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Oh, and let’s call this a Mission Accomplished Again Open Thread while we’re here.


Caribou Barbie: keeping projection classy since 2008!

“As commander-in-chief, I’m incredibly proud of their service.”

Except for, y’know, the fruity ones.

“We have met our responsibilities.”

Palin’s not wrong about Orwell. Just the application.

“As was the case in Iraq, we can’t do for Afghans what they must ultimately do for themselves.”

Well, that’s enough bombing. Here are the keys!

Slips in that his grandfather fought in WWII. Google searches for “Muslim Brigade” skyrocket.

That’s all, folks! No, you didn’t miss anything.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: I was going to skip it entirely, until Talibunny provided a last-minute excuse. Wasn’t expecting content, didn’t hear any.

Can someone please take a shit on Talibunny’s face? Hundreds of thousands dead. Millions displaced. Tens of thousands maimed and driven mad. And it’s all about playing mean girl on fucking Twitter.


I will if you supply the toilet paper. I will not waste good asskerchiefs of my own on that woman.

@Nojo: this is one evening when I was perfectly content to allow my hosts to switch from Bedbug Update to some quirky BritCom about a doctor on PBS without even an aside about the CiC’s speech.

Okay, to be fair, they are also providing food and wine to go along with the free lodging and wi-fi.

Now we’re supposed to believe she’s read Eric Blair.

The snowbilly grifter’s notoriety is fading, you all, you know it, we pay more attention to her than anyone else but her mouth-breathing worshippers. The Beck-a-palooza was a fail, sure, people showed up, but for what? Thats the takeaway from that circus, Beck got a lot of people to show up, but for what, some mealy-mouthed, dogwhistle racism and an odd religious sermon by a TV personality.

That Beck, he is Howard Beal come to life, and even crazier. And already, this whole teaparty nonsense is crashing, I can feel it, its declining.

@Promnight: Promster, you heard me thinking about you. I just came back from the kitchen with an ICED LEINENKUGEL! Forgive me, I omitted the used can of Dextron II! Got like a pound of ice in a used clear-plastic iced coffee cup. Yeah, tres fucking yuppie.

@FlyingChainSaw: the stuff is nectar, man, nectar, only surpassed by the kriek lambic, which is just orgasmic.

@FlyingChainSaw: Lindemans, Belgian, sold in 750 ml wine bottles, expensive, but so worth it.

@Promnight: Well, despite Pam Geller’s best efforts, we wouldn’t have known about the Not Ground Zero Not Mosque without Palin tweeting it up. And the Teabaggers have succeeded in pulling the Repugs to the right — whether that’s also off a cliff, we won’t really know until November.

Too soon to write them all off, despite their enduring entertainment value. (Bristol on DWTS? Count me in!) They’re not going to take over the country, but it’s still within their power to fuck things up.

@Promnight: Yes, seen it among others. I like the cassis. Had a couple of draft krieks in Amsterdam and Brussels that were very nice, indeed. This stuff, though, has its own appeal. I walk right by the Lindemans. But it’s summer. Let’s see how I assess the relative opportunities for fruit-fortified refreshment in the fall.

@nojo: Nojo, they scare the shit out of me, because they are an “apple pie and Fourth of July” populism movement, that is, in the end, the ladies auxilliary of the KKK and the John Birch Society. Not in literal connections, but this is “purity of the race” movement, and though they are such nice people that they won’t even think it, consciously, much less say it, but fundamentally, when they say “restore honor” and “Take our Country Back,” they mean, restore white christian male rule, and reject the black muslim president.

They are a crazy whackjob minority, but the thing is, their enthusiasm for their vague cause is so extreme, it will affect voter turnout to decide elections, in this 50-50 state we are in.

I fear the effect of this nativism, racist right populist movement, its horrifying to me.

But, still, I think Sarah has jumped the shark, which is a small positive step.

This here song just came on the radio, and the only reason I ever listen to the radio, is to be surprised, its boring to listen to a playlist that you put together, you know whats coming.

So anyway, this comes on:

And you know, I am a sucker for overproduced 70s bubblegum music.

@FlyingChainSaw: FCS, seriously, if you see the Lindemans Kriek Lambic, buy it, drink it, this is the one that totally opened my eyes to fruit-flavored wheat beers, before this, I thought that was just girly shit, but the first sip I had of the Lindemans, I knew, this is an entirely new world of flavor and sensation, something as worthy of appreciation as the finest wines, this Lindemans is amazing, made me stop and gasp for breath.

@Promnight: Palin jumped the shark when she quit, but yes. Her influence is limited, but very intense.

And yes, it’s all about GOTV this year. (Not my favorite acronym, but you get used to it.) That, and the economy. Which still sucks. And the healthcare “accomplishment” doesn’t kick in for years, so you don’t have a life-is-better argument there.

What’s left? Vote Dem! We May Sell You Out, But We’re Not Batshit Crazy!

Good luck with that.

@Promnight: Oh, I know, I have and I like it. But I think the Lindemans cassis lambic is interesting in its own right, as well. My local liquor store carries all that and the Leinenkugel. You ever tried the peach?

@FlyingChainSaw: I haven’t tried the peach, and I am very tempted by it every time I see it. And on your recomendation, I will be trying the cassis.
I have a large family gathering to attend, this weekend. Saddest thing about growing older, to me has to do with the family gatherings. When my father was alive, every one of my 5 siblings, and all their childdren, would gather at an event where he was present. Since he died, 5 years ago, the whole family has never gathered, my siblings have their own children and grandchildren, and they have their family parties.

But this weekend, my mom turns 87, and everyone is going to gather for her, for a weekend barbecue type party. I am gonnna bring a bunch of fruit-flavored wheat beers and have fun making people open their eyes to new and wonderful things.

@FlyingChainSaw, Promnight: I love the peach. Can’t get enough of it. It’s tough to come by in my neck of the woods, though. That flavor routinely sells out in my favorite stores.

@Promnight: Don’t even mention that they’re special. Just pack the Dextron II can with ice and the leinenkugel and do the beergasm thing and, while you’re rubbing your gut and belching savagely, let them pick at the cooler and discover for themselves.

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