Some of My Best Children Pass for Anglo

“I have confirmed that [Nevada Republican gubernatorial candidate] Brian Sandoval, as reported by Univision’s news director in a column and revealed in an earlier blog post, did indeed say that his children don’t look Hispanic when asked by the Spanish-language station whether he was worried about his kids being profiled if they were in Arizona.” [Las Vegas Sun, via Political Wire]


To ask the painfully obvious question, what the fuck does it mean to “look Hispanic”?

how fortunate for them. I guess.

in other news we just learned what is coming next at work and I really really really wish I could talk about it. hopefully soon.
put it this way, if I sat down and invented the absolute coolest thing, the thing I would most like to do of all things in the world I work in, this would be it.

What a dick, but sadly true among various ethnics.

From what I’ve seen and been told within the Korean community that there is a major trend among females (and males) who want the eye lift (aka deslanting) to fit in with “white” people. It even bothers me that I see lots of Korean blonds kicking around. What’s wrong with having dark brown hair and slanted eyes?

I find it somewhat ironic that the ostracized for hanging out with white people person is more comfortable in his own skin (and eye folds) than the folks who ostracized him in the first place.

Venditos always think the RW hate is not directed at them. Guess what? They hate you, too.


Speaking as an admirer-er I think that is a crime against nature. It’s a crime when anyone changes what is beautiful about them to fit in, particularly when the change is permanent and, in my opinion, disfiguring.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Agreed. About the only cosmetic surgery I understand is reconstruction after a disfigurement. I don’t begrudge people the ability to go change themselves, but it doesn’t mean I’ll particularly enjoy the results.

@ManchuCandidate: @Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Have you seen the trailers for K-Town?

@Capt Howdy: There is a name for this kind of thing, you know. When you get a person all excited and then get a ‘headache’.

@Benedick: There is a name for this kind of thing, you know. When you get a person all excited and then get a ‘headache’.

Palin 2012?

@Walking Still: Alls I know is that driving through my quaint, summer-touristy hometown here in Pennsyltucky today, when I saw some olive skinned dudes wearing long pants and shirts with collars, I immediately typed them as South Asian.

It’s like 95 degrees with equivalent humidity, and nobody can rock the full body cover up in those conditions like the subcontinentals. They are to be admired.

@Nabisco: Dudes from Mexico would in jeans, pointy toed boots, pearl buttoned cowboy cut shirts and straw cowboy hats.


It’s something daring, the Subcontinental
A way of dancing that’s really ultra-new
It’s very subtle, the Subcontinental
Because it does what you want it to do

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Thanks for asking what a vendito is. I might have been too chicken to ask. Thanks to you I now know.


I was flipping through some Japanese fashion mags recently, and ALL of the models had the eye surgery–it was ultra-disturbing. They looked like anime characters. Why would anyone think this is a good idea?

I know I just cant contain myself. I would so love to go on about it but I could not only get fired but sued.
soon I hope.

I didn’t know what you were talking about. I though you were talking about the home of my alma mater Kingston, but a little google and holy shit.

My mom (who believes that ALL Koreans are pure of soul/Seoul mind and body) would die in shame watching this as I laugh my guts out.

@Capt Howdy: Just talked to Christopher Nolan, and he says he’s cool with it.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg:
coincidentally and not that the two are in any way related but did we see this?


True enough.

However, the Hispanic community draws from so many ethnicities from West African, Castillian, the various Native communities, etc., that it is at least as confusing to say someone looks (or doesn’t look) Hispanic as it is to say someone looks “American” – whatever that means.

@Walking Still: More Americans have German heritage than anything else, so you’d think they (or at least, you know, the white ones) would blend in there somewhat, but in the first week or so of my semester abroad I’d already picked up on the two dead giveaways that someone was American: they were substantially overweight and they were wearing a sweatshirt. Obviously there are exceptions, but most Germans just don’t look/dress like that. Also, and this was pretty much limited to the kids in my program, but carrying a Nalgene or similar kind of water bottle? American.

@mellbell: Americans in Europe do often stick out based on fashion crimes. I’ll plead guilty often enough.

@Walking Still:

It’s pretty easy to tell the average US American Tourista:
1) Rotund
2) Fanny pack
3) Slobbish dress
4) Inability to speak any language outside of English
5) Always asking directions to Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King, etc
6) Slobbish dress

It’s not to say that I blended in with the locals. Far from it, but no one ever mistook me for an American when I was in Euro land. My French is probably equivalent to a borderline 6 year old mentally challenged kid, but it was understood by the locals.

First time I was ever in France when I was a teen. My parents decided to take us on a bus tour of Paree. We were stuck next to this elderly couple from Tejas (the belt buckle on the old guy was a dead giveaway.) They were so annoying and obnoxious that the other US Americans on the bus were embarrassed and tried to tell the tour guide that not all US Americans were like that.

Actual Conversation:
MaleTex: Hot damn, place haven’t changed much since I was heayh.
FemTex: Haaaaarold! When were YOUUUUUU in PahRis? Why didn’t you take meeeeeee????
MaleTex: Mavis, it was 1944. I was in tha Ahmy.
FemTex: Haaaarold!!! That’s no reason…

Rest of the Bus and Tour Guide: Eye Rolls

@Walking Still: @ManchuCandidate: For me, half-German + not a walking fashion disaster = no one the wiser ’til I opened my mouth.

@Capt Howdy: How awesome is THAT? I love Lovecraft, and have longed long to see a big budget Lovecraft movie.


@nojo: Son of RML and I saw Inception tonight while Mrs RML went to hear Lyle Lovett with a friend. Really enjoyed it. The Seether’s Louise.

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