Hole in One

As much as Barry might be pissing most of us off with his “recalibration” of his remarks on the separation of church and state or his calculated change in his position on gay marriage from that of ten years ago, let’s take a step back and just enjoy this moment of a kinda-dorky/kinda-cool dad sincerely celebrating when his awesome daughter Sasha made a hole-in-one on the first hole of a miniature golf course during their photo-op visit to the Florida Panhandle.

Even that lump of coal I call my cynical heart melted a little bit at this.

Let’s just say I don’t think PsychoGeezer would have been doing this with his kids. Oh, and fashionistas, if you check this photo out which I can’t seem to copy over to Stinque’s servers, don’t you love Shelley’s sandals?

Sweet dreams, darlings.


Oh, I cannot wear any footwear that separates my first two toes. I like the sandals; I couldn’t wear them.

Damn. Why am I up?

Miniature golf is a great metaphor for how Barry’s running this country. Or not. DOMA, DODT, Prop 8, 1st Am issues, Guantanamo, Iraq, Afghanistan, economy in the shitter (<– not nec. his fault, but POTUS gets credit and blame for the economy)…tell me. Which issue is that fucking windmill?

Did he ever have a set of balls, you know, not the mini golf candy-colored ones?

@JNOV: To the degree that the Stimulus was a failure of will, he owns the consequences.

Yes, yes, gotta get such things past the Senate. But that Inevitable Compromise can always wait until the third or fourth move, instead of being a precondition for even bringing up the subject.

And say, how’s that Warren nomination coming along?

All that said, comparison must also be made to Swampsow. Despite everything, I still think Barry comes out better than the available alternatives.

@nojo: It always boils down to the “alternatives argument,” and I’m not sure that’s really the standard I want to apply to my president. The lesser of two or more evils? Sure. But I want more. Maybe I’m just greedy.

I was on a news hiatus for, wow, maybe a month? I turned on NPR a few days ago, and I was SICKENED by our response to the stoning sentence an Iranian woman received. Swampsow said that we’re “troubled.” TROUBLED? A woman may be stoned for some extra-marital nookie, and the best we can come up with is “troubled”? That some bullshit there.

As our Dodger would say, “Sometimes you just gotta fight.” I’m all for cultural relativism, but basic human rights trump. “Troubled.” Pfft. There’s a time for diplomacy, and there’s a time for balls-to-the-wall fist-to-cuffs. When someone’s life hangs in the balance, it’s time to fight.

Random thoughts from the treadmill:

My Broncos play tomorrow. Has anyone dubbed their QB “The Magic Christian?”

Started the day at the range after 4.5 hrs sleep (took at least 2 hr to put my crap together, including mounting a scope.) Took my 1942-43 vintage M1903A3 rifles today. In addition to putting 3 shots into a sub 1.5 in group at 100 yds from a rest, let’s just say that zombies better stay outside of 200 yards. Spent the rest of the day caring for mrs rml and monitoring son of rml’s date. The cool little Latina girl is back and they are really enjoying each other’s company.

@redmanlaw: Why can’t Elway have sex doggie style?

He can’t come from behind.

Okay, waaay dated, he did start coming from behind, etc., but that’s still my favorite football joke.

@JNOV: That’s Pedo’s Complaint, and I can’t disagree on principle. But acknowledging that, given our system, Candidate X is better than the alternatives is different than enthusiastically supporting Candidate X, and far from forgiving Candidate X his transgressions.

So I think it’s fair game to bitch about Barry and grant that Unicorn was still a better choice than Psychogeezer, Swampsow, and Millpanderer.

The real culprit remains The American People. They constrain our choices more than anything.

May I take a moment off from being deeply pissed off and disappointed about Barry’s chickenshit stand on the mosque to note that Michelle has hips? I like that in a woman.

