Literally …

Would someone, anyone, please explain to me who this woman is and why I should care about her?  kthxbai ….

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1. Some reality show psychopath who does some kind of thing with fashion with celebrities of a certian sort.

2. I dunno. Bewbies?

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: I had heard her name once or twice at work … I am not a fan of reality TV (except for the Gordon Ramsay shows – they involve food). So my confusion is genuine.

I literally felt my testicles shrivel at her literal, um, liberal use of literally.

I bet she’s never read anything. Literally.

@Benedick: And would you please explain her to me? I need answers ….

@blogenfreude: If nothing else, she’s probably helping these bloggers get some beer money.

@blogenfreude: She’s featured on a basic-cable program that draws about three million viewers.

So, like other television shows that attract about 1 percent of Our Nation’s Population, you’re free to ignore at will, unless you’re inclined to pay attention.

A similar question came up the other day, and I was going to look up ratings for “My Mother the Car,” but I never got around to it.

this is a family blog. benedick and i cannot discuss our mothers.
every one’s dick, yes. our mothers, no.

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