American Snooker Standings

Competitor Latest Play
Andrew Breitbart Playing an impressive three matches at once, snookered the NAACP, Roland Martin,
and the Obama Administration.
Fox News Executed a stunning bank shot by snookering
the Obama Administration on both sides
of the Sherrod Smear.
BP Despite early setback, now poised to snooker American politicians and courts.

Sarah Palin Attempted to snooker followers over the
NYC Mosque, but penalized for self-snookering over Shakespearean neologisms.
Glenn Beck Sidelined while Major League Snooker investigates charges that he’s really Andy Kaufman.
Barack Obama Still trying to snooker supporters by proclaiming watered-down reform bills "historic measures," despite diminishing returns.
Apple Snookered us good, since we still lurve our latest iGadget. But we’ll take the free case.
NAACP: Breitbart ‘snookered’ us [Politico]

I’m just glad that others have voted with me, early and often, against that fucking purple “dinosaur”.

carry on.

BitPart’s playing small ball here.

“Oooh, I took down a bureaucrat and a black lady, to boot!”

Meanwhile a week earlier Financial “reform”/reform passed.

@ManchuCandidate: Too bad we can’t put that scary socialist Elizabeth Warren in charge of the Consumer Protection Commission, seeing as how she is vocal about protecting the rights of individual consumers. Plus she was Bill Moyers’ favorite go-to person for stories on how the economy was shafting regular folks. Why do you hate US ‘Merikan business and Jesus, Professor Warren?

As angry as I am by the Obama Adminsitration’s cowardice in this matter, I am also concerned that the story of how the Right-wing echo chamber worked in unison to destroy an innocent woman’s life is being buried here.

Let’s consider the first completely insane moment in this saga:

It starts with the absurd notion that the foibles of a low-level government functionary are a fitting riposte to the unabashed racism of a national leader of the Tea Party movement.

Leave aside the fact that Ms. Sherrod has been shown to be completely innocent in this affair. How in the world, I ask myself, is it that someone as contemptible as Andrew Breitbart can effectively manipulate the mainstream media into thrusting something so meaningless as an apparently racist story by a low level government functionary into the national spotlight?

It is a simptom of the mainstream media’s inane quest for “balance” in their coverage, that they feel they must give equal coverage to any right-wing charge of left-wing racism, no matter how inane, as a counter balance to some outrageously racist act by a prominent right-winger: so a national Tea Party leader pens a racist rant? OK, we’ll counter balance it with something a low level African American state agriculture official once said.

The news here should be that in seeking to instulate themselves from charges of racism, the Tea Party has once again demonstrated that there is no limit to the extent to which they will exploit racial animus to push forward their agenda. (AND, BTW, last night, Chris Matthews’ excoriation of the Right Wing for constantly seeking to “peel racial scars” ever since Barack Obama was elected was magisterial. A must see.)

Ms. Sherrod should sue Breitbart, and the ACORN guy who lost his job should add Breitbart to the suit against the pimp/hooker. This fucker needs to be bankrupted.

That’s why Timmeh G the douchesack doesn’t want her there.

@Serolf Divad:
It’s more of a “looky here, please don’t notice that we’re really impotent.”

The timing of the release pretty much coincided with the passing of finance reform and the extension of unemployment benefits.

For supposedly a “tough” opposition, the GOPer’s fire and thunder is less effective than the Demrats bending over and taking it during the W era. Pretty much everything that Barry wanted (but less than what is needed) has passed despite the fillibusters and assault rifles at town halls.

The only RW victories have been over two mid level appointees.

@blogenfreude: It is absolutely shocking to me that ACORN did not get pro bono representation the second the tapes hit the air ways. It was a clear fabrication designed to destroy the ability of the enterprise to do business. Fox, Brietbart et al just assume a non-profit that isn’t dedicated to killing and maiming and destroying poor people and only represents the interests of those whom they consider sub-human is not worthy of protection under the law and, really, is fair game for any kind of abuse. But they forget, ACORN is a company that can claim tortious interference if someone is trying to destroy the relationships that fuel and guide its enterprise. ACORN, INC should go after Brietbart and any network that ran the tapes without vetting. It’s odd to see their employees going out after their attackers before the enterprise makes its case.

