We Report, You Duck

“Fox News chief Roger Ailes has a license to carry a firearm in New York City on his person at all times, according to the NYPD’s newly released list of handgun-permit holders. And he’s not alone among his Fox News colleagues: Prime-time shouter Sean Hannity also has a city license to carry a gun.” [Yahoo News]


Threadjack: As a long time Minnesota Vikings fan, I am mortified to report:

An octopus at Minnesota’s Mall of America predicted Thursday that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre will retire, myFOXtwincities.com reported.

Cheap imitators of Paul are not to be tolerated. Maybe we should send Ailes and Hannity after him/her.

Why do the psychos get to go out and have all the fun? I’d like to spend a weekend training on long-range marksmanship, but without all the “true patriots with guns will save America” dogshit. I do take the deer and elk rifles to practice out to 200 yards, which is about as far as I’d shoot in a hunting scenario.

Disclosure: I’ve seen the Appleseed group’s screeds before in the Shotgun News annual compilation issues. Here’s the New York Times Magazine article on those guys:


@Walking Still: I heard elsewhere that Favre did call it quits (ESPN radio this morning?) but have not checked it out as I was (a) actually working today and (b) obsessing over coverage on U2’s return to the stage earlier today in Turin.

BTW, I’m waiting to get my NM concealed carry license, which Mrs RML encouraged me to get because of the rampant craziness of the other side. Qualified with the .357 revolver and the 9mm semiauto pistol.

@redmanlaw: Favre is still doing his southern-fried Hamlet impression. Pay no attention to rumors, oracles, or any words emitted from him mouth or any other orifice until preseason games start.

Mary was right to dump him.

P.S. You are welcome to take on the vile Paul imitator. Got a flamethrower so Mistress Cynica can have her calamari?

Prop. H8 TJ:
The Guvernator and Attorney General Moonbeam file separate motions opposing the stay of Walker’s decision pending appeal to the 9th Circuit. Per the Court’s calendar, arguments in the 9th wouldn’t be until January or February at the earliest.

Moonbeam’s 2 page brief says the matter is settled, the proponents aren’t going to win on appeal given the terrific factual record, and that there would be minimal impact to government entities to start issuing licenses, as they’ve done it before and they’re ready to do so again. Governator’s 11 page brief actually goes through the elements of the four part test to get a stay under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and includes lofty language about the Administration’s commitment to full equality for teh gheyz.

And I’m going to a training tomorrow on how to become a volunteer marriage commissioner. Yea!

1. Keith Richards also has that gun-bearing license, so apparently they hand them out to any crackpot.

2. Threadjack 2.1 – why is no one exploiting the 9th Amendment for gay marriage? I was just reading the constitution tonight – cause that’s how I roll at the Jersey Shore (yes, I’m still here) – and was wondering why it’s just patently ignored all the time.

@RomeGirl: The 9th Amendment is one of the sources of the penumbras tied together to support privacy rights in Roe and other cases, a method that is shakier legal grounds than a solid 14th Amendment challenge.

The federal judge in Massachusetts used the 10th Amendment as one of the grounds for finding DOMA unconstitutional, which I think is too cute by half – while it was fun to stick it in the eye of the teabagging Tenthers, be careful what you wish for – arguing DOMA violates the 10th would be the basis for finding health care reform and a whole host of other laws unconstitutional.

I’m with Lefty on the legal analysis.

Tenth Amendment cases make me squeamish. Even extended to its illogical conclusion, it could be used by States to avoid all Federal mandates (funded or unfunded).

Ninth Amendment worries me because it is so undefined. This court could use it to establish a fundamental right for corporations to send assets to the Cayman Islands and jobs to slave labor camps in Burma.

Those Fox idiots have permits to carry IN MY CITY? Does Mayor-For-Life Bloomberg know about this? What’s going to happen to them – packs of roving liberals will chase them down? Do most liberals even know what fat fuck Ailes looks like?

@Walking Still: Fuck Favre – he came here for a year, took our money, and threw mostly picks. He dicked over his fans in WI. I spit on him – feh!

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: I guess you missed my comment last night saying I was going to arm wrestle Mr. Still for the honors, he said I could do it. I’ll let you know if I’m officially deputized tomorrow or what. VirginAmerica has tickets from LAX to SFO for $49 one way.

@blogenfreude: Right now, I’m with you on Favre. This will he, wont he bullshit gets really old.

However, I reserve the right to engage in utter hypocrisy should he play and lead the Vikings to the Promised Land of Super Bowl rings. 0-4 has been hard to take (especially the two to the Steelers – one of my best friends in college was from the Iron City).

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. No news as of yet.

@RomeGirl: HEY! I’ll be there on Tuesday — will you still be around?

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: I can’t pull off getting deputized, but if the stars align and I can possibly make it to the nuptials, I’d love to be there.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: I meant it when I offered – I suspect I’ll wind up becoming a volunteer handing out licenses, but whatever. If Walker lifts the stay, it will be verklempt city at SF City Hall. I’d be honored to do the honors for you and Mr. Catt if you wanted to come up here to Ess Eff. Even if I don’t get deputized for all the world, I could get deputized for a one-off for you two.

Why do I have mean thoughts about Sean Hannity pulling a Plaxico Burress? But maybe a little bit higher than the thigh.

@Jesuswalksinidaho: You mean end up one-balling it like TuOnePac?

@Jesuswalksinidaho: If Hannity shot himself in the ass, he might never be able to speak again.

I’m down with that.

I’m not seeing much chatter out there, but if you’re an NYRB reader, Tony Judt died Friday.

@Still: That’s Steel City, AKA Blitzburgh, AKA Sixburgh and yeah, fuhke Favre.

@SanFranLefty: LMK, I’ll fly up to be a witness/partier.


Then why is this “Steel City’s” signature brew?

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