And Today’s Chuck Barris Award Goes To…

We haven’t been paying much attention to all the resume-padding going on among candidates this year — then again, we haven’t been reminded before of our favorite Game Show God. Meet Colorado GOP gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes:

A statement he wrote on his campaign website that was later removed said: “At one point in my 2 years there I was place (sic) undercover by the Kansas Bureau of Investigations (sic) to gather information inside a bookmaking ring that was also allegedly selling drugs. I got too close to some significant people in the community who were involved in these activities and abruptly was dismissed from my position. I was blindsided and stunned to say the least.”

So was the director of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, who can’t find any record of Maes in the archives.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Maes backs off claims of undercover police work [Denver Post, via TPM]

Hombre Secreto!

BTW, “Maes” is a not uncommon Hispanic surname here in New Mexico (pronounces “My-ezz”), but by friend who works for Biden who used to be a Big Deal in Denver says this guy is as non-ethnic as they come.

He should have gone with “I was on loan from the CIA”. Worked for Steven Seagal… and he works for Osama bin Laden. ;)

Happy News TJ:
Okay, this made my coal heart soften, and I believe that Flippin’ was the person who introduced us to Donors Choose.

@Lefty: awesome. I know Colbert was shilling for them for awhile. as well.’

Well, this ‘splains it all:
The city of Liberal confirmed Maes worked there as a police officer from Sept. 21, 1983, to July 12, 1985.

He was a Liberal cop, so it’s a liberal plot.

“Liberal rubbish.”
– from the Dead Bishop on the Landing sketch

I always think these posts are about Chuck Berry.

Sam Rockwell was naked in that movie.

What were we talking about?

here’s a chuck barris award for ya:

sit down nojo.
the other day i had a phone conversation with….wait for it…

“c’mon let’s all get happeeeee!”

yes. her name is sue. long convoluted story about how i came to be speaking to her, which doesn’t really matter
(she wants me to work for her, a mutual friend made her call me) and now…i’m being harassed by mrs. partridge. i’m taking it until danny bonaduce’s wife comes up with something better.

@SanFranLefty: Wish I could take credit for that, but I’m not familiar with Donors Choose so it’s highly unlikely I introduced it to anyone. But thanks for the warm fuzzies from the story! It’s nice to have a change-up from furry critters and Jon Hamm once in a while.

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