This Caption Contest Is OVAH

(Mind you: she still could win in November.  Delaware is small, and filled with banks and Fortune 500 companies willing to give true patriots their country back, at a slight discount, while still retaining a huge profit margin and a substantial ROI.  But, for tonight, the jokes just write themselves.  God Bless America.)

ADD: Let’s play another game… instapoll time, with responses in the comments, please:

If a guy already knows what pleases him, and he can please himself, then why is Christine O’Donnell in the picture?

[Note: responses along the line of “she’s holding the camera wrong” are not acceptable, on account of obviousness.  There’s already one obvious joke in this post; two are not required.  Thank you.]


Guy from Citi just showed her the check he is giving to a 527 group that is earmarked to attack Coons as an al qaeda operative during the general election.

BTW: just added a new game in the body of the post. Everybody plays, everybody wins! (Except those who play with themselves. They lose. Badly.)

I see that L’Onanette is also possessed of a certain pre-apocalyptic, if not ditzy, vulgarity.

Because he’s a Republican congressman and what pleases him is a big fat cock.

She is, at a strange level, sort of hot. She could swallow, and suck …

OK, so I have a few issues.

She wants someone, but she can’t admit it. Say what you want, and we can help!

Ugh. Where do they find these insane, air-headed, crypto-fascist bimbos? I mean, really? There’s Nancy Reagan–the great granny know-nothing of them all–then Anita Bryant, Bachmann, Coulter, Malkin, Palin, Perino, the endless parade of interchangeable dumFux Nooz Cheerios, Greta Van Susteren, whom it appears went in for a little tuck and suck, and came out Korean, and on and on and on. Why why why??? All these cruel, hateful, vicious, beautiful on the outside yet fugly as all nasty on the inside, women. Is this the only kind of woman that conservative men will listen too?

Ah yes, the men. Bloated, corpulent, excessively orange or pink, sadistic, crocodile-tear-spouting, giant, shouty, deranged babies who only vomit words about utter nonsense, killing, revenge and destruction.

It’s as if hellish lost episodes of the schlub-dude/hot-wife genre like King of Queens or According to Jim were filmed on location at a sanitorium for the criminally insane. This isn’t a political party–it’s a national mental disorder. There’s a fertile poli-sci or gender relations thesis festering in this disease somewhere.

@¡Andrew!: Nancy could suck the chrome off of a bumper and did so with savage aplomb and fucked Frank Sinatra on the roof of the White House or something. She gets points for having normal instincts.

@FlyingChainSaw: “In fourth grade she wrote ‘dear diary, I had my first kiss with a boy today–it wasn’t nearly as good as oral sex.'”

–Joan Rivers

@¡Andrew!: Was this supposed to be a joke about Nancy Reagan?

@¡Andrew!: “I haven’t been fucked like that since grade school.”

Why, yes! I did watch Fight Club again over the weekend!

@FlyingChainSaw: I can’t recall to whom Miz Rivers was referring, but it certainly seems appropriate.

nojo: I am Jack’s sense that pundits declaring tonight as the night the Tea Party jumped the shark might be horrifically wrong.

@¡Andrew!: Where do they find these insane, air-headed, crypto-fascist bimbos?
Daddy’s Girls Anonymous.

@chicago bureau: Tweety declared that losing Establishment Republicans bode ill for Establishment Democrats. You could actually see the chasm of logic open up on screen.

@chicago bureau: You think the democrats will start electing zombies like this or that the wave of suicidal electoral madness will end with a crescendo of psychoconservatives taking Washington, DC, starting 11 wars, eliminating taxes for trillionaires and repealing social security?

Hmmm… Celibabe? Anybody trademark that yet?

@nojo — it’s this cycle’s Talibunny! Run with it!

(NOTE TO ALL WEB EDITORS: do not put this picture of O’Donnell (with or without textual blandishment) in close proximity to That Photo Of Michelle Bachmann With The Pearl Necklace (shaddup) And The Crazy Googly Eyes on internet posts. Might cause a rip in the space-time continuum.)

OK. I’ve located the Stinque Homeland.

The Faroes.

Think about it.

Probably is.

Huh? We don’t see (but probably should in some cases, I see you, fat piece of festering monkey shit Ben Nelson) many establishment Demrats lose in their primaries.

Yes to everything you said.

It is a reminder that beauty is only skin deep and ugly is right down to the bone.

As for the males, you forgot cowardly because they’re not willing to put their asses where their fat mouths are.

@Tony Blair Witch Project: the problem is that all of the U.S. Americans who are regulars would have to learn not one, but TWO foreign languages.

Asking an American to learn something, voluntarily, is like asking men to fuck a hornet’s nest once a day for the rest of their lives — those who comply are insane. And that goes double for foreign languages. You silly goose.

(Plus: I’m not a small town guy. The Faroes have, if I recall right, one small town. One. Not my cup of coffee, thanks.)

She makes Flappycheeks Rove mad on Fox, and this delights me. It’s time for the Republicans to put down their Weapons of Mass Dissonance and come up with those elusive green fairies called Ideas.

@Tommmcatt: They were aliens implanted in human bodies who ruled ancient Egypt according to that documentary, Stargate SG-1.

@¡Andrew!: I love the TV magazine shows. You learn so much!

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