Foreclose Them All, Let God Sort Them Out

Somebody posted in a sign in our neighborhood the other day, warning residents to be on the lookout for thieves. While various stereotypes ran through our head, we’re pretty sure none of our Fantasy Perps were wearing suits:

When Jason Grodensky bought his modest Fort Lauderdale home last December, he paid cash. But seven months later, he was surprised to learn that Bank of America had foreclosed on the house, even though Grodensky did not have a mortgage.

Grodensky knew nothing about the foreclosure until July, when he learned that the title to his home had been transferred to a government-backed lender. “I feel like I’m hanging in the wind and I’m scared to death,” said Grodensky. “How did some attorney put through a foreclosure illegally?”

Although you can thank BofA for that one, GMAC Mortgage gets credit for others. The banks are on such a foreclosure spree right now — a Chase Home Finance executive tallied 18,000 a month in her purview — it’s easier to just skip the details and dump all the paperwork on the courts.

Man’s home sold out from under him in foreclosure mistake [South Florida Sun-Sentinel, via Tom Tomorrow]

Meanwhile, in Today in FUCK THIS FUCKING SHIT, the Dem leadership announces that there will be no vote on tax cuts before the election.
If anybody you know wants to get gay-married or sign up for health care bennies available under the new health care law or anything of that liberal sort — time’s a-wastin’. The Crazy is assuredly coming back to town.

For those of you who picked “of course they’ll wimp out” on your $100 political pick sheet, congrats! Your winnings (all 15 cents of it) is at the window.

@chicago bureau: So what are they going to do until the election? Work out with Bishop “Long”?

@chicago bureau: The Democratic Party died the night Reagan killed Carter.

@chicago bureau: Comment from TPM reader:

So Democrats think they are better off facing Republican ads saying that Dems are going to increase taxes on all Americans by $3.9 trillion than Republican ads saying that Dems are going to increase taxes on the wealthiest 2% by $700 billion.

And thanks for the TJ. I honestly didn’t have the will to deal with it.


The GOP and the SAteabaggers start up the vote caging machine in WI

When does the Dick Armey start fitting its members for brown shirts?

@chicago bureau: It’s first & ten on the Red 30 — and the Blues punt! The crowd goes wild with enthusiasm!

@nojo: On a more rational level, Packers v. Bears on MNF. Should be a good game.

That is one of the greatest movies of the entire century, IMHO. Every frame, genius. Remember Katherine Helmond at the plastic surgeon? My god, so brilliant.

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: Also inspiring one of the most famous trade ads ever, although I can’t find it online.

From memory, went something like this:


Signed, Terry Gilliam

Dude dissed MCA and lived to tell about it.

@Walking Still: Tie? I haven’t had a team to root for since the Rams left L.A. for Anaheim, so mostly I root for good football.

@Dodgerblue: Something to be said for just hoping for a good game.

Last Monday’s Niners v. Saints game was good fun even though I didn’t care who won.

@Dodgerblue: no shit. i got cutler in the 5th round in my fantasy league, grabbed matt forte in the 7th. i would own the league if that fuck dez bryant didn’t return a punt for a td against chicago. i don’t care who wins as long as cutler throws at least three tds, one to forte and aaron rodgers gets suspended for doing whatever it takes to get suspended. but it should be a great high scoring game and add one more night to my weekend football and drinking binge.

in what used to be america’s game, will baseball donnie mattingly manage the dodgers next year? i don’t know if one too many ex-yankees is a good thing or bad. what’s the word out there?

@Walking Still: remember faud reviez, ex vikings kicker? his son nick plays linebacker for the tennessee volunteers now. remember the vols? that’s where lame kiffin used to “coach”. will someone in L.A. please convince the crips/bloods/eme/los nortenos/hells angels or mongels to do a drive by on lame. please.

