After Which, the Store Will Be Ceremonially Closed When a Home Depot Opens at the Edge of Town

“House Republicans just released a draft of their legislative agenda for the next Congress, a 21-page ‘Pledge to America’ that they will formally unveil Thursday morning at a Virginia hardware store.” [CBS, via Political Wire]


I hope they’ll be having a special on DDT, chlordane and dieldrin-based pesticides in honor of the their godfather bugman Tom Delay.

21 pages? That’s about 20 and 9/10 pages too long for the base. Anything that won’t fit on a bumper sticker is too wordy for the 15-20% that wants GWB back in the White House and Tom DeLay in the House.

Sterling? That’s not part of Real Virginia! Figures that they would half-ass it.

@Plop-Plop, Fizz-Fizz, Tommmcatt A Relief He Is!: Sounds like a wimpier version of the Contract with America.
Breaking a contract has legal consequences. Breaking a pledge does not.

@mellbell: Sterling is getting towards yuckapuck territory – right on the edge of N. Virginia and Confederate Land.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Well, uh, Mr., uh, Senator, let’s get the immigrants on stage here, let’s see where they want to sit.

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