Mark it Ground Zero, Dude

Freshly minted New York GOP gubernatorial nominee and naughty-email aficionado Carl Paladino puts the frosting on today’s Crazee Cake with the declaration of a new standard for the Ground Zero Mosque-Exclusion Zone:

Ground Zero for me is the extended site over which the dust cloud containing human remains traveled…

That Ground Zero site will be protected in the memory of those who fell at the World Trade Center, as well as the memory of the thousands and thousands of soldiers — of American and Allied soldiers — that fell in the ensuing wars, and the 150,000 troops we still have over there defending our right to speak like this today…

Wherever it went, wherever that dust is caught in the crevices of buildings or in the crevices of sidewalks, that’s human remains, and it should be treated that way.

And by “treated that way,” Paladino means no strip clubs Islamic community centers that would tarnish the memory of soldiers who died to defend megalomaniacal war-criminal fantasies our right to religious freedom.

Paladino: No Mosque Wherever The 9/11 Human Remain Dust Cloud Landed [TPM]

“A fine silt on every mantel from Hell’s Kitchen to Brooklyn…”–Ani DiFranco

This is precisely what I’ve asked a few people in the hope that they’d hear how ridiculous they sound: how much of NYC should be off-limits to mosques, but not to other houses of worship? Based on this, maybe that strategy doesn’t work either.

@finette: Oh honey, no. Logic is a useless weapon in this war.

@finette: Today’s Satire is Tomorrow’s Headline.

Also, all indoor dust is made up in part of shed human skin. Some of those people are dead now…but only 9/11 dust is special I guess.

@Mistress Cynica: *Sigh* I know…but nevertheless I found myself registering to comment on the Seattle Times site the other day to berate some idiot who said: “They can build a mosque at ground zero when we can build churches in Iraq!” It’s only got one of the oldest continuous Christian populations in the world, after all.

ALA held a Koran read-out this weekend, originally planned to coincide with The Roast. At least I know I’m in the right profession.

The Faroes are calling. Yoo hoo, they cry. Come to me!

@Benedick — kay. Need to know five words in Faroese to make this work.

(1) Hello.

(2) Thanks.

(3) Please.

(4) Help.

(5) Fuck.

The rest of the vocab can come later. Pointing, gesturing and gently rubbing suggestively will suffice so long as these five words are in play. Drop some science on me, bro.

(Hell: even if we don’t jump ship, knowing these translated words will add to my useless-knowledge bank.)

@chicago bureau: The head of state there is called the Pharoe.

@Benedick Arnuldsson: The Faroes are calling.

Would that be the legendary Faroe Moan?

@nojo: No, it’s the legendary joke, “How do you make a faroe moan?”

Predictable GOP tantrum over the mosque – does anybody care that we here in Manhattan … don’t care? We’ve got mosques all over the place. Feh.

@chicago bureau: They all speak English. Albeit charmingly accented. We can open a gin mill and cater to Princess line cruises.

@Benedick Arnuldsson:

Are they a lovely honey-brown color? Do they have almond-shaped eyes? Do they like middle-aged white guys?

My teevee boyfriend Jon Hamm on Daily Show!!! Could he be any hotter and sweet?? And with my comedy boyfriend Jon Stewart!

I was in airplanes much of today. So I was thinking, how much crazy shit can happen in just one day when I’m not plugged into the net. Then I get home and fire up Stinque and get the answer: multiple 747s full!!

@Dodgerblue: And we only got half of it. Didn’t even touch Tokyo Rove, except in the comments.

Okay, enough: That FloTV ad with the UO Duck? That mascot outfit hasn’t been that clean since the day it was made.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: On my cab ride out to Dulles — a long one, as most of you probably know — the cabbie had Rush Limbaugh on the radio. I listened in awe to a solid hour of ranting without a single statement of alleged fact pass his fat lips without being prefaced by “everybody knows” or something similar. This fat fuck (10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag, per Al Franken) is smart — he is playing to and and giving support and legitimacy to his listeners’ grossest emotions of racism, hate and inadeqacy in a way that transcends language as, say, the melody of the Horst Wessel song fired up the Nazis. Plus, most of the ads were by him: “Use the code ‘Rush’ and you’ll get an extra 10% off your Big Boy diapers!”

@Dodger: A cab to Dulles? My aren’t you all Mr Fancy-Pants? I always get stuck in some Super Shuttle blue van making 26 stops before getting there

@SanFranLefty: I got carsick just reading that. When they extend the Metro out to Dulles, I’ll be on it.

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