@jwmcsame: Mattingly is definitely in as Dodgers manager next year. I’m OK with that. I wish the owners’ divorce would get settled or resolved so that they, or someone, can put some energy and money into the team.

Re Kiffin, as a UCLA Bruins fan I’m just fine with him coaching USC. I figure he’s just a placeholder until the NCAA sanctions end, then the new A.D. will boot him and get somebody good.

@Walking Still: Awesome last five minutes. Amazing because the Niners sucked so bad against the IanJs the week before.

@Dodgerblue: It’s the Don of a new era.

/shows self to door

@Dodgerblue: here’s the deal for a new nfl team in L.A.. the league is as perfectly aligned as it can be now, so there will no expansion teams in probably our lifetime. so you gotta hope for a team to move. for L.A. and the leagues current alignment, the optimal candidate would be the St. Louis Rams moving back. the rams lease agreement requires that the rams average in the top 8 franchises in attendence by 2015 or they ask for a new stadium or move. you’d think moving to L.A. would be a better option than going in debt for a new stadium in st louis. Isn’t a new stadium in the works or at least being planned in L.A.? other candidates would only arise due to lack of attendence in current cities/stadiums just like st. louis. jacksonville would the be most likely, they had 4 blackouts last year. so, your only legitimate hopes are rams or jags. very outside shots would be san diego if black outs occur this year or the bills who may have ownership change soon but their attendence is still strong. jags, rams, bills ownership would obviuosly enjoy huge L.A. market over small current markets, but bills fans are very very loyal as one must be to watch losers in sub artic climes, so they may not move. I do find it odd that L.A. does not have an NFL franchise.

@Dodgerblue: lame kiffin can’t be expecting much support from haden. i understand pat haden, new USC a.d. is to Under Sanctions Continuously as peyton manning is to Tennessee. If so, lame better run a squeaky clean program which he couldn’t do with a gun to his head. i do like kevin oneill, the USC basketball coach. he too was here at UT a few years ago. please listen to his post game radio interviews, he is a stand up comedian masquerading as a hoops coach. he will make you laugh, i guarantee. i like the job nueheisel (sp?) is doing at UCLA. i hope he never loses to lame. i don’t mean to insult the legend here, but did john wooden decide to go ahead and die because he couldn’t handle how bad UCLA hoops sucked this year and couldn’t put up with it any more? is bill walton back to help make things right? no offense intended, i’ve always been a UCLA hoops fan

@jwmcsame: You’ve opened the door to a major rant here. In my day job, I am an enviro lawyer and try to protect the people of LA from insane, traffic-inducing development. There are two stadium proposals out there, both made by zillionaires who have gone to our for-rent Legislature to get exemptions from California’s environmental review laws. Do not like. Plus, I don’t think it’s right for one penny of public funds to go to one of these projects.

@redmanlaw: i’m usually pretty good at fucking up sports teams names and understanding others doing the same. but why are the seahawks the IanJs?

@jwmcsame: We don’t joke about Coach Wooden around here. You have been warned. But seriously, our bb team has never been at the quality we saw during the Wooden years since his retirement, and given the current “one and out” rule, probably never will be again.

Damn if we don’t have the most fascinating Dueling Threads around here.

I’ll say it again: “on topic” is a sure way to stifle conversation, and I’ll never understand why other websites feel compelled to police thematic violators.

@Dodgerblue: agreed. how much did dallas/ft worth go in hock for that monstrousity jerry jones built? on the other hand when the titans (nee oilers) moved to nashville, the city built a fine stadium on the banks of the cumberland river which had been a wasteland previously across the river from where the original city center backed up against the cumberland. they built a pedestrian bridge to cross the river to stadium and really greened up the place. parking is not an issue and the stadium very much helped stem a serious decline in downtown nashville. it was loacated next to a major I-40 connector/bypass so traffic problems are few and far between except when the haz mat trucks hauling nuke waste out of or into oak ridge crash on sunday afternoon. the tennesse legislature is going hard core teabag in november so i fear our state congress will be even more for rent soon.

