Forever Swampsow

We just can’t get the festive out of us today, and now Chicago dentist William DeJean is joining in the fun, blowing five grand to produce this Hillary 2012 television ad that will run in New Orleans, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, and maybe Houston.

When asked why he put the ad up, DeJean told CNN Thursday that “I’m a dentist and I don’t think this country is headed in the right direction.”

And really, America, you don’t want Angry Dentists messing around inside your mouth.

Hillary Clinton for president ad hits airwaves [CNN, via Weigel]

Orly meet Bill. Bill meet Orly.

I predict they’ll make beautiful music together – if dentist drills make music.

There’s a teabagger dentist running for Congress here in AZ. Got Palin’s endorsement and everything.

Is there some sort of side effect to continuous exposure to nitrous oxide that causes this?

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Maybe he/she will battle Bill for Orly’s virtue – root canals at five paces.

if dentists have the money to do this we are paying them to damn much.

that is some seriously dated reflection mapped 3D animation there boy.

@Howdy: gave them our eye teeth, such as.

Oh and: Swampsow! Cankles! Iron My Shirt! Good times. Good times.

Did they enhance and whiten Hillary’s teeth in the ad?

@peggynooner: And another Wonketteer finds the Lost Tribe…

BREAKING (?): Early reports from Surfrider that oil has exploded off the Louisiana coast. No mention of loss of life or size of explosion.

Initially, I thought the first sentence in that ad said, “she has more experience working in and with most presidents”.

I need to start drinking more. Sobriety isn’t doing me any favors lately.

BLOOMFIELD NM – My motel room smells like Christianity.

Speaking of which, Jesusboy Tim Tebow fumbled his first snap in the Broncos-Vikings game tonight (got it on the radio), which the Vikes ran in for a TD. Thanks, asshole. Why hast thy God forsaken thee? 24-14 MIN at the end of the 3d, Bronx on the 1 ft line

Cowboys-Dolphins es en espanol on the teevee. 16-10 DAL, 3d Qtr

I’ll have a full fishing report tomorrow evening. Didn’t get the NRA discount on the room, but they cut me a deal. Staying over to fish Saturday AM per Mrs RML’s kindness, then back home.

@peggynooner: About fucking time you got yer ass over here, buddy!

@JNOV: CHAKA KHAN!!! at Oakland Gay Pride this weekend. Thought you’d want to know, seeing as how you’re Vice President of the Chaka Khan fan club…

@SanFranLefty: WOOT! Haha! I was in class Wednesday, and it was hottern balls. I had my hair down, and I was like, “Jeez, Guys! Are you hot, too, or is it just me? I guess this Chaka Khan hair isn’t helping any,” so I pulled a pony tail holder off my wrist and put my hair up in a weird semi-ponytail/bun thing while I was talking. They laughed. It was cool. Maybe they won’t stone me after all…

Damn. Why am I awake?

ADD: ZOMG! Yo Yo is gonna be there, too? You can’t play with my Yo Yo!

@JNOV: Damn, that shit is awesome. Is that real drums and real horns?

ADD: Comments say it’s an EWF sample, so they were real horns and drums at one time.

@redmanlaw: Haha! That was when Ice Cube and Dr. Dre had a falling out and left NWA — not sure if it was out that Easy-E was KNOWINGLY infecting the world with HIV. Asshole. I hope there is a hell.

Anyway, Yo Yo made me think of this old Salt n Pepa classic with the Original Spinderella, not that dumbass ho they got now. Oh, and then they got all plastic surgeried up, and one found Jesus or something.

But you gotta love them with En Vogue. Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man! He’s a mighty, mighty good man! Even if they let fakeass Spin “rap” on this one.

@redmanlaw: And if that was a serious question about the drums and horns, yes, they’re real, but they’re sampled from another song…

@JNOV: But they started that airline after that, right?

@redmanlaw: Oh, and you can always free your mind, and your ass will follow. ;-)

ADD: I seriously need those CFM boots.

@redmanlaw: Haha! Too funny! Fucking Easy-E. I HATE that bastard! I’m still down with hatin’ on the coppers, though.

ADD: I never noticed this before, but Snoop makes a cameo wearing a weed trucker hat around 4:00. Dre points right at him.

ADDD: Well, I guess it’s not a cameo cuz he was unknown at the time.

ADDDD: D’oh! It’s not an official video. They ripped video from Straight Outta Compton. Pfft.

Okay. Time for DJJNOV to try to sleep. But I do miss Lisa Left Eye Lopes and her condom awareness AND humanitarian work. R&B Kick Ass Wymmymnz! I don’t want no scrub.

@nojo: @SanFranLefty: Thank you! I took a wrong turn somewhere, what did I miss?

