Baby Seal Meets Club

Tony Perkins, American Taliban, gets schooled.

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Is it my imagination, or is Perkins among the smarmier wingnuts?


Fixed, presuming I grabbed the right clip.

@nojo: Thanks – it took me 3 tries, then it stopped working again … I think it’s something about refreshing the post.

I feel a fashion TJ in the air…

What I need to know is, after she was Teh Hotness just a few days before in Spain, why is Shelly doing this to her proportions?? The arms look great, but that insane cumberbund and skirt hiked up to just under her boobs is making baby Jeebus cry. Sasha OTOH looks adorable.

The Ted Olson/Chris Wallace smack down is actually even more tingly. Because Wallace gets the last word (as always since it is his show) and can’t think of shit to say.

@flippin eck: I am not sure how to describe that skirt with any other adjective but shapeless. Sasha looks adorable, and that Princess Letizia is a dish and a half because that is not an easy dress to pull off. And those shoes – heaven. She could stand to eat a sandwich or two however.

@flippin eck: Oh honey, no. Why, why, why? Sasha looks cute, and Princess Letizia is insanely hot and impeccably dressed. I liked what the Queen was wearing, too–very flattering, casual, but still regal. That ain’t easy to pull off. Perhaps Shelley could borrow their gays.

@flippin eck: One should never wear linen to meet royalty. I thought they taught that in junior high.

@Mistress Cynica: The northern Europeans may need gays from time to time, but I think the southern Europeans just absorb fashion sense from the Mediterranean air or something.

@homofascist: Jesus H, Princess Letiza could use a month’s worth of sandwiches. I was so distracted by her emaciated frame that I couldn’t focus on Shelley’s outfit. Reina Sofia looks the best of the bunch, IMHO.

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