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Lady Gaga, Harry Reid Tweet Over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell [ABC]

Did he twat about the beef curtains as well? Where are those twoots?

maybe they are the same person. anyone ever seen them together?

Now this Gaga person. She would be some kind of entertainer? I’m thinking female impersonator? BTW. The meat dress is not popular in my house. Not even among the quadrupeds. The dogs don’t like it either.

And WTF is going on with Americanski movies that makes me have to turn on the subtitles to hear what they’re saying. Saw some of The Road and could hardly understand anything. Me no likey.

@Tommie: Tofu is okay with him.

Self-Centered Rant 1: In this day and age I can’t believe I’m spending $180 a night to stay at a Marriott and THEY DON’T FUCKING HAVE WI-FI AND THEIR DSL DIAL UP IS BROKEN!!! I’m sure JNOV would tell me it’s my own fault for staying at the Mormon hotel but I didn’t pick it.

Self-Centered Rant #2: attention group of drunk men at hotel bar – please let me drink in peace.


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