Expect a Miracle

“Something miraculous is going to happen on Saturday.” —Glenn Beck

  • Rain.
  • Lincoln rises from his pedestal, kicks ass, takes names.
  • Freak cosmic vortex swaps in crowd from 1963.

  • Massive Rapture pile-up prevents bulk of crowd from reaching Heaven in time.
  • Signs for the Red Line switched with the Yellow Line.
  • Beck delivers a Cross of Goldline speech.
  • Pandemonium erupts when shark fin spotted in Reflecting Pool.
  • World’s Greatest Pie Fight breaks out.
  • The Nationals beat the Cardinals.
  • The Earth opens up, swallows everyone there, and we never hear from them again.
Your Guide To Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ Rally: No Signs, More Security [TPM]

-the world’s first ever Rascal traffic jam

-records sales of US America flagged Depends

-Beck might actually say something smart

Must we think about this? Do we really need to give the rest of the world more reasons to think we’re ridiculous? Even Canadians pity us.

honor this Glen

yesterday I had the groomer make the doggie bears twins. in this video the last dog to have a close up is Daisy who now looks exactly like her brother.
in this video you can see better what she looked like before. she has hair sort of like a retriever.

they are so cute in their matching outfits!!!

You won’t hear this on an Amurkan news program — they’re too busy covering Beckapalooza.

FOX NOOZ has already written a review of today’s happenings Beckafoolloosah (apologies, KM); they wrote it yesterday. Oops!

I would, but we have our megalomaniac deluded fat ass as PM.

I’m seriously thinking about liveblogging this shit. (Since they took away my honest-to-God cartoon violence, with no Warner Bros. cartoons on Saturday in favor of bland CGI bullshit, there’s nothing else on.)

Any interest from y’all for such thing?

@chicago bureau: I appreciate your fortitude but I don’t think I could take it.

Anyone been to Iceland? Should I base myself in the south or head for the fjords in the west?

@Benedick: Are you teaming up with Bjork on a new musical?

@Benedick: Fjords and kæstur hákarl. Seriously. And please take a picture of your face when you’re eating it. The kæstur hákarl.

@SanFranLefty: He’d look awesome in a swan dance belt.

@JNOV: I agree as to the fjords. In addition, there are some very cool (in both senses) caves with ice stalactites and stalagmites in the west – assuming global warming hasn’t gotten them. I think they are the Lofthellir caves.

The big geothermal pools – yes, they are named Blue Lagoon – are very much the happening scene.

I found no good food.

@Walking Still: I’ve wanted to go there for a very long time. I need to choose between the south and the western fjords. Not enough time to do both this visit. Bad food doesn’t bother me – I’m a Brit – but I won’t eat dead stuff unless it’s fish – also a hypocrite. The fjords have puffins and cliffs: the south has the Thing and sites of the sagas. I just bought a new version close to 800 pages. I know I want to walk a lot but draw the line at tents. Probably too cold now anyway.

@JNOV: The OH doesn’t know it yet but this might well be our new home.

@Benedick: I found the south a bit boring. The black sand beaches were very nice, but the overall landscape was a little bit tame.

The west is definitely wilder. I’d suggest a guided tour or two to help you get to the good stuff. We hit the backcountry with a really wonderful guide in a small SUV with four wheel drive. He took us onto a glacier, to the place where the tectonic plates are spreading, and to the aforementioned caves all on one long day trip out of Reykjavik.

We stayed in Reykjavik, which is basically southwest, and worked well as a base for exploration (as well as access to Blue Lagoon). I’m sure there are other ways to do it.

You don’t want to do tents.

@Walking Still: Did you go as far as Vik? I’m also thinking of just staying in Reykjavik and making trips. Any tips appreciated. I know I want to walk.

@Benedick: Our tour of the south got us to Vik, then turned around. Vik has a tacky in a good way tourist trap – Ms. Still picked up a great sweater there – and black sand beaches infested with zillions of puffins. It was the high point of the tour of the south. There are also a couple of nice waterfalls in the south.

Using Reykjavik as a base of operations worked well for us. It really is the best access point to the western side of Iceland. When we were there in 2005, there weren’t a lot of options on the west side.

Our trip was not so much a walking trip, so I don’t really have specific advice on that (and all of my specifics are five years out of date anyway). My one general piece of advice is to find people who like to take small groups to beautiful places, then see if you can get a trip either designed or adapted to meet you desires.

At this time of year, the guides should be eager for business. We were there in July and, on our back country trip, the guide had me, Ms. Still and on newly-minted doctor from Wimbledon as the only paying customers. If you stay in a tourist hotel in Reykjavik, there is a good chance they can connect you with someone who will take you where you want to go.


Where are a flight of F-18s loaded with WP and napalm when you need them.

(Wait…did I just say that out loud?)

@pinkoscum: Wait…did I just say that out loud?

You did, and now Malkin is going to use you against us.


Wish she would. Wouldn’t mind the publicity.

@Walking Still: Thanks for that. I won’t get there till Oct 5 so it’s out of season entirely and I’m thinking quite a few attractions will be closed. I don’t care. I’m beginning to think the fjords might be too much this time and Reykjavik might be the best option. I’m reading guides.

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