Tim Pawlenty, The Reasonable Republican

We have a rule about these things: You only get a mention if your demagoguery is above and beyond other demagoguery, and so moves the demagoguery forward. Granted, Newt already won the Godwin’s Cup for being the first to invoke Hitler, but you also get a mention if your demagoguery is a personal best:

Add Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) to the list politicians with selective memory about Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s global outreach on behalf of the United States.

Pawlenty, a presidential hopeful for 2012, appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” last night to decry Obama’s support for the Islamic cultural center proposed by Rauf’s Cordoba House at a site two blocks from Ground Zero. He also criticized the State Department for sending Rauf on a diplomatic mission to the Middle East, saying that was “disgusting” and “dangerous.”

“To have him be the leader not just of this mosque but to hire him through the State Department and send him around the world on our behalf is ridiculous,” Pawlenty told Sean Hannity. “It is quite quite dangerous, quite concerning.”

Pawlenty isn’t the first to bring up the Sinister Background of the Ground Zero Imam, nor is he the first to forget that the Ground Zero Imam also conducted Disgusting and Dangerous diplomatic forays for the Bush Administration.

But Pawlenty’s brazen efforts to become the Non-Polygamous Mitt Romney show a newfound spunk that we have no choice but to applaud. He’ll make a worthy veep on the Palin 2012 ticket.

Tim Pawlenty Says ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Imam’s Outreach ‘Disgusting’ And ‘Dangerous’ [TPM]

not that anyone here cares but there appears to be a Blago verdict.
we have not heard it yet but its a comin

@Capt Howdy: And while we’re off-subject, the DeLay post I never got around to yesterday should have mentioned that he only beat the Fed rap. State charges remain in place.

@Capt Howdy: NY Times reports a verdict has been reached. No word as to thumbs up or down.

and appear a bit more of a speedbump supposedly

One of Sully’s helper monkeys linked to a fairly exhaustive list of descriptions of the proposed location of Cordoba House the Ground Zero Mosque Park 51. Reading it very quickly brought to mind the “anywhere a mouse can go” rule for remembering prepositions: away, on, at, near…

Guilty on one count of lying to the FBI. Deadlocked on other 23 counts.

Guilty on one @%$!^# count! Are you kidding me??

@Walking Still: I just want to know WTF that jury has been doing for 14 days. Giving each other mani/pedis? Playing Truth or Dare? Penny poker? Having orgies?

@flippin eck:
apparently they have been arguing with the one or two holdouts.

@Capt Howdy: That’s a likely hypothesis when a verdict comes down this way. If it was more evenly divided (or leaning towards acquittal) one would expect convictions on no counts.

At some point it devolves down to the majority saying to the holdout(s) “well, you’ve got to at least admit he lied when he said …”

I thought that the punchline to this post was going to be that Pawlenty went on the State Department tour with the iman. It would be interesting to see if any Republicans joined him on that outreach trip to the Middle East.

@Capt Howdy: @Walking Still: You were right. I’m not surprised, just annoyed. But I guess it’s proper due process, blah blah blah…

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