@nojo: I hear what you’re saying. I think the real culprit remains The US Education System that fails to educate the American People in things like critical thinking skills and evaluation of information. Maybe if folks just took a class on statistics, they’d be ahead of the game and view polls, etc, with a critical eye and stop playing the goddamn lottery (i.e. The Poor People’s Tax).

I dunno. I’m fading, but IIRC, when people are polled and are asked if they agree with certain social programs and ideas, they tend to respond positively. Once that idea is attached to a party, all things go to shit.

I don’t think that people are stupid, but I do think we fail them and send them into the world without the ability to analyze. Emotions come naturally. Logic, not so much. Compassion and empathy can be beaten out of you, but unless we at least realize that we are all connected–we don’t have to like each other, but that connection needs to be acknowledged–we’re truly fucked.

How DARE they play miniature golf when there are people who don’t have jobs? God damn e-litest.

@FlyingChainSaw: Look, I’m trying hard not to rant about the administration’s deal with BP that makes the US business partners with them to fund cleanup in the Gulf. Remember when Salazar said we had our boot on their neck? Then he had his chain yanked. Now we’re fondling their nuts.

@Dodger: Take a breath and look at those hips.

@SanFranLefty: That’s a way better image than what my Zen teacher used to talk about. Although he managed to get in trouble for boffing one of his senior students, so maybe he was focusing on something other than making the mind still.

@Dodgerblue: Wait. Whoa! RANT, please! Last I heard we hit BP with a 40? $50M fine, which isn’t shit, and I wrote someone, signed some petition to be like, HEY, MOTHERFUCKERS! Don’t spend my tax dollars bailing out this asshole corporation (as if there aren’t any asshole corps, but, you know).

So, please, please rant. I’m totally outta the loop because of my mental health break, and I’m waiting for my broccoli to steam cuz I’m all munchified. Rant! You can imagine getting a grip on my truthful hips while you do so.

@JNOV: I think the real culprit remains The US Education System

Nah — unless you want to count local school boards, which brings us back to Teh People. The system can’t produce what its financiers don’t desire.

@JNOV: That is not making my mind still.

Here are the facts. The feds set up a trust to hold the $20 billion that BP promised. The grantor (person putting the $$ in, for those of you who do not have a fancy legal education like JNOV and SFL) is BP’s U.S. subsidiary, not the parent company. To secure payment, the Trust is taking a first priority security interest in all future oil and gas production in the U.S. by BP’s U.S. sub — including from drilling in the Gulf. So we, the taxpayers, now have a financial interest in having BP pump as much goddam oil as they can, and the feds have recreated on a monstrous scale the same conflict of interest that the Minerals Management Service had in being both a regulator of and a recipient of royalties from the oil industry. There are many ways to secure BP’s payment; this is probably the worst.

Meanwhile, eMeg’s up to $104 million. I’ll be expecting a check when my mail ballot arrives.

@Dodgerblue: Whose dumbass idea was THIS?

Still mind. Still hips.

@nojo: Well, see, I’m kinda a commie when it comes to education. Not a Maoist (no camps, natch), but I’d do away with the fucking school boards when it comes to curriculum and even the purse strings. They can deal with disciplining teachers or whacking off or whatever.

I think about Dover, and I’m like, yep. Let’s create a national curriculum with some wiggle room in history that is specific to the location of the school. Otherwise, school boards and TX texts be damned.

Two feel good stories (this one and the Turner happy ending) after a night of loud rock and roll (Alejandro Escovedo for those who might care).

I get to go to bed happy.

Still, what happened to the Terrorist Fist Bump?

I’ll think about BP tomorrow.

i’m taking an unpopular view on this.
there are 7 million muslims in this country. law abiding citizens, as horrified about their own lunatic fringe as we are.
how would we like the world to view americans based on the aryan nation? or republicans? or south carolina?

i’m writing on the wrong thread again.

@baked: Good point. At the rate we’re going, the world will be viewing us based on South Carolina and the Aryan Nation.

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