I Only Play a Doctor at Protest Rallies

“Craig Brown, a psychiatrist who lives in Del Mar, donned a white lab coat and wore a stethoscope around his neck as U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle of Nevada spoke against the health-care bill… Brown said he borrowed the white coat from a nearby lab because a website suggested people wear lab coats to the event.” [San Diego Union-Tribune, via ThinkProgress]


Kenyan Indonesian Muslim blah blah quackity quack – this shit is getting old.

I think the good doctor better watch it with the white coat – some of his fellow teabaggers may decide he’s there to take them back to the “hospital” and get antsy…

Shouldn’t the white coat have no sleeves?

I read the headline as “I Only Play Doctor at Protest Rallies”, which would certainly boost the press coverage, but would be pretty hard to take given the nature of the life forms at a Sharron Angle rally.

David Stinson of HistoricalTees.com was selling T-shirts and selling memberships to the National Tea Party Organization for $49.95. “It’s rebatable,” he said. “You get five members and you get $10 each back.”

Asked why a political party would charge a membership fee, he said: “We’re not a party. We’re an organization.”

It’s almost sad to see how thoroughly these people are being lied to and fleeced by their leaders ($arah Palin chief among them, but this guy, too). Sure, they deserve it as much as any group of people deserves it, but still…

Make them stop. I am soooooooooooooooo fucking bored by these people. It’s not funny any more. I’d rather see Inception 15 times than read any more about these pathetic retards. I was on a totally lame air-boat ride in the ‘Everglades’ today (don’t judge me) and the operator started on an anti-Al Gore/global warming rant and I lost it. Meanwhile Moscow seems to be blanketed in smoke from fires burning on the tundra and weather hotter than has ever been recorded.

Make them go away so the grown ups can get some work done. It’s like trying to write a novel in a house full of three year old children who are way past nap time. Of course we can’t get past the first sentence. It’s a fucking miracle we can even manage to turn on the damn iPad in between temper tantrums and fist fights over the controls to the X-Box.

Noje. You can do anything. Speak to someone. Because if they keep this up I will be forced to make some phone calls. And no one wants that. Hillary is still smarting.

@Tony Blair Witch Project: Speaking of phone calls, I called Lenny Kravitz’s manager (and mebbe I tweeted him) about this bullshit.

Work the phones!

ADD: Now back to semi-intoxicated syllabi composing. It’s actually pretty fun!

ADDD: Yeah. I’ve reached teabagger overload. All we can wish is that they don’t take their hypertension meds and get the vapors or worse.

@Tony Blair Witch Project:

I could post some sternly-worded commands in all-caps if you think that would help.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: DO IT, but it won’t help. But I enjoy seeing you make unreasonable and cryptic demands.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: GIVE ME YOUR SHOES. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US. STFU. NOW!

As an example, you understand.

BTW. I’ve got an ad for Japanese style lab coats. Wot are the odds?

@Tony Blair Witch Project:

That’s “GIVE ME ALL YOUR BEST SHOES”. Not as easy as you thought, is it?



@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle:

“That’s “GIVE ME ALL YOUR BEST SHOES”. Not as easy as you thought, is it?”

Easy enough for me. All of my shoes are semi-mobile turds. I have no best shoes.

@Tony Blair Witch Project: Smoke from Russia is supposed to be drifting over the Pacific Northwest this week, lowering our already-cool temperatures further. We’ll be lucky to harvest grapes before Halloween at this rate.

@Walking Still:

If you think about it, you do have a pair that are your best pair. Maybe not so nice as somebody else’s, but you do have a best pair.

Unless they are all the same exactly.


@Tony Blair Witch Project: I would like to return to being merely tired of the teabagger-douchnozzle industrial complex. I’ve been doing some volunteer work for a local GOP (non-insane division) candidate the past couple of months, and I swear I’m about to fucking lose it, FCS-style on these motherfuckers. August 24 cannot get here soon enough for me.

@Tony Blair Witch Project: I see the Japanese lab coat ad too. I want to click on it, but I fear it might be a trick.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: It’s fucking hotten’ balls, but I’ve discovered that, w/r/t humidity:

1. Rum doesn’t make you sweat like beer does, and it’s a lot cheaper

2. Drunken class planning is awesome

3. If you pet sit your neighbor’s two dogs, one cat and two fish for a month — like letting them out four or five times a day, changing their water, cleaning the water bowls and putting ice cubes in them at least three times a day, making sure they stay in the one area of the house they’re allowed to be in, but they run hell-bent for leather all over the damned house with you chasing behind them, cleaning the litter box, keeping the fish safe from the cat, bringing in the mail, asking if they’re up on their shots and can you like walk them (they have no idea where the leashes and collars are) and giving them LOVE after your neighbors promised to pay you, but, well, then the guy lost his job and his wife is a SAHM, and so you offered to do it for free and shit while they spend a MONTH at the shore…well guess what? THEN they’re going to ask you for free legal advice. Advice you’re not qualified to give. Advice you don’t have time to give, cuz of all the other bullshit going on in your life, because you were counting on that money to pay for your kid’s books. Oh, and they voted McCain/Palin, natch.

@JNOV: Oh sweetie, when will you learn that you can’t be fucking nice to people? They’ll take advantage every time.

@JNOV: Rum doesn’t make you sweat like beer does, and it’s a lot cheaper

You learn well, grasshopper. Plus, if it’s the good stuff (and I’m sure it is), little to no hangover – win/win!

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle:

There is much logic in what you say. However, to paraphrase a lawyer koan, the life of my shoes is not logic but experience.

My experience, as discussed above, is semi-mobile turds. None of them is worth the sobriquet of “best” since each is materially defective in its own way – each worse than the other however you line them up.

My feet hurt.


Yes to rum! The core ingredient of a mojito.


Boo to freeloading scum who want unpaid (and uninsured) legal advice! If you were to offer, expect a malpractice action to follow – no matter how good the advice.

Lack of malpractice insurance is my standard dodge to the requests for legal advice. Then I’ll offer to refer them to someone competent – if I think they’re worthy

@Walking Still: The mojito is a fine drink, but good rum is best served with a single cube of ice, and one finger to stir it with.

@Nabisco: I will try as you suggest sometime and report back.

What rum do you recommend?

I supplied the lab coats when I was a Senior Forensic Chemist at the DEA lab in Dallas, praise “Bob”.

@RevZafod: It’s amazing that something like the SubGenius could thrive before the Internet, but there you have it. How did we get our memes* in Olden Times?

*“Meme” was an early favorite of Wired, but even then we’re talking about the ’90s.

@Walking Still: I’ve long shilled for Flor de Cana in these parts, but make sure you get the Nicaraguan stuff, not the knock-off made in Honduras (the contra tried to take the brand with them in the divorce). Gran Reserva is the bomb, on par with the best Habana Club. There’s some good Dominican out there, I always go dark and aged. “Centenario” from Zacapa, Guatemala is a sleeper as well, but sweeter than Flor – and more likely a hangover starter. I like some of the Virgin Islands stuff, which is inexpensive and good value for the money.

Heck, Bacardi anejo is even good enough to drink on the rocks in a pinch, and certainly a fine base for a mojito.

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