The Official Papal Visit Store is now online for your last-minute sacramental shopping:

Pope baseball caps, pope key-rings, pope tote bags, beatification T-shirts and more went on sale Tuesday, as the official online store for Benedict XVI’s visit to England and Scotland opened.

Papalvisitstore.com stocks about three dozen items, including customizable T-shirts (20 British pounds, or about $32) and the official souvenir program (10 pounds, or about $16).

Shown here is the “Icon two fold Bespoke with Pope Benedict XVI’s prayer and image. Gilded event logo on the front,” classified under “Religious Artifacts”. Yours for only seven quid! (Version without Benedict frightening the bejesus out of you: eight quid.)

Pope shop opens ahead of Benedict’s British visit [CNN, via PourMeCoffee]

I propose an counter-marketing strategy with icons to our Pope Benedick – much less frightening to pets and small children (and us).

Can I order a “Priests, please don’t molest me” T-shirt?

@Walking Still: I had to correct a draft where I typed “Benedick”. Muscle-memory and all that.

or how about
“I survived the catholic gang bang and all I got . . . .”

TJ: Add the Center for Constitutional Rights to Glen Beck’s shitlist of ACLU, Tides Foundation, et al. They and the ACLU are suing the US government for limiting their ability to represent the American citizen who is on the government’s assassination list.

The complaint is stunning. Even you non-lawyers should check it out.

@Walking Still: I saw we hold a bible burning and invite the press.

@Capt Howdy:

OMG, the crazy flows like delicious red wine. Obama is the Leopard King. Why didn’t I see it before!

Probably set up to clear out the backlog of Razi stuff. One of the nuns at the Vatican gift shop said they still sell way more JP2 memorabilia.

I was packing a Pope-blessed wooden rosary from in court these past couple of days. Mrs RML laid on me before I left on this trip.

Sat on the porch at my client’s place this evening watching the Missouri River roll by while smoking a cigar after dinner. I’ll be boarding my plane in Denver in 24 hrs for the trip home.

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