A program made before I was born, and climate change was an issue even then … remember seeing this, and Our Mr. Sun, in elementary school.


Mr. Oil has consistently kicked the crap out of Mr. Sun. Mr. Obama is not doing bupkis to change this.

@Dodgerblue: Frontline piece on Netflix that I’m watching now is not proving you wrong.

Two things:

Frank Capra? Wow.

Glad to know that the inland sea is going to swamp a large number of climate change deniers.

@karen marie: if you believe 50s stuff … yes. and I do.

Darling. The rational thought thingy. It’s not going to make you håppy.

The Unchained Goddess? Everybody knows God is a old white guy who lives in the sky. Blasphemy!! Why would anyone believe this old geezer? He’s only a “scientist”. I didn’t hear a single quote from the Bible so what can he possibly know?

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