It’s the Great Pumpkin, John Boehner!

“Addressing a perennial source of jokes, Mr. Boehner says his dark complexion is natural, similar to that of his mother and four (of 12) siblings. ‘I have never been in a never been in a tanning bed or used a tanning product,’ Mr. Boehner said. His staff showed a high school group photo where he has the darkest face in Moeller High’s all-male class.” [WSJ, via Political Wire]


Must be a slow news day at Stinque World Domination HQ. Isn’t the Fleet in town or something?

Everybody’s chattering about Contract On America II, which bores me to tears.

Slow news day anecdote: Just ordered a refill, paid with a buck. The Coffee Drone looks at the dollar sideways, not sure what she’s handling.

Turns out it’s a Silver Certificate. From 1957. Don’t think I’ve seen one of those since Nixon.

@nojo: A Teabagger dollar! You know, of course, that US currency not backed by gold or silver is illegal. You just bought your cuppa Joe with one of the few legal dollar bills that the commie government hasn’t confiscated.

@Dodgerblue: More like a — Dated Reference Alert! — Hunt Brothers Dollar.

I hate them all and everything they say. I’m renewing my Brit passport. If I must I will go back there and devote my life to keeping Americans out. Meanwhile I live till the iPad gets here. Even though it’s not for me I can bask in the glow of its amazingly vivid LED screen.

Meanwhile the dogs lie beside me gently farting.

@Benedick Arnuldsson Manpants: My company has just issued a couple to senior honchos, given that the top executive is a techie and insists on all of his briefing files in electronic format.

TJ/ Parents shocked by Elmo’s new friend. Meanwhile, 4 year olds just wondering why the music on the Street sucks so badly.

@Nabisco: Restaurants are buying them in bulk for menus and wine lists.

I really need to catch up on Core Data programming. But damn clients, they keep insisting on distracting me with paid work.

@nojo: Eventually there will be no more video stores or – gasp! – coffee shops. There will be just tastefully appointed hotspot joints where they hand you your Phad and you order up your distraction of choice.

i’m not happy with my iphone. what i need is the blackbery torch, i’ve decided.
first of all, it’s size. it’s stupid. it’s heavy and too big to put in your pocket. i rarely carry a handbag, now i have to for the damn thing. i like the i-net features, which every Smart phone has now anyway. the touch screen? suddenly my smallish gentle fingers become ham fists when i tap tap tap. MEH.
now the pad? another story: i want.

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