Stormy’s Successor

Oh please please please let her make it onto the ballot:


Oh, so do we get a hot dood post to counteract this one?

Is it me, or does her face in the interview look kind of swollen?

@FlyingChainSaw: It’s the cadaver filler, Restylane, collagen, implants of all sorts, etc. Her own version on cannibal anarchy surgery.

@JNOV: There is something Extraordinarily Unhealthy going on there.

Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining.

Oh! Holy shit! I looked up the other Kristin Davis, and apparently there’s a sex tape out there. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…


I think she’s going for the “I was just punched so hard in the mouth that I can’t move my eyebrows anymore ” look…

@al2o3cr: Is that a style now? I remember the NYTimes Sunday magazine did a battered women spread. Don’t tell me this is becoming a fashion statement in the plastic surgery marketspace.

@JNOV: A hot dood post would imply that she’s a hot chick. Uhh, no. She looks like a cross between Heidi Montag and that chick in NYC who had plastic surgery to look like a leopard.
@JNOV: Probably a few umbilical cords and rooster crows thrown in the mix for good measure. Her face is a talking sausage.

@FlyingChainSaw: I thought Battered Women was a fashion ad campaign. Really. Can’t remember the sponsor, alas.

@nojo: All that crap is advertorial anyway but it was deeply evil shit, incredible no one in the production chain just started fucking screaming.

@FlyingChainSaw: Same people that named the iPad the, um, iPad, no doubt.

@SanFranLefty: True, but Stormy wasn’t exactly hot…

@nojo: Bizarre. From heroin chic to battered women. What next? FCS rant (hopefully) in 5, 4, 3, 2…

@JNOV: OMG. This is worse. The NYTimes spread was advertorial but I don’t remember the sponsor. It was all black and white and the women were emaciated and made up to look really bruised.

@JNOV: I was thinking Benetton, but I didn’t bother to Google.

And yes, that’s it.

Oh, hey. I’m 44 years old now. :-)

@JNOV: HAPPPP-EEEEE Birthday, and many many more!

@SanFranLefty: YAY! Thanks! Birthdays usually bum me out, but I REFUSE to be bummed today for any reason. I absofuckinglutely REFUSE!

@JNOV: Happy, Happy Birthday!!! You should never be bummed about your birthday–it’s a celebration of YOU! It’s all about yooooouuuuu!!!!
I love birthdays, if you couldn’t tell.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m SO SMILING! Thank you! Yup. I went to Delaware and got meeself some nice rum, and I’m noticing that it’s goes a lot further than beer, and I’m not nearly as trashed. Heh.

i’m calling you later to SING to youuuu. it’s JNOV day!!!!

@flippin eck:
that is exactly what i thought! i love her so much. along with all the christopher guest ensemble players. fun fact: chris directs in the style of larry david and judd apatow. no script. he hires the naturally funny improvisers, gives them an idea of what the scene is about and lets the actors play with it. it works.
i’d like to see all the takes from parker, jennifer and eugene levy. that would be a hoot!

i’m coffeed up and ready to read decisions on 8….we are getting there….
i hope they aren’t kicking it to the supremes. i don’t know anything yet, i’d just like to see a majority of states passing it before that, keeping the fundies at bay, or there will be backlash of scariness.
btw, in all the caleefawnya hoopla, argentina quietly passed gay marriage.

Yes, any implications that the woman featured in this video is “hot” miss the mark. I would accept “formerly hot,” “trying too hard” and “plastic surgery disaster zone,” however. For all that, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to legalize and tax things like marijuana and prostitution. That also allows you to regulate it, mandating minimum standards, and it would decimate huge swaths of criminal income.

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