Naked Man Sometimes Wears Clothes

Meet Isaiah Mustafa. Oh, you already have?

The Old Spice Man’s Internet Triumph [Daily Beast, via Sully]

Why the Old Spice Guy Is Good for Black America [The Root]


Ho! Ho! HO!

ADD: Beyond awesome and better than puppies!

@JNOV: He is really good, and really hot, but he’s definitely not better than this puppy.

@karen marie: Okay…

1. “Me do? Me do?” ::melting heart::

2. Mustafa could shake me around like a dog toy all day long (A day = 24 hours, y’all)

3. Thank you, Karen Marie. <3

@JNOV: She’s mine! All mine!

We’re doing very well with the housebreaking and crate-training.

She actually walks into her crate by herself! Doesn’t stay very long if I don’t shut the door but, hey, she is only 15 weeks old and only been living with me for five days.

@karen marie: NO WAY! Oh! ::jaw agape:: Oh! nomnomnomnomnom her for me, please?

@karen marie: THOSE EARS!! Must touch them, must rub them….the only thing softer than puppy ears or Cocker Spaniel ears are PUPPEH COCKER SPANIEL EARS!!!

I love how when she retrieves the ball she feels the need to do a lap around and go touch the stump by the bush and then come back and chill by you.

More pictures and videos, please! We all need our minute or hour of puppy Zen.

@SanFranLefty: See now, in the comments bar, I just saw “THOSE EARS” and wondered if Nojo and I had to ask for clarification, once again, from the wmns about this ear thing.

Played with boss’s lab last night, she slept at my feet at the dinner table (the lab, you guys, the lab!) and when I wondered why she insisted on me continuing the foot rub I was giving her my boss said, not so off-stage-whisper-like, “you’re rubbing her crotch“.

@Nabisco: Speaking of ears — that’s the gag I’m going for with the dish Jr made. Orecchiette! Will be referencing SLF’s futbol hotties! And I can’t believe you guys voted for that fucking purple dinosaur. Octopi. Dinosaurs. Pitiful.

@Nabisco: Wait. What? LOL!

ADD: If I were a mean person, I’d link to a South Park episode…okay. I’m mean.

@Nabisco: No such thing! Hold that head up high, Beesko!

@Nabisco: I realized after I posted it that it was unclear from the snippet as to whether I was referring to Wesley Sneijder or Karen Marie’s puppy…

@SanFranLefty: Lucy has her own Youtube page. We will be documenting this dog like nobody’s business.

@karen marie: ZOMG! Do you know “Lucy, Daughter of the Devil”? Cassandra Said turned me onto that. I miss Cassandra. :’-(

ADD: Er, subscribed or whatever. Moar beerz!

@SanFranLefty: Oh, the wymmnz know. The menz, they need a little help.

@JNOV: She’s on the Face of Books though. I wonder if she forgot her Stinque log-in password (that was BeRightBack’s explanation for his sudden disappearance). I advised both of them that Yoda God Nojo could assist in returning.

@SanFranLefty: I see her beautiful face there. Just wish I saw it more around here…

A friend just turned me onto the Old Spice Guy commercials on YouTube. Now I know what y’all are talking about. Brilliant.

@Dodgerblue: “These are tickets to that thing you love. Look! Now they’re diamonds…” LOVE IT!

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