What Cheney Knew, and When Cheney Knew It

With the holiday weekend almost upon us, please enjoy this festive clip of The Former Vice War Criminal of These United States explaining exactly what would happen if Our Glorious Republic toppled Saddam Hussein.

In 1994.

What? Oh, we’re sorry. Turns out that’s not very festive at all. We regret our profound lapse in editorial judgment.

Here, please enjoy instead this festive clip of Very Big Kitties getting majorly stoned on catnip. Unlike The Former Vice War Criminal of These United States, they have a pulse.

[Cheney via Greenwald; Kitties via Sully]

1994 Dick was much smarter than 2002 Dick.

What changed?

Was it because of his less than skillful running of Haliburton (and need to pump up his own limp options) that gave him short dick syndrome and the need to prove that he was DICK “BIGGEST DICK” Cheney the greatest leader of men EVah?

Only his beating heart knows… oh right.

The difference is that George H. W. Bush wasn’t Cheney’s bitch. George W. Bush was Cheney’s bitch… at least until it was too late to do anything and the damage had already been done.

love the cat clip. I sent that everwhere

It would be festive if there were pallbearers in it at the end, IMHO. But what do I know?

Hey, anybody listen to Barbara Boxer hand Carly Firoina ( or was it Meg Whitman?) her ass in last night’s debate? It was genius.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: Didn’t watch it, just read the Chronicle and LAT articles about the debate. Boxer is at her best in those sorts of situations. And good for her to hammer Fiorina on laying off 30,000 people and off-shoring jobs.

I’m inclined to beleive he was always a murderous war pig, but that he was told what the GHWB administration’s position was, and he was always a dutiful lackey, until he found himself working for dimwit, and could take over. I doubt that the Isreali psy-ops/lobbying campaign known as PNAC actually changed Cheney’s mind, so much as he went along with it because he was always in favor of war, everywhere, all the time, related and unrelated, to quote Rumsfeld, Cheney’s lackey.

@SanFranLefty: If only Boxer could get anything done in the Senate.

@Mistress Cynica:
mine lerve catnip, yours? we grow it!
if it gets ya stoned, we grow it. a motto.

i cannot be arsed to think about barbara, meg, carly or darth.

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