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Two and a Half Men (CBS)
Jake watches in glee as Charlie fucks the shit out of his latest girlfriend.

American Idol (Fox)
Semifinalists sing “Fuck tha Police” during NWA Tribute Nite.

30 Rock (NBC)
Jack tells that fucking cunt to shut the fuck up.

How I Met Your Motherfucker (CBS)
The critically acclaimed comedy enters its seventh season with a fresh look.

Wipeout (ABC)
Contestants piss their pants on the new Tittytwister Course.

Cops (Fox)
Bottomless perps.

The Tonight Show (NBC)
Jay’s guest host is Howard Stern.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
It’s Tits Ahoy! as the nurses of Seattle Grace suffer simultaneous wardrobe malfunctions in the OR.

Broadcast network launches in September with new episodes of Deadwood.

Appeals Court Strikes Down Indecency Rule [NYT]

The Daily Show

Jon adds real rather than simulated masturbatory sight gags to his comedy routine when interviewing Alice Braga about her role as IDF veteran “Isabelle” in Predators.

PAX presents PAX SPICE, the sexxy time channel for Xtians.

Really, Deadwood is returning or are you yanking my chain?


@Nabisco: Haaaiii! You back from not-Tibet yet?

@SanFranLefty: Not yet. The interwebz here seem to be jammed with yak butter, though, so it’s limited my availability. Cool place, although it took me a few days before the “namaste” greetings seemed real rather than contrived.

Prayer flags for all!

perhaps this may sprinkle a little water on the desert that is broadcast television.

once I got bored with the Simpsons I had no reason to ever go there.
now maybe I will again.

By the way, Nojo, you forgot “Baby Stalin”, “Baby Adolf”, “Baby Borgia”, and “Baby Manson: An Exciting Musical Exploration of Family”.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: My thoughts on Tales of Hoffman at the SFO are on the Steinbrenner thread.

Is there an opportunity at hand for

What is this decision but an endorsement of the apocalyptically vulgar on electronic media?

@SanFranLefty: You be yanked. There was talk for awhile about a two-hour finale, but that’s long discarded.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Those haven’t reached Wikipedia yet. But I keep imagining a Vitruvian Baby with arms and legs extended, and a little weewee sticking out the middle.


You are a genius. I want to do that key art. It would totally move the needle on sales.

Speaking of which, Vitruvian Guitar Hero is back! It’s actually a clever tee design, if anyone else sees it.

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