We Distort. You Decry.

“ACORN may not exist anymore but 20% of Americans still think (or at least say they think) it will steal the election to keep Democrats in control of Congress this fall. That does represent a decrease from last fall in ACORN’s perceived ability to steal an election. In November we found 26% of people thought the organization had stolen the 2008 Presidential contest for Barack Obama.” [Public Policy Polling]


It’s fair because when black, tinted and liebruls do it, it’s called stealing. When the GOPers use the Supreme Court to strike down a Florida law to call an election, the GOPers say get over it.

That seems about as likely as putting an epileptic in charge of the noo-klee-ur launch controls, also known as Plan B.

ACORN may not exist anymore but 20% of Americans still think (or at least say they think) it will steal the election to keep Democrats in control of Congress this fall.

The logic here is that the psychoconservatives simply know that ACORN is permanently funded by Soros, rich communists and al qaeda who are directing ACORN operatives to take over America, establish the caliphate and murder all the white people and raise their children in farms for cannibal feasts. The psychoconservatives just know there are enormous barracks out there, somewhere, holding millions of ACORN/alqaeda operatives seething with hatred for white America, listening to secret transmission from their ultimate leaders – Obama and Osama – waiting for the signal to attack.

I want new political adversaries to despise. I’m sick of this bunch.

Guess who voted today for freedom? This guy!

DAYTON — A U.S. Senate candidate in Ohio has pleaded not guilty to a charge of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

The Dayton Daily News reports that a Montgomery County judge entered the plea today for Constitution Party candidate Eric Deaton of New Lebanon, outside Dayton. The judge allowed Deaton to remain free but ordered no contact with the victim.


Constitution Party = small government theocratic assholes

The August indictment alleges Deaton engaged in sexual conduct with a teenage girl between March 20, 2006, and March 25, 2007. The charge carries up to five years in prison.


They’re also talkin’ Messican to each other like todos locos, and dropping an endless supply of anchor-babies & terrah-tots.

Para terrorismo, oprima número dos.

@Tony Blair Witch Project:

Yes. My God, so tiresome. And they are all just cut-rate versions of each other- Kitty Harris became Sarah Palin became Michelle Bachmann became Sharron Angle. John Boehner is just Tom Delay dipped in nicotine, varnish, and Rob Roys, and Delay was never really anything but Newt Gingrich with slightly less discretion. It’s like the 750th bus-and-truck tour of Cats – you know, the one starring Tovah Feldshuh and Jerry Orbach back in 1995.


What I find funniest is the same people who are SURE that brown people everywhere are plotting to take over the US are *equally* sure that everyone who isn’t white is on welfare and unwilling to work. How one could take over a country with an army of bone-lazy footsoldiers apparently never enters the discussion.

@al2o3cr: Easy to resolve: The welfare program is a terrorist-support fund. You notice liberals are always advocating its expansion. Why? Need you ask?

Like the poor, that 22-26% of the population that believes W was the best president ever will always be with us.

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