@Dodgerblue: i know and apologize. i just don’t hold too much sacred as blind loyalty always leads to problems as the few moderate true conservative republican’ts saw with w the shoe dodger and the democrats now see with obama. the HBO special about Coach Wooden and the dynasty is one of the best sports docs ever made and the coaches lessons can be applied successfully to every day life. I still intend to purchase a copy of his book about the pyramid of success and happiness.

@jwmcsame: Commenter IanJ (haven’t seen him around much lately…) is a Seattleite.

@jwmcsame: I have family members who are still heartbroken over the Rams leaving El Ay, so from your lips to the FSM’s ear that they’d leave St. Louis and come back west.

@Dodgerblue: Publicly-funded sports stadiums are my pet peeve. Wasn’t I ranting about that at lunch the other day? Fucking Yorks are moving the 49ers down 101 to Santa Clara because Mayor McDreamy (to his credit) refuses to build them a new stadium to their specifications at Candlestick/Bayview/Hunters Point with taxpayer funds. Attorney General Moonbeam likewise told the Raiders and the As to pound sand when he was Mayor of Oakland. Can’t they build the new LA stadium over one of the metro stops?

@nojo: I’m proud that I was once the first commenter on a topic — with a threadjack. My apologies for doing that were quite properly rejected.

@jwmcsame: It’s funny, we mocked the Pyramid as hokey when we were students in the 60s. But now, when I look it, I think that Coach was onto something.

@SanFranLefty: We have a football stadium here, it’s called The Coliseum and has been in downtown LA since the 1932 Olympics. But it doesn’t have the luxury boxes etc that team owners want now.

@nojo: my fault, sorry. thanx for not censoring me. jwmcsame got banned permanently from commenting off topic and more so for insulting teabaggers on the local newspaper website here, but he changed his name to hannityisherbtarlek from a different email and came back stronger than ever. i like talking about myself in the third person. it makes me feel like a football coach. you know, we and shit.

@jwmcsame: No, no, no, I’m applauding you. We live for threadjacks here. Truly, madly, deeply. Conversation is an organic creature, and doesn’t thrive with trimming.

@Dodgerblue: i sat, or stood up and jumped around alot in a box here at neyland stadium in knoxville for a UT game one time. it sucked. the folks there who didn’t know me soon tired of my hellraisin’ and didn’t enjoy it at all. it was their fault though. they brought the liquor. free even. i like to be outside with the common folk because there i believe everyone can hear me yelling and really appreciates it. except for the ones that go get the ushers and cops of course.

@nojo: preesh. economic neccesity just reared its ugly head. i have to do some actual work now. later.

@nojo: Wow. Apology for TJ from interesting newbie talking in third person. We are impressed on any number of levels.

@jwmcsame: Jerry Jones could pull in $20 million for each post season game, per Colin Cowher on ESPN Radio this morning. The Monument to Jerry cost 1.2 beelyon dollerz, with tha sucka local city gummit paying about 325 meelyon dollerz of that plus ticket and parking taxes for the facility with Jerry financing the rest. With paydays like that on the line, heads. will. roll if the Cowboys fail to make the playoffs. At 0-2, it’s not quite “turn out the lights, the party’s over,” but the Day of Reckoning is nigh. Up this weekend: the Team Formerly Known as the Oilers.

Strangely silent: JNOV on Vick starting this weekend.

Broncos will get rendered into glue and dog food by the Colts this weekend. I should go fishing or for a second firewood run instead of watching that dog of a game. Going out early Saturday AM to the rolling high desert hills west of here to cut some pinon pine and juniper with at least Son of RML as my crew. He’ll drive while I navigate and drank some coffee.

Alma matter report: New Mexico v. UNLV. Battle of the 0 and 3s. Everyone loses.

@redmanlaw: And they can’t blame Jessica Simpson this season.

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