Who Wants to Adopt a Millionaire?

Our guest columnist this afternoon has us wondering how we got on his email list.

Dear Supporter,

How far does your influence go?

Right now, The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund wants to see how far you can help spread the news about this opportunity to help Governor Palin and her family.

Click here to send a note to your friends and family members and see how far your influence spreads across the country.

Using our online tools, you can send a message about The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund to your family and friends. Each person who participates will be added to a map as a pink dot. With your help, we can cover the map with Sarah’s supporters throughout the country!

Last month, friends of Governor Palin established The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund to help her alleviate the tremendous burden of her legal fees.

Are you curious to see how many people in America stand with Governor Palin?

Click here to join Sarah’s network of support through The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund.

Across the country, thousands of Americans have stepped forward to help relieve Sarah Palin from the burden of her legal fees.

Will you help us spread the news?


Tim Crawford

The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund

Because the Fox millions aren’t enough?

@IanJ: That went to capitalizing the meth labs.

Pink dots? Not Red, White and Blue? Buncha pinkos if you ask me (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

@Walking Still: Targets would be more in keeping with earlier Palin map graphics.

Time to hop down to the local bank, open The $arah Palin Victory Fund, and kick back as the million$ roll in.

Talibunny turns spammer. What next? Jamming 900-number charges on strangers’ telephone bills?

Is there any way to counteract this? I would gladly contribute to a fund whose purpose was to make Palin’s life miserable beyond belief.


Actually, we should be encouraging it. The Stoopids are gonna be separated from their cash regardless, so they might as well fund Bible Spice’s lifestyle for a few years, rather than actually donating to viable candidates or televangelists. She’ll be flat broke within five years anyway.

BTW, does anyone on the Stinque Legal Team know anything about setting up a (cough) gray-market PAC?

Fucking socialists always trying to “redistribute the wealth.”

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