@peggynooner: US ‘Merikah elected a black man president, few other things happened. Guess you missed getting drafted into Homofascist’s Army.

@Benedick: ooh, bright shiny things!
@SanFranLefty: never drafted, never served. I did work the resistance for awhile, however.

@Nojo: then Unicorn won the nomination then he started disappointing a few people but the alternative was unthinkable.

Wow, I didn’t miss anything , did I?

OK, amigos, discuss: would Hillary have done a better job as Pres, so far, than Barak? You can tell the level of my disappointment in him by the fact that I even typed those words.

I dunno. I think she wouldn’t have had the leverage to push through the lukewarm HCR through Congress thanks to her 93-94 defeat.

We’d probably see a lot of the same things from her as Barry (the caving and the compromises.) I don’t know how she would have handled the economic mess. If anything, I give Barry decent marks for what he did. Hilsbot seems to me the type to freak out in a crisis (and not because she’s a female either… just that personality of the controlling type.)

Probably fewer Teabaggers and less crazy, but only a little. Faux and gang would have done everything under the sun to kick her around and it would be worse as racism is a much tougher emotional charge to deflect than sexism. It still amuses me how fast Teabaggers ran as soon as their racism bugaboo popped up (emails etc.) Sexism, not so much.


Nope, no buyer’s remorse here. Ditto what Manchu said. And by now Bill probably would have done something (i.e. take a speaking fee from a convicted felon or foreign dictator, stick his dick somewhere it doesn’t belong) to completely undermine her presidency.

@peggynooner: Welcome to the fold!
@nojo: See? You should’ve put the word swampsow or cankles in a headline long ago–it’s like a pheromone to wonketteers!

@Dodgerblue: No. Hillary’s cojones, IMHO, do not match Barry’s. He has waffled on somethings, true, not the least of which deal with the gheyz, but he does not act in the same way of the Clintonian Calculus, triangulating every move and watering everything down. In many ways, he’s given what southerners could term a “come to Jesus” talk to the nation (more or less, “look, you better do this or else,” is the translation), and has stated explicitly what the country needs to do — and has said it’s not going to be easy.

@SanFran: we’d be talking about secret lesbians and Show Us The Birth Certificate (for Chelsea).

In the Teabagger talking points, Obama : Muslim :: Hillbot : Lesbian.

We’d have Rep. Boenher proclaiming, “She’s not a lesbian…as far as I know…” and only Michael Bloomberg with the principles to stand up for the right of lesbians to build a bondage club two blocks from the WTC site.

@peggynooner: Super-Secret commenting trick: Click the arrow button to get the automated @ reply.

Unless you’re using mobile. In which case you’re Stinque Out of Luck.

@Dodgerblue: No. Different. Not better. She would have had the same forces ranged against her only their inflection would have changed. Lesbian = Black. Plus there would have been Bill.

@Dodgerblue: They’re the same, mostly ’cause Daddy O jettisoned his progressive campaign team and installed all these horrid ghouls from the Clintonian Empire. The Clintons invented these double-dealing, back-stabbing, fold-first, corporate supremacist strategies that Barry is employing with totally predictable (lack of) suck-sess.

It’s a good thing Barry enjoys bipartisanship with Republicans, ’cause next year he may be testifying under oath during his impeachment trial about which part of Kenya he was born in, and which one of the Weathermen trained him to blow up AmeriKKKa.

@Benedick: Did Hillary order the hit on Vince Foster? America demands justice!


He didn’t pay his cocaine bill–he had to go.

@¡Andrew!: Well, that’s my take also. The thrill is gone.


Still love Mish-O though, even after she and Sasha flew around España in a gold-plated helicopter laughing uncontrollably and throwing fistfulls of hundred dollar bill$ out the window.

@Dodgerblue: It was only symbolic, but it’s been all downhill since Rick Warren.


The “oh shit!” moment for me was like two days after the election when he named Rahm Chief of Staff. That nasty sumbitch has had it in for liberals for nearly two decades.

@peggynooner: Well well well…back for more I see, with your booze and your dope. Well, let me tell you, Broadway doesn’t go for booze and dope!

We do though. Nice to see you.


Hillary would have been stuck in the same rut. He really hasn’t been a bad president per se, just not one that is doing things our way.

@Tommmcatt: We should give him credit for trying everything… except what actually works.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: No, can’t quite call him bad, but his adoption and enhancement of nasty Bush national-security policies makes it a close call.


Which is why I say he isn’t doing things our way. History has proven our way works.

@¡Andrew!: I really didn’t fret about the post-election appointments, although as Nooner noticed, I did mention them at the time.

I honestly thought Obama needed a bastard on his team, and I figured he might take advantage of the knowledge he was hiring, but steer it in a better direction.

I’m so adorable.

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