Don’t Confuse My Demagoguery With The Facts

Two-thirds fewer illegal immigrants entered the country last year than crossed U.S. borders each year between 2000 and 2005, according to a new report by the Pew Hispanic Center. The total number of illegal immigrants living in the country has dropped by 8 percent to 11.1 million, down from a peak of 12 million in 2007.” [Yahoo]


BATS!!!!!! The bats are back!!! Four of them flying around outside. There is hope. First time I’ve seen them like this all summer.


That comment was definitely radically altered by the sidebar. It cut off just before “outside”, which made me wonder if somebody was having a Hunter S. Thompson moment. :)

Threadjack and appropo of nothing, here’s to cheap Bourbon! Ten High, I bought a handle, 1.75 liters, for $16.00, for making Manhattans. But I am drinking it on the rocks, and hey, there is nothing bad about it. Nothing notably good about it, but nothing bad. Its like watered-down Makers Mark, the same flavor profile, just less intense. Nice, cheap booze.

@Benedick: Its probably cruel, but I lure bats closer by throwing stones in the air, they will chase after the stones, you can get them flying around you, doing that. I love bats, and mice, and squirrels, and all the little creatures, I truly do.

@Promnight: Dammit, I want a martini now. Working on a memo after doing a school thing solo as interested dad tonight.

@Benedick: Next weekend we (and by that I obviously mean Mr Cyn) are building a bat house and a bat exclusion device for the chimney that will let them out but won’t let them back in. Hope they’ll then take up residence in the bat house.

Do you know about Benicia’s owl cam? They named the owls “Frida”and “Diego.” I bet Diego is a bastard.

ADD: Aw, hell. The owl cam is down.

ADDD: We were gone overnight, and one of my cats tried to move the accordion things that flank the window air conditioner so she could jump out the second-story window again. Now my apartment is home to many flying things that will probably land on me in the night. Do not want!

@Mistress Cynica: “To the Bat House, Robin!”

@JNOV: I saw where them two crazy kids were on the new 500 peso note.

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