Whatever happened to “if your mom says she loves you, check it out?”

car tj/ Italian metal singer Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil tooling around socal in a Fiat 500

Lacuna Coil, “Heaven’s a Lie”

Lacuna Coil, “Enjoy the Silence” (great Depreche Mode cover)

Fuck this shit. I just met Joe Dellasandro’s son!!!!!!!!! Little Joe!!!! He was the Marilyn Monroe of my people. We’ve all seen his peen!!! And here was his son giving me an estimate for a heat pump. Little Joe!!! My Hustler!!!!

I have to go to the gym.

@redmanlaw: In the first video, the last shot is in front of the Scattergood powerplant near LAX. Surfing isn’t too good there, but you can build bonfires on the beach.

@Benedick: Wow. Wasn’t Joe Sr. one of people described in Lou Reed’s Take A Walk On The Wild Side?

@Dodgerblue: He was!!!!!!!! How awesome is that?

ADD. Joe Jr. gave me a very good price.

@Benedick: I have read that these lyrics are about Joe:

“Little Joe never once gave it away,
Ev’rybody had to pay and pay.
A hustle here and a hustle there
New York city is no place where they said:

“Hey Babe, take a walk on the wild side,
Said hey honey, take a walk on the wild side. ”

Here is an amusing passage from Wikipedia:

Dallesandro has a famous tattoo on his upper right arm that reads “Little Joe”, and was portrayed as the hustler “Little Joe” in Lou Reed’s hit 1972 song “Walk on the Wild Side”, which was about the characters Reed knew from Warhol’s studio, The Factory. During a live performance of the song in 1978, recorded on his infamous Take No Prisoners album, Reed made some scathing remarks about Dallesandro: “Little Joe was an idiot, I don’t know if any of you know that..You talk with him for two minutes, you hear he has an IQ of 12…He’s the only guy I know who went to Italy to be a movie star, and it is not happening…I mean, everybody is ready to go to bed with him, make him a star…He can barely tie his shoes and dress…I say, ‘Joe you’re getting older,’ he says, ‘I know, I’ll make a Warhol film,’ but you can’t do that anymore, man!”
A Warhol photograph of the large crotch bulge of Dallesandro’s tight blue jeans graces the famous cover of the Rolling Stones album Sticky Fingers. Dallesandro explained to biographer Michael Ferguson, “It was just out of a collection of junk photos that Andy pulled from. He didn’t pull it out for the design or anything, it was just the first one he got that he felt was the right shape to fit what he wanted to use for the fly.”

@Dodgerblue: He was the most beautiful trash in the world. That lyric is about him. Sounds to me like Lou had a bad case of the unrequiteds going on. But how awesome is it that the most famous hustler/sex god of the 60s had a son who installs A/Cs in Ulster county? He went out to live with his dad in LA when he was 21 but left after 6 months. I wanted to say to him, so how’d you like those films of your dad being fucked. But didn’t on account of the whole English reserve thing. Haven’t seen it for a long time but I thought that Heat, Warhol’s (read Joe Morrisey’s) do-over of Sunset Boulevard with Dallesandro as Joe was pretty damn funny.

@Benedick: Lou was going through a serious remake in the 70s – remember, after he recordedassembled “Metal Machine Music” he said something like “nobody is supposed to be able to do that and survive”. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t have a more thoughtful, and carinoso comment about Little Joe nowadays.

@Benedick: Like “Take down your pants, I love you”.

@Benedick: I saw Heat back in the day. Haven’t seen the Morrisey Sunset Boulevard. Speaking of jerks as parents, there is a very good bio on video of trumpet player Chet Baker. A wonderful musician and singer but one crappy Dad. I guess heroin can do that to you.
@Nabisco: Second link no worky.


Our political and media E-leets are constantly keeping the spin going to distract the proles from the nation’s real problems, but how does that explain the Amateur Hour in the White House? The staff got played like a freakin’ clarinet. Where do they find these centre-(note the proper Canadian spelling)-wrong morans?

@Dodgerblue: Hey you, how about last night’s Dodgers v. Giants game??

/heh heh heh

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