Bloggers Keep Out of the 215

Look out JNOV, the City of Philadelphia is demanding that all bloggers based in the City of Brotherly Love hock up $300 a year for the privilege of writing a blog – even if the blog makes no money.

[Philadelphia CityPaper: Pay Up]


Jeff Greene loses Florida Senate primary, sparing me the trouble of catching up on all those naughty Jeff Greene stories that seemed to amuse everybody else.

Anyone else getting the “so you want to marry a Muslim” not-the-MSNBC ad?

I love the Four Tops, but what the fuck is up with the fucking glockenspiel?

Rick Scott wins Florida GOP guv nomination, Palin scores another endorsement flop. Aren’t there Mama Grizzlies in the Everglades? Could have sworn I saw that on TV growing up.

@mellbell: Listening to them now on a rather finely tuned sound system and never noticed it before as I experienced the literature before usually through stolen drive-in speakers wired to a third-hand car radio. The session players are all really competent and all the orchestrations restrained and tasteful – except for the fact that the arranger will toss in a glockenspiel to drive me nuts. You can never really get them into tune with an ensemble. Yuck.


The Scott thing is disgusting – apparently he’s ALREADY spent $50 million just to get the nomination. On the upside, if he’s elected I’m sure he’ll have no difficulty catching all the Medicare scammers…

@al2o3cr: Forget it, Ruby, it’s Florida.

@karen marie: I’m getting an AOL ad–did I wake up in 1995?

Psychogeezer wins! Son of Potatoehead not yet reported.

@al2o3cr: Here’s TPM’s take, for those just joining us:

The mainstream Republican party had a reason to fear Scott. He carries with him the baggage of the $1.7 billion in federal fines leveled against his company, Columbia HCA, for Medicare fraud. Plus he’s extremely conservative, which could be a tough sell in a general election fight.

So, on the one hand, he can buy a wingnut primary. But can he carry a general? Even in Florida?

Psychogeezer wins 2-1. CNN pretending like it was close.

Potatoe Jr. leading close four-way. Or is that his website?

@nojo: Technically it’s a ten-way, but six are just watching.

Teabaggers’ guide to the safe zones of DC for the Glen Beck book burning rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

And, in Sport, speaking of Filthydelphia, Jamie’s Astros beat the Phillies in 16 innings. The Giants are spanking the Reds – 16 to 5 in the bottom of the 7th inning.

57 percent in, [insert convoluted Murphy Brown reference] still leading by 4 points.

Sigh. I was thisclose to getting hired back over there. No chance now.

On the closest thing to a bright side I have right now, my girl is leading her race for AG.

@nojo: It looks like he’s gonna win.

@SanFranLefty: I love you so much. Just reading the good news about my Astros is making me cry.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I think you should run in that race as the Democrat. Srsly. For realz.

I was so stoked about the Astros game! Even though I cheer for the Giants nowadays, there’s something about the exposure to the ’70s burnt orange and yellow Astros uniforms at an impressionable age that makes one a lifetime fan.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Looks like it. 80 percent in, same 4-point lead all night.

Jesus, my kingdom for a pint of gelato and a floor fan! It was between 98 and 106 today in Ess Eff depending on who you ask, and it’s still in the mid-80s tonight with no breeze. I’m about to go to the 24 hour Safeway in the Castro to see if they have any fans still for sale.

Or I need to pour some more myself more vodka out of the bottle in the freezer.

Speaking of vodka, where has PromNight been lately?

@SanFranLefty: Too late to run as a Dem. And probably more difficult to run as an Independent given their registration numbers.

Seriously, I’m so mentally and physically exhausted I don’t know what to do with myself. There’s just so much running through my mind right now I doubt I’ll get any sleep.

On the bright side, the first Navajo to run for statewide office just won his primary.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Oh, darling, try to get some rest so you don’t run yourself any more ragged. Easier said than done, I know. Maybe a little nom-nom-noming at the Daily Puppy website can help calm your mind.

Very cool re: the AZ Secretary of State primary. So if Talibunny appoints Jan Brewer to be Ambassador to Mexico in 2013, he’ll take the Governor slot? /I joke, I don’t want to get you all amped up again…

@SanFranLefty: As much as I would love that, the GOP nominee has more name ID and teh honkeez understand nothing about Native Americans. For example, the then-speaker of the state House asked for this AG opinion regarding an Indian’s ability to serve on a state commission. This is how they think.

you tease me with big news in illya, to be uncovered TUESDAY night.
wednesday a.m. here…i didn’t even get napolean solo…what’s up with THAT, NOJO??? i just slogged through tuesday trifles and NUTHIN.


Er. Must see if this applies to peoples outside Philly proper. Fucking Nutter is a douchebag.

Apparently Philly is also the second most bed bug infested city in the US. NYC gets top honor

@JNOV: Congratulations on the runner-up position, there’s always next year or the head lice competition….


@baked: In Sunday’s episode of Mad Man, ten-year-old Sally Draper is caught touching herself while watching Man from U.N.C.L.E.

@nojo: did her psycho mother catch her?

@chainsaw: I’m afraid bloggers can’t throw batteries with the skill baseball fans can.

@Lefty: man, I remember those lice checks! And, yes, had it TWICE! Kwell to the rescue.

@JNOV: Deliciously complex. Sally was at a friend’s slumber party, alone in the den, and the friend’s mom walked in on her.

Add 1964 suburban sexual discomfort and stir.

@nojo: Man, I’m really missing TV (and free time) right now. I’m going to catch up on MM soon, and if you do another After Dark (ahem, some people here–not you, nojo–really fell down on the job on the sex-toy thread), mebbe we can create anon accounts and talk about the most embarrassing places we were caught (or almost caught) rubbing one out…

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