BP Saw Inception, Too

Above: BP engineers hard at work Friday in the Houston Command Center, gravely accepting their responsibility to monitor and control the deep-sea oil gusher.

Only the photo appears to have been taken in 2001. With new monitor images pasted in. And not very well.

BP has replaced the photo with what it says is the original. Although the photographer might want to check the settings on his Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III, since the camera still records the shot being taken “3/6/2001 – 3:16 PM”.

In any event, we prefer the “original” provided to AmericaBlog by someone with better Photoshop skillz:

BP photoshops fake photo of crisis command center, posts on main BP site [AmericaBlog]

As a diehard MSTie, I heart this so much! However, I just can’t bring myself to be shocked at yet more deception from BP. That’s pretty much all they’ve been peddling since the crisis started (hell, before that too).

@flippin eck: Let’s not forget that the B used to stand for British. Before they went all green and such as. Oil well catastrophes: how the fuck do they work?

Truly Palinesque levels of stupidity.

/TJ/ New family values sex scandal! Vitter’s opponent seems to be a little too family-friendly…nearly incestiously so, it seems. No hos, no young boys, but that’s one hella twisted family tree. I give it 3 diapers….one of which is simply because he’s the opponent of the original Diaper Boy.

@flippin eck:


2.0. No inanimate objects involved. Plus, fuck Vitter. Seriously.

@flippin eck: It reminds me of an unsavory fact I uncovered while cataloguing a book. The male author’s name was actually a pseudonym for a woman and her niece, who knew their work wouldn’t be taken seriously if it were known to be by female writers. Niece was daughter of aunts much older sister, who died or ran off or something. Anyway, aunt practically raises niece, educates her, etc.; they become suffragettes, active in the Arts & Crafts movement. Lovely story so far. Then I find out that they became lovers when the niece hit her 20s. Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew! I left that little fact out of my commentary so as not to chase off potential buyers. Was that unethical?

@Mistress Cynica: Yes and it probably killed sales to folks who would really dig it, especially if that part of their lives showed up graphically in the book.

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