Tripp is an Anchor Baby

“Bristol Palin — the teen mother whose turbulent relationship with her son’s father has added a soap-opera subplot to her mother Sarah’s political career — will speak Sept. 8 on behalf of a home for single mothers in Louisville. Palin, 19, will receive $14,000 to speak at a benefit at the Louisville Marriot Downtown.” [Louisville Courier-Journal, via Political Wire]


In case the above doesn’t piss you off enough:

A federal judge has temporarily blocked President Obama’s plan to expand stem-cell research. The decision from U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth says that the plaintiff, Nightlight Christian Adoptions, should be allowed to air its argument in court. The NCA argues that the new funding for stem-cell research will decrease the number of embryos available for adoption.

@Mistress Cynica: You can adopt embryos? I know that they’re available to infertile couples via egg donors and such (and don’t think I’m not aware that I’m running out of time to make a few thou by letting those otherwise useless suckers be harvested), but I guess I thought the embryos were, I don’t know, bought? Adoption hardly seems the accurate term for that.

And on a side note, do you think that I can go and adopt an embryo? Not to have implanted and grow into a fetus, mind you, but just to have in a little petri dish on my desk. Like a paperweight…or sea monkeys.

$14K for forgetting to tell Levi to put on a condom?

I thought RW wingnuts hated single moms because they were the cause of impotence, disease, crop failures, taxes, poor people, abortion, taxes, why their wife is ugly, why their kids are stupid, why Ronnie Raygun got Alzheimers, AIDs and Taxes. Oh right… only white RW single moms are okay.

@flippin eck: Oh yes, remember the “snowflake babies” at the stem cell hearings? I actually don’t think you can sell them, though you can sell your eggs if you don’t mind shooting yourself full of hormones and increasing your risk of ovarian cancer. Once they’ve been fertilized, they can be “donated” for “adoption” and only the doctor gets a hefty fee.

@ManchuCandidate: Bristol Palin, Wingnut Welfare Queen.

This line from the article says so much about all concerned:

Smith said Bristol Palin, who has become a speaker advocating sexual abstinence before marriage, is relatively inexpensive compared to other speakers the group considered, such as conservative talk-radio host Laura Ingraham.

Why they don’t drive over to the Do Drop Inn and pick up some other single mom to speak for $100 is beyond me. It’s not like anybody would actually recognize Bristol Palin.

@Mistress Cynica: It reminds me of those bars that can’t sell you a combined vodka and Red Bull drink, but they can sell you a shot of vodka and a Red Bull side-by-side.

@flippin eck: I finally tried one of those, in my last nights in Lotuslandia. Tasty.

@Dave H: 80s punk/rock lyric reference of the day: “The Aorta Bar: Detroit’s Main Vein”

@flippin eck: True story: I took an embryo in formaldehyde to science class in fifth grade. Turned out Teach was an early adopter of both pro-life and creationism. It did not end well for young Nabisco.

Has anyone but me wondered how come there were no pictures of an allegedly pregnant Sarah Palin when see allegedly carried Trig to term before she allegedly gave birth to Trig? It seems that the prolife, family values party would have plastered the walls and stalls of the good ole USA with every photo available of Sarah Palin pregnant and being a supermom while she didn’t carry her gubernatorial duties to full term. You know, you gotta vote for Sarah, being able to half way govern while bearing a child and all instead of that muslim abortionist. Seeing how she plays the pity card every time her antics receive just criticism, it seems the pregnancy angle and pictures for proof would suit her even better. You know, you’re not supposed to fuck with a pregnant women no matter how fucked up she is. Where oh where are the pictures of pregnant Sarah?

@jwmcsame: Andrew Sullivan has been ranting discussing this very thing for most of my adult life quite some time.

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