The Way Out

This is Jim Harbaugh.  He is the head coach for Stanford — who go to South Bend this afternoon to play Notre Dame (1530 EDT, NBC).

“So,” you’re asking, “what does this have to do with the State of the World?”  Well, apart from the fact that he is regarded by all followers of Tree as being PRECISELY WHAT WAS REQUIRED, he has the roadmap that the Democrats should have followed over the last two years, and should follow in the next month and beyond.

Without getting longwinded, Harbaugh’s trick is finding the weak spot in opponents, and then DRIVING IT DOWN THEIR THROAT.  REPEATEDLY.  Cries for sweet mercy go unheeded in Coach Harbaugh’s world — pressing forward until the end is the only way.  Winning by three touchdowns is nice.  Winning by five touchdowns is even better.  66.7% better, in fact.

The Dems?  This week, they said: “maybe we can get everybody to come to some sort of reasonable consensus to achieve common goals.”  They say this every single damn week.  The GOP knows nothing of “reasonable,” “consensus,” “common goals,” or even “everybody.”  Neither does Jim Harbaugh.  Thus endeth the lesson, and the strained connection to Sport, for today.


Tree 13, Popes 6. Much better game than that clusterfuck in Austin.

Helps when you have a QB like Andrew Luck, and the other side can’t filibuster.

@Walking Still: He is making quite the case for a Heisman, especially seeing as how The Tree wuz robbed last year when the SEC-centric voters dissed Toby Gerhart.

And UT needs something to goose their offense. They are looking as sloppy as they did last week against Tech, their defense is all that is saving them.

@SanFranLefty: Agreed. Stanford/ND is the game to watch this afternoon. Unfortunately, my son and daughter-in-law want to drag me out for more birthday festivities.

Lefty is in charge of rooting for the Tree in my absence.

@SanFranLefty: Tree and Bruins 29, Pope and Horns 9. West Coast looking good.

Brian Kelly is looking less than impressive as Domers’ coach. That 2nd and 10 call — “sure, let’s let Stanford get the ball back at midfield with 45 seconds to play with!” — was just criminal.

Oooh, Bruins scored again vs. Horns. But Lefty’s other team is still looking good vs. the Pope.

@Dodgerblue: A Uklah win would definitely help Tree SOS, in re BCS computing stuff that I barely understand.

Has Notre Dame football sucked ever since Jed Bartlet was President?

It used to be that they were sort of the Dallas Cowboys of college game. Now they just seem sad.

The Horns deserve to lose, they look like shit. I love that the Tree kicker is a transfer from ND.

LOOK THE FREAK OUT: BAMA 7:20 ARK. Whooooo! Pig! Sooee!

@Walking Still: Jed Bartlett. Hee. We all wished he was POTUS during Dubya’s reign of error. Now?

@chicago bureau:

I dunno. I think Black Eagle and Jed have a lot in common. Jed, of course, having the advantage of script writers. I think Jed would have had a lot of the same problems dealing with real slimeballs.

I’m sure Sorkin is kicking himself for not inventing a Snowbilly character.

@Walking Still: Sorkin would have been accused of farce if he tried.

@nojo: But then we could have reversed the old adage: history repeating itself first as farce then as tragedy.

But then they’d be Republicans.

What is Tree?

@nojo: He can’t write farce.

Benedick Arnuldsson Manpants: Tree = Leland Stanford Junior University. Organized 1891!

@chicago bureau: Die Luft der Freiheit weht!

Tree 27:Irish 6.

ADD: Ironically, it’s also Uklah 27:Horns 6.

@nojo: At least Leland Sr. and Jane put their money to a productive use unlike modern-day robber barons. And co-ed from the start!

@SanFranLefty: They did have a cap of 500 wimmin for the longest time, though.

Interception for a TD for the Tree! Scored by the player who goes both ways!

Stanford hits the Pick Six! Now Tree 34:6 Domers. Brian Kelly’s resume isn’t even cold, and he might be on the dole by January.

Notable about that Stanford pick six: Owen Marecic starts for the Cardinal at both fullback on O and linebacker on D. He’s scored TDs both ways today. Gotta be a while since that happened.

And Bama-Ark is down to the wire. If the Hogs’ Ryan Mallett is gonna go big and go nationwide, time to do it.

@SanFranLefty: To be fair, Dark Lord Gates finally got around to divesting himself of insane wealth, and Zuckerberg dumped $100 million in Joisey entirely unrelated to the Facebook movie debut.

Any threads left untied with that Sorkin-Stanford mashup?

Scratch that. The Alabama defense picks Mallett for the third time.

(can hear the cries of “ROLL TAHD!” from Portland)

@SanFranLefty: meh to Toby. He was good, but the Heisman should have gone to Ndamukong Suh, the Nebraska DT who treated every Big XII QB like a rag-doll last year.

@SanFranLefty: Nice game for the Tree. But I do root for the Pope’s team when they play USC.

@SFL & Dodger: ucla’s victory over tejas was very popular here @ the OU watch party

@Mistress Cynica: Yeah, Texas won’t be ranked no. 7 after tonight.

Longhorns needed to lose. Their luck has held on too long courtesy of their defense.

The Nojos/Mr SFLs may actually eke it out against Az State. Next Saturday’s Tree v Duck game may be the best game to watch.

@chicago bureau: And I just happen to be reading an old article that says Leland was cool about the edumacated laydeez, but after he died, it was Mrs. Robber Baron who arbitrarily capped female enrollment at 500. It had been 40 percent of students.

New Mexico DESTROYED by UNLV 45-10 in battle of lowly 0-3 programs last night. Last weeks rumor was that ex-Texas Tech coach Mike Leach was coming here to replace current coach also known for off field issues. After this weekend, he’ll come only if he gets to wear a paper bag over his head.

OTH, Son of RML’s school killed their local rival 70-14 on Friday night under a full moon.

Also: NM gubernatorial debate today.

@SanFranLefty: Tree v. Duck — excellent matchup. I look forward to the sophisticated trash talk here.

Fucking Broncos . . .

Made a second quick firewood run, this time to the Pecos Ranger District east of town, the same canyon where we’ve been getting our Christmas trees the last couple of years. We cut the logs long to drag them downhill. I got a touch of heat exhaustion and had to rest and hydrate up in the mountains. Brutal. Chilling in the dad chair in the living room with some cold water now watching Baltimore grind Denver into the turf. The crowd left hours ago, judging by the stadium shots.

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