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“They’re snuffing out the America that I grew up in,” Boehner said. “Right now, we’ve got more Americans engaged in their government than at any time in our history. There’s a political rebellion brewing, and I don’t think we’ve seen anything like it since 1776.” [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, via Political Wire]


World Cup Hottie TJ: Paraguay and Japan tied at the end of regulation play, tied at the end of 30 minutes of extra time, go to penalty kicks to settle the matter. Five kicks for each side, alternating with one another, Paraguay goes first. Third Japanese player to take a shot muffs it and shoots it directly at the Paraguayan keeper, who pushes it away. Final result has Paraguay with 5 PKs to Japan’s 3 (they didn’t take their fifth shot).

I think this is the farthest an Asian country has made it in the World Cup.

I was watching this on mute on my computer while on a conference call. I let out a little yelp when the Japanese player’s shot was blocked.

Ah, John. You know you still want it. I’m just not broke enough to have to give it to you this time out…

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:

Awe-some. Is that the dildo running against McCain in the primary? How’s the polling?

Can’t wait to see the look on McCain’s face when he gets his ass handed to him in August(?). It’s not like it’s gonna change AZ’s senate vote, so might as well enjoy the fireworks, right?

This is the “bubble” version of Dunning-Kruger, combined with traditional Dunning-Kruger, as well. He is surrounded by nothing but true believers in his batshit racist fascist ideology, pays attention only to the dittos and his ass-kissing staff and the ass-kissing like-minded filth with whom he associates, and therefore vastly overestimates the teabagger fucktard phenomenon.

Its fucking beautiful, really, to see this, the top GOP member of the house has gone full-on batshit teabagger. Remember in spring, we all thought the GOP mainstream was hating the ‘baggers. Seems there has been a seismic change in that position. This is full teabagger rhetoric he is spouting here. Insane.

Its gonna be some election season.

1776? I hate that show. I mean, why are they singing? Why?

Yeah, it’s just like 1776… with onion rings, fritos, and Coke on tap for the 101st Keyboard Kommandos.


Are you saying we’ve reached Peak Wingnut?

You know he also said that Social Security eligibility should start at 70. But the thing is, I think people are ready to let go of Social Security, its been devalued so much by the fake CPI figures, in the 30 years since Reagan, that its just not much help anyway, so its not like we’ll be giving up much. My father, he only worked till he was 80, yes, worked, not as a Wal-Mart greeter, he continued to go to work in the restaurant he used to manage, every morning, at 4 AM, to pull out the kitchen floor mats, clean them with a steam hose, then scrub the kitchen floor. 6 days a week. Until he could not walk anymore. And he had Social Security. We’ll all be doing that.

@Original Andrew: Its really all just “black pesident” syndrome. When he says the people have been “disenfranchised,” he means those people who are feeling all this “disenfranchisement” just cannot accept the legitimacy of any election that results in a black President. Its a slow-motion racism eruption, its still partially repressed, so because of the repression, its seeping out in so many other guises and forms.

Its fucking hilarious.


Studies have shown consistently that a third of Americans–we’re talking 100 million-ish people here–have no retirement savings at all and will be relying 100% on Social Security benefits. Unless our nation is willing to see warehouse-style flop-houses for the elderly, SS will still be around.

Also, Social Security solvency is a false crisis created by the artificial limit on OASDI income tax contributions (currently limited to the first $106,800 of earned income). Remove the limit and tax all income over that amount, and Social Security will be solvent in perpetuity.

@Original Andrew: Man, then their kids are just going to have to take them in. As it is, SS is not worth shit anymore. My 85 year old mom gets $660 a month, where is she going to retire on that?


Well, there’s two issues involved, one is the national policy of seriously discouraging savings in order to fund unsustainable growth*, and the second is the refusal to properly and fully fund the existing pension benefit systems at the state and federal level ’cause the super-rich don’t wanna pay taxes. If people wanna freak-out about something, it’s not SS, it’s unfunded pension liabilities that the state level that’re gonna ‘splode big-time for workers who mistakenly assume their retirement’s covered. But yes, multigenerational households are gonna become the norm again, for better or worse.

I read something awesome about that awhile ago called “America’s Savings Hoax.” I’ll post a linque if I can find it.

Subversive commie thought of the day:

Why do we have billionaires?

Now that I think about it, there’s a third issue in the total lack of financial education in our society, which seems quite odd since our nation is governed in reality by a financial aristocracy. My guess is that ignorance is a form of social control in that the proles really can’t comprehend how they’re ripped off daily on an astronomical level. In fact, many of them (ex. libertarians, teabaggers, etc.) aggressively advocate the policies that condemn them to subsistence and subserviance. Also, people who’re ignorant, broke and desperate are easier to confuse and control in general, which further serves our rulers’ own narrow interests.

Oh fuck all, I’d much rather talk about fat cobras.

@Original Andrew:

Re Boner: I think we’ve located a gusher! Maybe BP can fit a cap over *him* to keep the bullshit from pouring out.

Some of those dick jokes are really complicated and require a storyteller far more eloquent than me. Like the one about “making your (military) private do push-ups till he pukes” always gives me an uncontrollable case of the guffaws.


Nobody makes a cap big enough. Unplug the tanning bed or take away the spray bottle and watch him go Gollum on us.

@Original Andrew: I’ve long said that it’s no accident that we have a sub-par public education system.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Dem activists at my party Saturday were seriously bummed at the shitty campaign our candidate is running in this year’s gubernatorial race. Just fucking awful is the word. Typical for our side.

@redmanlaw: Have any of them contacted said candidate?

@redmanlaw: Must be catching. Dems here are pissed at their goober too. Apparently, they haven’t been paying attention to his career. I could have told them that he would waffle on every issue and sit on his ass until the last possible moment he has to take a stand on something, then end up looking like a doofus without balls.

@karen marie: The campaign is not calling people back, even people who are Really Fucking Influential as well as hard core activists.

Example of how fucked up shit is: A is big in health care. No contact at all from the campaign for weeks. She hears about a meeting in the next town of Latinas for Denish (A’s not Latina, but she married one once and kept the name after she dumped his ass) so she goes over and checks it out. Staff sees A (who is a big time activist) and says “what are you doing here? We’re having a meeting in Santa Fe.” But how was she supposed to know that without a fucking call? Anyway, they asked her to run the meeting.

“Hello? I’m Anglo,” she says.

I don’t think the Dem’s heart is in a contested race with a fresh new Palin-endorsed Hispanic female face on the GOP side. The pre-primary polling up until a week before the election had her facing some cranky doddering old rich white guy. No one expected the Republicans to grow a brain, set aside their natural racist inclinations and actually vote for their strongest candidate this month. They did it before, however, running a Hispanic contractor in 2002 against Bill Richardson, who mopped the floor with that guy.

Fun fact: GOP candidate Susana Martinez’s grandparents are Mexican immigrants to the El Paso area.

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