Fiorina’s ‘Tootsie’ Ad (With Transcript)

So have you seen Carly Fiorina’s latest ad attacking Barbara Boxer? If not, here it is:

And, here’s the transcript:

Honey, don’t complain if he calls you ‘tootsie.’ Take it as a compliment: it means he likes the way you look. Also, understand that he’s a very important man with a very important job to do and a bunch of medals on his chest. What have you ever done that compares to that? Now be a dear, head on over to the break-room, and fix us another pot of coffee, will you? The guys in the office  finished the last one you made for them a whole half hour ago. Chop, chop!

I’m Carly Fiorina, I approved this message ’cause I haven’t got a clue.”


Carly’s the model of competence, being humble, self sacrifice and business acumen. In Bizzaro Universe.

Egomaniac? I’m sure Boxer is, but isn’t that like the old lady calling the other old lady, old?

I wonder what kind of hissy fit Mitch would throw if the generals started calling him Mister instead of Senator.

What a snot she is. She makes me want to reach out and slap her. Is that wrong?

In other news, we learned the other day the reason Lucy’s been peeing in the house — she has a UTI. A big round of applause for breakthroughs in medicine: they now have an all-spectrum antibiotic in a one-time shot that is good for 10 to 14 days. Yay!

@karen marie:
No. I’m sure that many an exHP type wants to.

@Dodgerblue: DAWWWWW! They’re only cute until they eat your face!

I was a big fan of Boxer when she first ran for Senate…and well, since then, not so much. She’s turned into the least evil choice.

But really, Carly, “end the arrogance”?

What type of arrogance does it take to sell yourself as a successful manager after bringing a once-admired company to ruin and then bailing out with a multimillion dollar parachute?

Oh Yeah. The same type of arrogance that might qualify you to be on the Council of Economic Advisers to someone like the President. I think you might have a shot at that job, when you lose your Senate bid. Presnident Hopey isn’t really that picky when it comes to that.

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