We’d offer a Carolina Hurricanes theme, but (a) hockey’s still a month off, and (b) I’m still bent about them moving the Whalers out of Hartford.  So it’s a Dixie Chicks reference.  Deal.  Anyway, the 2300 EDT advisory from the one, the only National Hurricane Center… Earl’s packing heat on the order of 140 mph, with hurricane force winds extending about 60 knots out from the eye and pressure at 27.52″.  Best guess is glancing blow at the Outer Banks, then a direct hit for Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and eventually Nova Scotia.  (Because those bastards in Nova Scotia really had it coming, that’s why.)  Evacuations in N.C. to elevate from “if it’s not too much trouble” to “get the FUCK off the island” by tomorrow a.m.


How can I tell if I’ll get off work on Friday?

Ground Control to baked…. where is our Caribbean correspondent?

@SanFranLefty: I’m been following the storm and it looked like her island was getting lots of rain and wind but not hurricane conditions. I’ll feel better when we hear from her.

Oh. You can put in your zip code. I am TOTALLY off on Friday!

@Mistress Cynica: @SanFranLefty: She’s probably asleep. Was she around at the ass crack of dawn today?

@JNOV: Santa Fe is totally in the clear. Meeting with a potential new client up in the racist, Indin hating NW part of the state on Friday, but I get to fly fish the renowned San Juan River after my meeting, Mrs RML said to stay an extra day to bother the fish.

I’ll scan and post an article in da club I wrote on the SJR back when I was in law school for New Mexico magazine.

@redmanlaw: How many inches of rain do you get in a year? You get snowfall up there, yes?

ADD: In Santa Fe, I mean. I’ve only been to ABQ.

@JNOV: 14-15 in/year, mainly rain in the spring, July and September, plus snow from November-March. Up in the mountains, we got 10 feet of snow this year. They kept the ski area open until after Easter this year. We went every weekend from Christmas to April. Still hurting from a fall in January when I slammed my shoulder into the slope at a fairly good clip.

@redmanlaw: Ouch. Did you get it scoped? How’s Son of RML’s ankle? And did I read that Ms. RML is injured as well? You rugged folks need to take it easy…

Oh, JNOVJr’s roommate is cool as shit. He’s a skater and a soccer player. Roomie’s going to hook up Jr’s board from a milliondy years ago when he thought he was going to be the next Mark Gonzales. Okay — maybe that’s really my dream. Anyhooo, we’ll be taking Roomie snowboarding. Good times.

@JNOV: My doc, who’s seriously overweight and bitches about his plane he bought as a tax dodge but who is a friend from the Dean campaign, said to come back if it still hurt in six weeks. That was in May. Son of RML is back at the climbing gym. I set up a bike on a wind trainer for Mrs RML in the garage to get her some exercise while her sprain gets better.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Close. I’ll be at the Best Western in Bloomfield this weekend.

Blues/RnB great Clarence Gatemough Brown is from Flora Vista NM, just east of Farmington. I’d have the fucking blues, too, if I was from there.

Spent some time in the greater Shiprock/Waterflow/Farmington area as a clerk/baby lawyer with legal aid on the Rez back in the day. Very valuable, learned a lot and I don’t miss the area a fucking bit.

where am i??? scurrying around like a drowned rat (hmmm…)
we’ll get back to him.
taping windows, stockpiling water, collecting jugs of gas for the generator, dumping ice into coolers, fighting the mobs at the market, bringing everything that isn’t nailed down into the house. i’m so happy it veered north, i DID NOT want to be unprepared by something named earl…except for jason lee. so i’ve had intermittent power and now, a house full of deck furniture. i’m leaving it there too. we decided on one of the bathrooms for our panic room and filled it with supplies including a life jacket for bella, and a float to float the kitteh cages out on.
(this was tommies idea, i think, 2 years ago.)
gaston is a commin’. it’s deja vu all over again…ah! paradise!

da Rat is leaving sunday for 20 days in the holy land with the sabra whore, i’m imagining. he’s calling it “work” whatevs.
best news of all…evilmammy is back from haiti, the only mom i have that doesn’t have a penis. so i have a babysitter and companion to float away with. i am saving my panic stricken missives for later, don’t want anyone to get sick of me early. too late??

@Baked: you need to liveblog the hurricane season for us – is Gaston the one taking a bead on your island bits? Prom may get a foot or two of storm surge onto his deck from Earl.

you got it beesko…i’m your report from the caribbean, since no other news outlet can be bothered. even when it sounds like HEEEEEELLLP MEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!

@Benedick: Pack your bags

What’s the purpose of a tambourine, anyway?

@JNOV: to give Roger Daltrey an excuse to wear rawhide shirts?

@JNOV: On a drum kit, to make high hats in trip hop sound more spacey.

@baked: “Sabra Whores” will be Lindsay’s comeback vehicle if “Machete” takes off this weekend.

I misread the first line of this post as offering a Carolina Herrera theme.


Unless someone else does it ….


Sweet FSM, stay safe. Do you have scuba gear?

Fun fact – en español, the word sabrá may be translated as “he will know.”

@Dodgerblue: Oh man, that’s right!!
@ baked: Were you able to bring those planter containers inside the house? Or did you go ahead and harvest?

@¡Andrew!: @Dodgerblue: @redmanlaw: @Benedick: @SanFranLefty:

re crops
we secured them the best we could. they’re hidden between trees, which gives them some protection, and we tied them up. no way we could bring inside, they’re monstrous–10 feet tall!
we’re as secure as we can be. unless a category 5 hits us dead on. we had dinner last night with a lovely couple who insisted we were due. i wanted to stick a fork in their eyes, but i’m saving it for the istore, if the restraining order is lifted.
it’s so eerily hot here, the only computer time i have, when we have power, is 3-6 a.m. when it’s bearable to sit in the one place in the house that isn’t air conditioned.
now i have to catch up with my stinque news. i have to know what’s happening to you people too y’know.

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