Have a Safe & Sane Iquitarod Celebration

One year ago today, Sarah Palin declared her Independence from Responsibility. As America celebrates the anniversary of her spectacular flameout, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reminds you to be careful when handling popular Wasilla Pipedream explosives. Remember, “head asploding” is a metaphor.


The warning I read on my first Roman Candle said, “Point AWAY from Face.”

Later, I read that when US Army first issued claymores, they soon had to add a warning label that said: “This SIDE FACING ENEMY.”


Now that’s how I like to see my tax dollars used.


(Incidentally, so has Argentina. GER 2:0 ARG, middle second. THE END.)

@CB: and I was ‘asked’ to leave a local watering hole for some unkindly words exchanged over this. Two hours or less before Team Radio ShackLance and Contador take to the road!

ADD: thought it was a team time trial today…

@ManchuCandidate: Jr and I were talking about Claymores recently for some reason I’ve forgotten, and he made the same observation. Interesting.

@Nabisco: Nope. No spoilers, but I am sooooo tempted.

Lance started out strong, a good showing at 4th and a psychological spanking to his twiggy younger doppelganger, The Counter.

@Nabisco: 9 km time trial — did his legs even get warmed up?

@Dodgerblue: Well, more so than his twiggy doppelganger.

On topic: I got caught in the middle of some asploding parade stuff in downtown Barca just now, totally unrelated to Spain spanking Paraguay. I think it was a Catalan independence thing, iĺl try to get a pic up on the sandbox.

@Nabisco: Some crazy partying tonight in Barcelona, I bet. And Nadal in the Wimbledon final tomorrow…

@SanFranLefty: some crazy partying tonight in Barcelona, I bet.

Yep, but I decided to roll up the mat early. Oh wait….

@Nabisco: I have a couple of friends who speak Catalan. Apparently the language has around 1,000 words for “party.”

@Nabisco: Nooooo!!! You are in Barcelona the night that they finally break through to the quarterfinals in the World Cup and you’re going to bed early? …and good luck sleeping through the din.

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