

Mr. SFL is in charge of wheelbarrowing my carcass home.

@Walking Still: Not sure I have any fond memories of Autzen, but I have a lot of them, all the way back to opening year.

Mac Court, on the other hand… Well, John Wooden had a name for us.


I know it’s cold comfort, but I watched the second half on DVR after dinner, and I’m convinced the key fumble/huge return that sealed things should have been called personal foul – blow to the head.

Crush U.S.C. (which my compulsive lawyer mind always translates as United States Code).

@SanFranLefty: Major dickishness with the crack about the refs.

@nojo: The second set of Autzen 6/19/94 is one of my favorite latter day Grateful Dead memories.

TJ (but still in sports). I just turned on the Red Sox/Yankees game to say goodbye to the Sox for the year. First batter I see: JD Drew two run homerun. Second batter I see: David Ortiz beats the shift with a slap single to third.

Good start.

@Walking Still: Drew was a pussy when he played for the Dodgers.

@Dodgerblue: He hasn’t exactly blown away the Fenway faithful. The Sox outfield has been a problem all season – injuries at the other slots (and all over the field) haven’t helped any.

Wait’ll next year.

Red Sox beat Yankees to keep them from winning the AL East – a nice way to end a frustrating season.

Go Twins!

@Walking Still: Heh heh heh. And the Giants win NL West over Sandy Eggo…and our stoner pitcher with the bad mullet Tim Lincecum says “Fuck, Yeah” when asked if he was ready for his champagne shower.

ADD: unedited video of the f-bomb.

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