Tea Party in Maine Eats Its Own

We’d like to thank an unknown commenter at teabagger website “Maine Refounders” for our headline, since it’s Friday and we’re suffering Low Testosterone Cleverness, and our shadow isn’t picking up the slack. We’d also like to apologize for our use of “Tempest in a Teapot” here, but it can’t be avoided:

On Tuesday night, Amy Hale — one of the leaders of the Patriots group — posted an odd message to the group’s website, suggesting that she’d been forced to give up control of the site, according to media reports (the post has since been removed):

“I was cornered in the parking lot by 10+ people and told that bad things would happen to me if I did not give them the password and hand over Maine Patriots. Therefore, I no longer have control of Maine Patriots.”

We hear “parking lot”, we think “Lebowski”, but let’s continue:

Since Tuesday, other tea party sites in Maine have been hotbeds of conspiracy theories and accusations, with some claiming that Hale was undermining the movement and others suggesting that those who allegedly removed her from the Maine Patriots site are anti-tea party plants.

Look, if it helps y’all, we’ll take responsiblity for the whole thing. The potato salad’s getting cold.

Is There A Coup In The Maine Tea Party? [TPM]

There is not enough Risperdal or Seroquel in the world to meet the amount of psychotic paranoia that these people have.

A commenter on TPM pointed out that this is quite similar to things that tend to happen in white supremacist / neo-Nazi groups. I wonder why there might be some overlap… ;)

BTW, glad to see the teabaggers have decided to keep their epic-scale Life of Brian parody going. Now who’s got the gourd?

@maitri: No, Donny…these men are Nihilists.

@maitri: @pinkoscum: Damn you two. I went looking for a screenshot of that scene, but I couldn’t find one.

Can we set up mainepatriotssuckmoosecock.com and see if they go completely nuts?

My local alterna-weekly directed me to this article–which I strongly recommend that you DON’T read before having a (makes drinky drinky motion) or ten. You cannot make this shit up. No one’s yammerin’ about the sanity deficit.

Inglis faced a challenge from tea party-backed Republican candidates claiming Inglis wasn’t sufficiently conservative, these donors hadn’t ponied up. Inglis’ task: Get them back on the team. “They were upset with me,” Inglis recalls. “They are all Glenn Beck watchers.” About 90 minutes into the meeting, as he remembers it, “They say, ‘Bob, what don’t you get? Barack Obama is a socialist, communist Marxist who wants to destroy the American economy so he can take over as dictator. Health care is part of that. And he wants to open up the Mexican border and turn [the US] into a Muslim nation.'” Inglis didn’t know how to respond.

…they said on the back of your Social Security card, there’s a number. That number indicates the bank that bought you when you were born based on a projection of your life’s earnings, and you are collateral. We are all collateral for the banks. I have this look like, “What the heck are you talking about?” I’m trying to hide that look and look clueless. I figured clueless was better than argumentative. So they said, “You don’t know this?! You are a member of Congress, and you don’t know this?!” And I said, “Please forgive me. I’m just ignorant of these things.” And then of course, it turned into something about the Federal Reserve and the Bilderbergers and all that stuff. And now you have the feeling of anti-Semitism here coming in, mixing in. Wow.

I kept waiting for them to blame the Legion of Doom and the Reverse Vampires.


I think it happens pretty much whenever you get your stupid mixed all up in ideology. Not excusing the ‘baggers, but there are some pretty lame-ass schisms among the socialist left as well.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Oh, darling, get on that right away. You’ll need the makings of White Russians, official drink of the BL.

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