Self-Hagiography Will Make You Go Blind

We understand that political ads are onanistic by nature, but dayum, Cantor must have cramped his wrist on this one.

[via ThinkProgress]

Eric Cantor is a “Young Gun”?

That’s it. I have my virginity back.

Why does twitter keep asking me to log in when I visit Stinque today?

ADD: or when I post a comment?

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: Twitter? We’re not using one of those newfangled fancy logins. Burn your browser to the ground and get a new one.

He and his friends are always going on and on and on and on and on about how it’s rich people who create jobs, not Washington. Why isn’t he bitching about rich people?

Cantor only qualifies as a “young gun” among his colleagues. The national median age is 36.7.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle:

The call him that because he never loses at Soggy Biscuit over at C-Street. ;)

@al2o3cr: I had to look that up. Quite educational, this site.

Cantor’s like a bad gun. Lots of misfires and jams.

T/J: I got a Kindle. I’m very happy with it so far.

@ManchuCandidate: Could be the ammo. My Ruger 22/45 hates hollow points, whereas my Ruger 10/22 carbine will shoot even the lowest grade trash all day long.

I have wondered about Cantors wrists.

T/J: Zsa Zsa may have croaked. Word has it that her husband called TMZ right after he called 911.

@Dodgerblue: Wonder how much he’ll get for the photos.

ADD: After calling 911? That’s true love.

@Dodgerblue: Suicide by cop in a liquor store hold up. Her last words were “don’t send any family men, dahlink.” Died on the sidewalk holding her CZ 75 and a bottle of gin like a fucking pro.

ADD: Even better – she was packing a Skorpion Vz.61 machine pistol.

@Mistress Cynica: He’s a fake German prince. It’s all about publicity, except for the money part.

@Dodgerblue: Man, pointy helmets used to mean something at one time.

@Mistress Cynica: In that neighborhood, TMZ has a faster response time.

@Walking Still: I’ve been to the UCLA emergency room many times courtesy of my Mom, may she rest in peace. From Beverly Hills, it’s a straight shot west on Wilshire, right turn on Westwood Blvd, right on Lindbrook, driveway is on your left.

@Dodgerblue: How did we exist before Urban Dictionary dot Com?
@Benedick: What the fuck is that?

@Benedick: Somehow, Young Gun Dentistry doesn’t comfort me.

@nojo: @Benedick: You mean they’re not Republicans?

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