And Now J. Edgar Knows the Rest of the Story

“Ernest Withers, a revered civil rights photographer, who captured iconic images of Martin Luther King Jr. on the night he was shot in Memphis, actually played a different role the day before: FBI informant.” Withers didn’t take the balcony photos, but they were developed in his studio. [Yahoo, Memphis Commercial Appeal]


Considering that the amount of info J. Edgar had on King, I’m not surprised.

As some folks pointed out in other places, this is going to make MLK Jr’s assassination conspiracy folks even more paranoid.

Did he also develop the pictures of Hoover blowing Clyde Tolson?

Just finished reading Hellhound on His Trail about the assassination of MLK and hunt for James Earl Ray. I highly recommend it for those of you unfamiliar with the Lorraine Motel. ;-)

ETA: Tim Gunn writes in his new book that he suspects his dad was Hoover’s lover. And that when he met JEH, dude was dressed like a lady. For years, Gunn thought he met Vivian Vance that day, instead of Hoover.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I just started that last night then I got caught up in watching “The Spirit” on some movie channel. Looked like “Sin City: The Masked Man.” Still, I’ve always wanted to see it since it was shot at a sound stage in Albuquerque.

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