Oh, and Barry Signed the Financial Reform Bill

“White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today offered an apology to Shirley Sherrod on behalf of the Obama administration. He said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is trying to reach Sherrod as well, to offer his own apology and to ‘talk about their next steps.'” [TPM]


Sherrod should be appointed AG Sec.

Perhaps Ms. Sherrod could release a heavily looped and edited video of Bigfuck and Villian-sack praising Al-Qaeda and shrieking “DEATH TO AMERICA” causing America’s “intelligence” (and I use that term loosely) apparatus of Gomer-Pyles-with-morality-lobotomies to kidnap them and ship them off to Syria or whereverthefucq for the torture interrogations they so love and crave?

And while she’s at it, can she include similar footage of the Palins, the Bushes, the Cheneys, the cast of dumFux Nooz, and everyone who’s ever considered pulling the “R” lever in the voting booth? It’s gotta be real if it’s on teevee, right?

Keef may be on a record rant; judges standing by.

@nojo: Twelve minutes.

Please, everyone, check your house for pox. Nobody escaped this one.

@nojo: All I’m getting is Larry the Cryptkeeper interviewing half of a pair of kids who went to jail awhile ago for killing their parents. Funny/sad thing is that the kid’s also a King, and his “unofficial adopted mother but he calls me ‘Mom'” looks like SarPal.

Say what you will about Kieth Olberman, but watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcI8nWyugQs

Every word is true, every word is true, and who else who is so prominent is saying it so directly? He’s almost at FCS level. It gladdens my heart, that every time he mentions the name “Breitbart,” he prefixes it with a title, every time he says the name, he does not just say “Breitbart,” he says “the scum, Breitbart.”

Please watch it, youse guys.

@nojo: yes, yes, I didn’t see you mention it, its a great rant.

Network, the movie was prescient to the point of being an oracle, that is what we have for media.

Liberals and progressives seem to me to be strangely ambivalent about Keith Olberman, I think because he is bombastic, they dislike his appearance of egomania, while at the same time liberals and progressives cry for an aggressive, outspoken, take-no-prisoners liberal spokesperson.

He’s fighting fire with fire, sometimes, its not pretty, sometimes, it involves hyperbole and over-the-top ranting and yes, using some of the same demagogic methods that disgust us when the conservatives use them, which is always.

But give him credit, tonights rant, every word of it, was everything every one of us has been thinking and saying about this fucking miserable episode. Every word.

@Promnight: I’ve always said that Keef is fine dinnertime entertainment. I enjoy his show, and I don’t worry about taking him seriously enough to care about the bombastic egomania or the egoistic bombast.

And besides, I’m sure Rachel mixes better drinks.

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