Let the Bedbugs Bite

The new York Times has a fascinating article on the sudden return of the common bedbug after an apparent absence of 40 nearly years. It is an engaging read, very educational and loaded with information on this curious creature (did you know that unlike cockroaches or mosquitoes, bedbugs are not known to spread disease?)

But the most fascinating moment in the article (for yours truly) comes when we learn about the laboratory strain upon which most research is performed. And what’s most interesting about this strain, probably, is the way it has been lovingly cultivated by a dedicated, nameless Army researcher:

The classic bedbug strain that all newly caught bugs are compared against is a colony originally from Fort Dix, N.J., that a researcher kept alive for 30 years by letting it feed on him.

Your’e welcome, Stinquers. Not stop complaining about your job and get back to work… SLACKERS!!!


Feast! Feast, my precious! Mwahahahahahahahaha! Feast, my babies! Hahahahaha! Sucker harder, my precious! Bwahahahahahaha! Take your fill! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

I met a “researcher” once who insisted that crabs were her way of saying I love you.

@Nabisco: A gift from a friend? the doctor asked.

@FCS: Doc: “you have head lice. No, the /other/ head.”

@Nabisco: Its embarrassing when one of them crawls out of your eyebrow while you’re talking to someone. Stockton College is known for its crabs.

Remedy for crabs: shave one-half of your chest. Light the other half on fire. Stab the crabs with an icepick as they crawl across.

Apparently, washing with gasoline works…

But don’t do both remedies at the same time.

You’ll all be pleased to hear that I’ve come across a solution to the feelings of nausea induced by the above picture and description: Jon Hamm pretteh.

Unrelated (well, apart from a shared connection to creepy-crawly things that suck):

Glenn Beck starts his own news site

Given the slang meaning of “blaze”, does this mean Glenn will finally share what he’s been smoking? ;)

@mellbell: You wanted to get somewhere so badly
You had to lose yourself along the way
You change a name but that`s okay
It`s necessary
And what you leave behind
You don`t miss anyway

“Gone” by U2

You hurt yourself you hurt your lover
Then you discover
What you thought was freedom is just greed

Would you feel better or worse about the colony had it been kept alive on the blood of rats? How about puppies?

Seems like an oddly ethical choice to me.

@mellbell: Hey, he looks just like me, the lucky guy.

@Bene: So, Prommie is Jon Hamm!?

@Al2o3r: The WaPo was clearly beating up on Speck for his Mormon/non-trad Jeebusy cred. I would /love/ it if he got into a pisschrist match with the Overlords of Xtian Faith.

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