Beso …

I would have done the same:


Where to begin. Who do you want to kiss first? Yes he’s skinny but kinda cute with the blushing. Would react well to a masculine tongue down the throat and a certain amount of spanking. She’s a naughty temptress who should give some thought to blonding up and going on Fox. Meantime, lovely sqishy bewbies. I didn’t see tongue but I wasn’t there. Glad to see 3rd worlders can somehow manage to eke out some kind of ersatz happiness in their sad cramped lives. If he wants a real job I would so bring him over to do the weeding. I’d even let him sleep in the spring house up the hill. Hola.

She looks exhausted. A real gentleman would offer her a face to sit on. Has he no sense of decency?

Sara Pastasauce and Stinque Hottie Iker Casillas estan besando!!

@Benedick: I’d make out with either of them. They’re both adorable.

ADD: I’m not going to make a separate post of this, but check out the photos of the Spanish soccer team in the locker room after winning the World Cup.

@SanFranLefty: They’re emotional, half-naked and drinking beer. This, Kickettes, is our happy place.
Oh, indeed it is.

This is not to be missed.

I think I need a cigarette.

At, we love the soccer stories… there’s a great one about the gay soccer storyline on Argentine TV that’s making people wonder if it’s based on a true team romans… details at

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